The Matrix Resurrections looks like a total fucking mistake...
I have it right here to dowload on torrents but can't even be bothered.
I would rather watch old movies I have I forget about.
It's got pretty bad ratings around the various movie database sites so far, so I'm guessing that's a sign that it's probably a decent film.
I just watched it, its pretty much the most stupid movie ever made.
Lana Wachowski the daughter of the brothers maybe? Wife? Spoiled rich bitch?
She should stay out of movies.
clif's latest video

part of his timeline shows the eras between rising rationality and rising emotionality. this coincides with 9-11 and the split between the analog and digital matrices, something i've tried to express to others that the matrix 4 did well. NPH even has a bit about the change into emotionality.
Speaking of the Matrix.

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