Annoying Guest Posts Hall Of Fame
Way energy prices are soaring I'm worried about crypto markets. Any huge influx of prices like the ones your seeing will definently bankrupt these crypto farms.
Without the farms crypto dosnt work.
So I'm literally ready to dump if I see any bad moves as we continue forward
Usually when you get the feeling it may be time to sell, it's already too late.

I am not giving any forecasts or predictions or any of that shit.

My top advice with crypto has always been don't invest anything you're not comfortable with losing...

And with that in mind, prepare to ride the cryptocoaster for years...

Sometimes you have to ride it for years in order to wait it out.

I would never suggest anyone invest with short term goals.

It's longterm or nothing if you're aiming for success.

That's just my opinion based on what I've seen so far, based on coaching I've received, etc.

I am not an expert but I do adhere to certain principles and I don't bend on them...

This goes for all aspects of my life, not just investments.

You gotta figure out your own flow, but there ARE general principles that everyone needs to keep in mind.

Most importantly, you don't strap yourself in to the cryptocoaster expecting it to be a short ride...

You strap in knowing that you may have to stay there for years.
Your bad advice is weak

If you arnt making money fast and hard in investing your being gobbled up
If you arnt focused on investing in short order
Then I guess you can go the long way

Both ways are possible. Fast or slow
People say don't invest more than you can afford to lose

Meanwhile I say invest it all. Invest in anything that gives a return over time. Why have money sit there doing nothing

Spend it all. Take gambles.
I have a new quote I made
To bet or not to bet that is the question
This is capitalism it's all about easy money and easy rewards if you arnt patient.

Stop listening to the good investing advice. Follow some of the crooked people in the business. This is what capitalism is. Go with the flow.

Personally I'm not bullish on gold and silver

Titanium is where it's at. Titanium is heavily used in war. And guess what. The fukn boomers love war
Don't spread your shit gospel that everyone else preaches that don't get ahead
P.s fuk Elon
He was way late to the Bitcoin party
If we all believe the economy is going to burn out and die. Why not sacrifice every little fiat into the gamble. And hope you come out better. Becuase if you do nothing. And the economy employees and your still left with nothing
You want to own as much physical if it does emplode. I'm not talking cash gold or crypto either
Those are tools to help you get the physicals to prepare
No sense now not to go Alllll in
You will lose it all anyway if your in or out
No sense holding any fiat.. I don't do it anymore
I was listening to this one video today.
He said. Why have a debit card
He advises not to have one and just use a visa
Atleast if you use your visa all the time your building credit
With debit cards they do nothing for you
Yeah that's because debit cards can wipe out your whole bank account if stolen, but credit cards have a limit and it's easier to get money back if you find/report the fraud in time.
Why do you think Trump dosnt pay taxes? Becuase he dosnt work.
If you don't work you don't have to pay taxes.
Dude you are sooooooo fucking annoying.

No offense.
There's alot of tricks to this financial system they designed that we just have no clue about

And there is a reason why Elon. Dosnt/can't own more than 100k of personal money. And I won't go into detail about it. But I do know why. Not many do.
He's basically not allowed to own 100k personal wealthy. He can buy houses and cars but he can't own that wealth himself
And you are hyper masculine no offense
You do alot of talking but hardly any listening.
Elon is not allowed to own more than 100k in fiat ever.
Annoying Guest Posts All Of Fame.

Where everybody's a star...

Hall of Shame?
This thread is where I'll move Guest posts that are just too dumb or annoying to appear in the threads they were originally posted on.
My comments will likely end up here a lot. I love trollin MO.
Hell, apparently you're the OP man!

Nice work!

Aren't you just magical, Guest?

So worthy of your own Hall of Fame...

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