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Fungi has his own thread too, it's not THAT special...

Pretty sure he's dead though (fully vaccinated).

So I guess it's your time to shine, Guesticle.
Ya well. Would like to know what medications Elon takes
I know every legislation about that in Canada and america
Damn this thread was a great idea.

I thought of it while I was taking a shit...

True story.
Hall of Lame.
(03-12-2022, 08:18 PM)Guest Wrote: And you are hyper masculine no offense

I almost forgot to say thanks to this.
Even I am not allowed owning 100k of money. I can own as many assets as I want but.. not any personal wealth exceeding 100k. Same as Elon
Nothing gets left undiagnosed and treated
Yeah but don't actually be helpful and tell us why or anything.
(03-12-2022, 08:42 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Yeah but don't actually be helpful and tell us why or anythiyou call m

You calle.fukm names I'm trying to explain shit and you go on offensive

I'm not going into this any further with you. You only see the surface of things. You don't go into any real research about the what and the why
I'm not going into detail about it
You don't want to listen so go run your mouth with personal attacks calling me loser or annoying. Whatever you throw my way I throw it back
When you go offensive I go defensive
Simple as that
Mental health act.
Elon has been suffering from mental illness
He is under indefinent treatment
He must comply with regular daily medications. And with the legislations.

There is alot more to the legislations.. which also pertains to finances

Elon takes medication every single day for it..not by choice
He's American though...

I doubt he's subject to Canadian laws.

If he's a dual citizen I'd imagine he's probably only subject to the laws of whatever country he actually lives in.

All his business is USA so he wouldn't be subject to the Canadian stuff.
Google says he's SA, CA, and USA citizen too but I dunno, I've only ever heard of dual, which is two.
American and Canadian mental health acts are similar. Same fakn b.s
He's subject to routine psychiatry checkups or mental health therapist as well.
More likely his mental health treatment began at young age. In canada
In SA nobody really gives a shit your suffer from mental illness
In SA they chain people like prisoners with illnesses
I believe more than likely Elon will have a psychotic breakdown
I know alot of statistics on mental health.
But very little is known about elons mental state. He dosnt really come out of his shell much at all about it.
I have to rely on the frame work policy of American and Canadian government that is built around those laws.

Regardless he hasn't come out saying he's cured from his illness. Which if he or his psychiatrists agree he is cured. Then he wouldn't need to take regular medication
If your mentally ill.. you cannot stop taking your medications. There is laws in place. They just can't have people running around unmedicated becuase it puts the public at risk.

And I know why Elon decided to state he agree with the trucker convoys.
He's like a trapped little Britney Spears
He came out on SNL show about his illness.
But for sometime now he's been stating the obvious. That he dosnt keep money that all his wealth is invested in his company.
He's allowed to have all sorts of assets. He can have millions worth of Bitcoin.
Again he says he will never sell them. Becuase... He literally can't sell them. It's against the law that he can't have over like 110k$ of personal money. He can have all the assets he wants. And he can have the business stocks. He can offset the costs in Lambos even.
But the one thing he can't do. His have personal fiat wealth of over 110k.
Under the mental health system you signed a contract. More likely with the psychiatrist too.
Your foritting certain rights but you also gain some.
The minute they find out you stopped taking your medications..they send the cops to your home.
Mental health check-ins and what not.

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