"Gunsmoke" (1955) - Review & Commentary
The disc itself had that last episode titled "Night Visitor" but on a Google search all the results turn up the episode as "Night Incident", so that's what I'm going with. I don't pay attention to the titles on the discs, I keep track of where I am in the series by my own posts/commentary.
S1 E7 - "Smoking Out The Nolans"

0:01 I love how every single episode (at least early in the series) starts out with that shot of James Arness's ass. That's hot.

0:24 HE'S BACK AT BOOT HILL!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!! *dreamy sigh*

0:29 "These are the ones the law came hard to." I know what I'm gonna come hard to!!!!!!!! *gyrates*

0:59 [tense theme playing] rofl.

4:11 alright, it's time to get geeky and obsessive... let's read about James Arness.


Quote:born James King Aurness, May 26, 1923  – June 3, 2011

Wow, his middle name was King, how righteous is THAT?!

Quote:Arness has the distinction of having played the role of Dillon in five decades: 1955 to 1975 in the weekly series, then in Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge (1987) and four more made-for-television Gunsmoke films in the 1990s.

Reminds me of Peter Falk/Columbo... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Columbo_episodes He played the character off and on from the '70s to the early 2000s, but most of Columbo took place in the '70s, some in the late '80s, early '90s, and then there was the 2003 send-off.

Quote:As a rifleman, Arness landed on Anzio Beachhead on January 22, 1944. Due to his height, he was the first man to be ordered off his landing craft to determine the depth of the water; it came up to his waist. He was severely wounded in his right leg during the Battle of Anzio, and medically evacuated from Italy to the U.S., where he was sent to the 91st General Hospital in Clinton, Iowa. After undergoing several surgeries, he was honorably discharged from the Army on January 29, 1945. In his later years, he suffered with chronic leg pain that often became acute, and was sometimes initiated when he was mounted on horses during his performances on Gunsmoke. His military decorations included the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the American Campaign Medal, the European–African–Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with three bronze battle stars, the World War II Victory Medal, and the Combat Infantryman Badge.


Sad Nana

Think about it. A legitimate war hero going on to play one of the most legendary and memorable TV characters of all time.

You don't hear about stuff like this happening anymore. He was a product of his era. The "greatest generation" as they call them... back when men were hard and tough and gritty and they weren't afraid to get dirty, they were wise and grizzled but they were nice and respectable, they were gentlemanly and sooooo sexy... *cries*

It's like we're watching a historic hero on the screen, portraying an albeit fictional historic hero... it's WILD. This is MAGICAL. This is AMAZING. This is GUNSMOKE.

Quote:After his discharge from the service, Arness began his entertainment career as a radio announcer at Minneapolis station WLOL in 1945.

WLOL... lol. Imagine him saying the "LOL" part in his iconic voice, wow, that would be so cool.

Quote:Determined to find work in films, Arness hitchhiked to Hollywood, where he made the rounds to agencies and casting calls and soon began acting and appearing in films.

He HITCHHIKED TO HOLLYWOOD. He fucking HITCHHIKED THERE. He was basically... now, don't think I'm disrespectin', you know my history, you know my fancies!!! He was basically... A HOBO FOR A TIME. HE WAS A HOTASS RIDE HITCHIN' HOMELESS DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries harder* I'M IN LOVE.

Lol, okay okay, I'm playing it up and dramatizing it a little bit but. I mean, it's a fair conclusion to draw from that little tidbit, you don't get from WI to CA in one day hitchhiking. He had to camp somewhere!!!

Quote:The Norwegian-German Arness had to dye his naturally blond hair darker for the role.

I thought he seemed like a blonde. It didn't make a lot of sense to me that his hair was dark, but I've thought a few times as I've been watching that his hair looked gorgeous. Too bad they made him dye it though... I don't see why that was necessary whatsoever.


Quote:One of his co-stars even spoke about this protective nature. Amanda Blake, who played Miss Kitty on the show, said it became a natural part of Arness's life to defend Matt Dillon. "After about the first five years, Jim got very protective about Matt Dillon's image. He didn't want Matt to make a mistake."

James Arness himself really believed in the morality present in shows like "Gunsmoke."

I believe in it too.

What an interesting life, so much to ponder on so many levels. So many dots to connect and loose strings to tie together in coming to a broader understanding about humanity itself... what drives our passions, what destiny really is, and the 20/20 hindsight of how we get there. I've never been much into history, but this is about as interested as I've gotten with it. I've been enjoying this fascination with the old west.

I better get back to the show...

4:10 "The fewer people who come into Dodge, the less trouble they bring." Boy isn't that ever the truth!

19:00 lmao, Matt and Kitty and Doc start having a conversation about how they feel like they don't have fuck all in common with their "fellow man"... #relatable. Real talk.

19:40 Marshal Dillon and Miss Kitty are so cute in this scene, these early episodes are really insightful.

20:20 dude whatever, they'll get along just fine... people lived in tents and wagons and all kinda shit back in those days. It's the friggen frontier west FFS!!!
S1 E8 - "Kite's Reward"

0:30 yet another epic Boot Hill opening segment. Sigh. You know what, I'm gonna say this right now...

I am so incredibly grateful that I followed my heart and soul and that I went to Dodge City in 2019. I'm so grateful that I visited the Boot Hill Museum and was able to see the amazing history there for myself. It was so special to me. It was so meaningful and powerful. I followed a thread of destiny and I can only say that I would be very sad watching this right now if I hadn't. I may not even be ABLE to watch it due to the disappointment of having not gone there, and the world being in the state that it went to after 2019. There would be such a huge longing in my heart that it'd be hard to watch this. I'd be longing so much to be able to go to Dodge City, and it would be "someday," it would be a faraway wistful land that I had no concept of. But it isn't. Thank you, God in heaven. Thank you so much for taking me to Dodge City.

