"Gunsmoke" (1955) - Review & Commentary
If you had told me years ago that I'd be falling in love with Gunsmoke someday, I would have thought you were crazy!
I would have said no way, no how!
But here I am...

Falling in love with Gunsmoke.
(04-27-2022, 11:24 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: S9 E1 - "Kate Heller"

This cute feller with the adorable chin dimple playing Andy is actor Tom Lowell, who I know as Hayley Mills' boyfriend Canoe from That Darn Cat! (1965).

One of the great things about long running shows like Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and even The Twilight Zone is the huge amount of guest stars that appeared over the years. Like Tom Lowell for example, I can't think of ANYTHING else I've seen him in besides TDC! and here he is in Gunsmoke! So epic.

Unfortunately he's playing an absolute tard in this episode, lmao.

But by golly is he about as cute as they come...


7:13 so this Tess lady is a great example of exactly what I've been waiting for watching these few episodes I've seen so far...


It was basically unspoken (as far as I know) that Kitty was a madame and a retired lady of the night herself.

I'm turnt and lit for more.


He's like younger than I've ever seen him and he's epic hot!!!!!!!!!!

18:50 dude this Andy guy's lost his ever lovin' mind. He's a straight up joyful spree killer at this point.

He shot Marshal Dillon and then somehow Matt ended up at Andy's granny's house and she started cutting his clothes off and fishing the bullets out of him with a knife!!!

Andy's acting like he doesn't know WTF is going on whilst simultaneously hoping Matt dies!!!!!!!!!

This show is like a damn soap opera, only with a new plot every single time!!!!!!!!

33:08 he probably wants to smother him with a pillow or some shit!!! I hope she at least walks into the room when he's trying it.

Marshal Matt Dillon is sexy as hell though, that's for sure.

36:00 he's absolutely gorgeous.

All the actors are so natural. All the dialogue flows so perfectly, yet there's this touch of realism that you just don't get with ANY of the shows these days... it's remarkable.

I think some of this high quality both in the acting and in the plotlines can be attributed to the early days of television. Back then it was all so new. Those were the 'frontier days' of television, and with Gunsmoke, it really shows.

There's a sense of wonder and newness about it, there's a sense of uncharted territory, but it's joined with this wholesome and honest quality that is a token of its era... never see it again.

38:32 I think she's onto him. Maybe I'm wrong but... sure feels like it.

39:38 yeah, I'm wrong, lmao.

Watching Gunsmoke has gotta be one of THE MOST pleasurable experiences I have EVER had.

40:30 oh man this Andy character is fucking HATEWORTHY.


45:30 damn, James Arness looks tall AF. How tall was he?? *Googles it* OH MY GOD HE WAS SIX FUCKING SEVEN. SIX. FUCKING. SEVEN. THAT'S 6'7", SIX SEVEN. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!/1

I've never been a snob into tall dudes, but I think I'm horny now.

Okay it's gone.

What a man though dude, holy shit.


Quote:Although Arness wanted to be a naval fighter pilot, he was concerned his poor eyesight would bar him.

HE WANTED TO BE A FIGHTER PILOT. Have you ever heard anything sexier in your entire life?! I'm literally cold shivers all over, oh my God. I don't even. I can't even. Just wow.

46:30 pft whatever, be careful lady... he might shoot your ass too!

46:45 SHE pulled a gun on HIM, BAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE this lady, holy crap!!! I love this SHOW!!!

47:30 oh man, those were the days, a graveyard right in the back yard!!! Why'd we have to lose those old American values!?

47:58 lol they've got guns EVERYWHERE.

Awwwe man.

Those ending words were amazing.

I can tell this show is gonna make me cry like a bitch at some point.
Dude OH MY GOD. I click on the "Gold Mine" episode on Pluto TV and it starts RIGHT AT THE FUCKING END EVERY SINGLE TIME. It just ruined the whole fucking ending for me. MAN that pisses me the fuck off. And because it's glitched on commercial break it won't let me fucking rewind. This is bullshit man.
Wow. I was liking Pluto TV, but after seeing its horrible daytime commercials, and after this experience...

Well I'm gonna need a better fucking source for my Gunsmoke consumption, let me just put it to you that way.

It'll have to do for now, but yeah, fuck Pluto TV, they can suck my bits.
Shit, listen...

It's great for what it's intended for, which is watching baller movies you don't wanna pay for lmao.

Other than that? Like other than novelty or getting a movie that really isn't anywhere else? Screw Pluto TV with a fat one.

They have an amazeballs selection, but they need an option to pay for ad removal.
S7 E27 - "Wagon Girls"

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Pluto TV doesn't even have the episodes labeled right and neither did Paramount+ when I looked at their Gunsmoke selection. It's kiiiiiiiinda pathetic, not gonna lie.
If you're just trying to watch a movie, Pluto works fine... if you're trying to watch a series, it works like shit. Way too glitchy.
Watching series just isn't feasible on there, too many ads. That's my verdict on Pluto TV, liked it when I first found it, but now I'm just absolutely fed up with the shit.
(04-28-2022, 02:55 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: Watching series just isn't feasible on there, too many ads. That's my verdict on Pluto TV, liked it when I first found it, but now I'm just absolutely fed up with the shit.

Why the fuck would any chronic interneter, truther, use such a thing called Pluto TV?
And then you have the fucking gall to call me out cos I was forced to have the vax?
They are trying to make the internets into the new TV.
And you support this? There is no ads with adblock plus fuck it even works with Opera.
Oh so that's where Zane is now. All up in MO's guts lol
The gunsmoke thing just confirmed it. I can keep a secret.
Fuckin gabagool!
S7 E17 - "Cody's Code"

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Dude that "Cody" episode was INTENSE.

It couldn't have been more perfect.

The actor who portrayed Cody did such an amazing job. He was unlike any other character I've ever seen in ANYTHING. It was so unique. I can't get over it, I mean it was sad. Rose was so cringe and just heartless.

There's a moral to all these stories, which I think is missing from basically all new TV.
I remember when I was writing Twilight Zone fan fiction back in like 2004, someone commented and said that the stories were good but there was no moral takeaway to them... the commenter noted that there's basically always a moral takeaway to shows like the Twilight Zone.

Technically I don't think we have to hold to that kinda standard with fan fiction... it's art, it is what it is. However, that comment really made me think and I found a lot of value in it.
(04-28-2022, 01:25 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: The actor who portrayed Cody did such an amazing job. He was unlike any other character I've ever seen in ANYTHING. It was so unique. I can't get over it, I mean it was sad. Rose was so cringe and just heartless.

They made you, the viewer/audience, WANT to be with Cody even though Brack was young and hot. Literally no one wanted to run away with Wayne Rogers in that episode. How did they do it?? I'm telling you, back then, there was something far more magical and masterful about TV, and movies too.
S10 E6 - "Take Her, She's Cheap"

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S7 E4 - "Harpe's Blood"

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It's almost as if being a saloon ownin' ex-prostitute was like being married to ALL the town's most important men. Of course Gunsmoke is an over the top romanticized version of the concept but... I dunno, I'm just saying I've definitely never seen things from this angle before.

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