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All his money is invested in Tesla he says. It's not by choice..but by mental health laws. And there is financial laws for the mentally ill unfortunetly.
Unlikely those laws will ever change.
With Britney here mental illness were discribed as a psychotic episode but I don't believe it was a long term mental illness. Rather than a short term problem which is why they could allow her the money back. If it was deemed long term or ... You get the idea.. she's not diagnosed with long term mental illness. Elon is thou

Trust me. Elons got diamond hands indefinently to shelter his assets. Not by choice..
And honestly. Elon is the only one out there really trying to implement crypto as a purchasing power for stuff you can buy. Can't say I blame him. Can't say i blame him about the medical tyranny. Is what it is. I don't try and fight it anymore. I just comply with it.
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(03-12-2022, 11:07 PM)Guest Wrote: If your mentally ill.. you cannot stop taking your medications. There is laws in place. They just can't have people running around unmedicated becuase it puts the public at risk.

And I know why Elon decided to state he agree with the trucker convoys.
He's like a trapped little Britney Spears

I dont take my medicine
I just stopped and now i dont have confused feelings. People die family whatever and i dont get sad anymore. I do howevr fly into a rage when anybody questions me on my personality or tries to remove my freedom arbitrarily. I have murderous dreams mostly regarding relationships on a regular basis
But i dont ever cry only when 80s music happens to be playin and i am alone
My credit union caps debit card payments to avoid having someone clean out your account in one go.
(03-13-2022, 10:13 AM)Dev Wrote: My credit union caps debit card payments to avoid having someone clean out your account in one go.

They’ll often decline a payment if you suddenly make a payment hundreds of miles away from your usual location.
I’m not concerned about whether these posts are relevant or useful. What matters is that they annoy the guest.
Most of the YouTube's you post are nonsensical.
Why is that?
Like for example. I'm just trying to understand this human behavior.
You could elaborate why... For example people don't trust the vaccine or would support trucker blockades.
Just curious why you or others think it's... Your way that is the better option. Or listening to nonsensical videos. I know you don't think it's nonsense. But alot of people like myself don't think it's grounded in reality

I wonder what separates our complete differences
(03-12-2022, 08:34 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Fungi has his own thread too, it's not THAT special...

Pretty sure he's dead though (fully vaccinated).

So I guess it's your time to shine, Guesticle.

I how I see the light.
Stop putting me in the yellow box homie or I will just go away.
Let me know if the stupid captcha thing is fixed that everybody's been bitching about so hard.
Test guest post cuz I;m a dirty slut testng captcha test test im a guest so no one cares about grammer let's be wrong together
Seems fine.
now im testing an another browser im a dirty slut guest test test omg CATPCHAAAAAA
still a guest still a test slut slut in yer butt I said slut slut in ur butt
Seems to work fine, so if anybody says it doesn't work again, I'm gonna have to assume you're lying.
I'm lying I sorry
Forgive and forget
We gud
We gud
Ain't got time for maggots
some of these guests lately are so fakn annoying the fart out of me
escpecially that one dude from canada. such a nasty asshole
fucking sick little yuppy
has fuk all for doge
just spams all day like he owns this forum
fukn some annoying pussy

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