Now, about Tombstone...

Lol, I'm kidding. Kinda. Listen, I REALLY do wanna go to Tombstone, AZ. I was gonna go there but the overnighting situation wasn't very ideal and I still dunno how I'd manage that these days even if I was there. I like car camping and there's nowhere that I feel is good around there within a feasible distance to do so. Tombstone's on the back burner. But I still do wanna go there someday. There's no longing like there would be over Dodge City though. To me, Dodge City is the more legendary place of the two... and Gunsmoke definitely helped solidify that conclusion for me.

1:50 maybe he's a writer, lmao!

2:09 "Why, it's Yul Brynner!" roflmfaolol, just kidding.

2:56 "Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never comin' round!" roflmfaololol.

6:30 lol this reminds me of the Waco Kid... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr9xVmCL0bA

10:00 he's so humble <3

25:00 I like the moral of this one... never take a man's gun!!!
I started watching "Outer Range" on Amazon tonight on a whim. I didn't know it existed before today. Watched the first 4 episodes. I went into it blind, thinking it was just a traditional western, but it's science fiction, and it bears quite a bit of resemblance to a short story I wrote several years ago. But that's not what's relevant to the thread. In the fourth episode there's an excerpt from Gunsmoke, and it just hit me very weirdly. One of the secondary characters is watching it, one of the black and white episodes, and weird things start happening around him and he ends up chasing something in the dark.
S1 E9 - "The Hunter"

0:40 another beautiful opening at Boot Hill. I love the fact that I have never seen any of these intros before in my entire life... it's totally new to me, I had no idea the show ever started off this way. I never knew Marshal Dillon hung around at the Boot Hill cemetery contemplating the deeper meaning of things and his place in them.

5:55 sounds like "dudes" was a derogatory term back then, lmao!!!

10:10 this store owner guy is always sooo shady.

17:35 say what you want about this Murdock guy, but his eyebrows are totally on fleek!!!

19:00 wow, so this is where Marshal Dillon sleeps. I was wondering about that, like yeah I figured he slept in the marshal's office, but I just wasn't sure where and on what!

19:55 gorgeous desert scenery.
(04-30-2022, 03:51 AM)Atma Wrote: In the fourth episode there's an excerpt from Gunsmoke, and it just hit me very weirdly. One of the secondary characters is watching it, one of the black and white episodes, and weird things start happening around him and he ends up chasing something in the dark.

Duuuude, that's downright friggen spooky, what the eff?!?!?!?

Coincidence, or something more??

(04-30-2022, 03:20 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: 2:56 "Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never comin' round!" roflmfaololol.

Now we know where Jim Steinman gets his song lyrics.


Dude literally made a whole song out of a line from Gunsmoke. Is that epic genius or what?
(04-30-2022, 09:44 AM)Dev Wrote: Dude literally made a whole song out of a line from Gunsmoke. Is that epic genius or what?

Wow... I'm getting more and more interested in the ways that Gunsmoke has rippled into our culture and lives via other forms of media and interaction. I feel like there's something meaningful here. And fun.
I would love to write some Gunsmoke fanfiction but it would all consist of Matt being unfaithful to Kitty and I feel like the essence of James Arness would be vehemently against the concept!!!
So far in the episodes I've watched, I've seen Marshal Dillon turn down like 5 different hot chicks because Kitty was back in Dodge waiting for him. I meaaan... it's unrealistic and wildly fanciful, but I'm glad for it. This is part of the cleanliness and charm that old-time TV had... like Little House on the Prairie and Michael Landon's desire to keep messages of morality and pureness in the TV shows he was involved in. It's that wholesome quality, a certain romanticism that encourages the viewer to hold SOMETHING sacred.
Plus, they knew that chicks who watched this show were obsessed with Marshal Dillon, and they projected themselves onto Kitty's role... so if they had made Matt unfaithful to Kitty, countless scores of lady viewers would have been super pissed off.
(04-30-2022, 12:46 PM)Atma Wrote: Wow... I'm getting more and more interested in the ways that Gunsmoke has rippled into our culture and lives via other forms of media and interaction. I feel like there's something meaningful here. And fun.

Songwriter Jim Steinman is a cultural phenomenon in himself. In addition to writing all of the hits on Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell album, he had both the number 1 and number 2 singles in the same week in the early 80s: the aforementioned Bonnie Tyler hit, and this one from Air Supply.

This was from September 2019, posted October 2019, when I made the decision to go to Dodge City...


And you know what's sort of odd about it...

The decision became totally solidified in me while I was watching Supernatural, another very long running series.

That specific Western themed episode came to me at a time of very serious need.

It sparked a desire in me, it lit up that thread of destiny so that I could see it and feel it and tug on it, and I knew it was right.

Maybe there's more significance to watching these shows than I realize...

Maybe watching Gunsmoke is a key element of (my) destiny too.

I haven't really watched Supernatural since 2019, never did finish watching it, but...

I feel like perhaps the whole entire purpose was that one episode. That one passionate spark of direction.
You remember who else was a lawman in Dodge City, in real life?

Wyatt Earp, who fought with his brothers and Doc Holiday in the gunfight at the OK Corral.
My sweet Wyatt Earp, an absolutely gorgeous fellow...


Holy shit. Bonnie Tyler covered the Air Supply song. How cool is that?

The video has a Kate Bush meets the Cure vibe. Banana
I've gotten a VERY late start on my precious Gunsmoke consumption today... I've had so much work to do around the house, but it's been so enjoyable and pleasant! It will be very nice to close out the evening with how ever many episodes I can get in!

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