Lex Fridman Podcast
(08-06-2022, 12:42 AM)Chatwoman Wrote:

I wasn't going to watch this, but then I started watching it...

It's great. I gravitate more toward Lex in the conversation though, maybe because he is closer to my age and therefore shares the experience of my generation. He relates to the more esoteric kind of language we use to describe things.

Reminds me of what Grimes said... it does seem like we're all saying the same things, but with different words. The ideas are the same behind it, but the words we use to communicate the concepts vary widely.

1:38:31 Hoffman's answer to this was so incredibly fair and so much more open minded than most of the other guests I've seen him pose this question to, including Elon Musk. I love Lex's ability to linguistically frame his question in a way that suits the guest... pretty damn outstanding.

13:44 - 14:10 Lex hit the nail on the head.

I'm really enjoying this interview... overall, I definitely find myself gravitating more toward Chalmers' points in this discussion.

28:55 I knew he was gonna say blue.

37:36 I completely agree with him.

48:02 I think both things are true. God (sole consciousness) is painfully aware of being the whole of all that is. Sole consciousness fractals out and filters through all the elements present in the universe (its own body, and quite possibly a projection entirely) in order to perceive from every consciousness vector point that exists. Experiencing 'life' through each and every viewpoint is the best way for sole consciousness to deeply and fully understand itself.

1:19:24 it's a good point... what does it really matter if it IS a simulation? Especially if you can't break outside of it or go beyond it. Like a video game character becoming self-aware... they can't escape the game world, so what does it matter if it's a simulation? As long as the "video game world" keeps ticking along, it's all good.

3:40 a HUNDRED PAGE REPORT to the President, EVERY SINGLE DAY?!?!

Who has TIME for that?!?! Reading 100 pages DAILY?? How big is the font on that shit!?

Where are these reports stored?? Say they've been doing this for over 50 years, that means there's 20,000 reports.

Do they save them ALL!?!?!?!>!??!1

This is crazy. How many people are in charge of writing those reports???

I can't get into a lot of these guests and the episodes are pretty long, but I watch a little bit because I think Lex is so sexy. A lot of the guests are just kind of boring. Lex does ask great questions... if it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be much reason to watch, let's be honest. I do kinda wanna donate my body to science though, no BS. It sounds great!
He has a great voice... if I was a man, I don't think I'd mind being Lex. He seems to have it pretty good, TBH. He's kind of living the dream.
I kind of want to devour Lex's body... like in a carnivore diet sorta way.
(08-03-2022, 10:25 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

I posted this video but I only watched like 2 seconds of it.

I am gonna try to watch it for a bit.

Lex is just kind of overpoweringly sexy and I can't really handle it.

But I am gonna try super hard not to click out.

I've been curious about watching this video ever since I posted it though, I just haven't made time for it yet.
It's just like, as soon as I hear him talk... I have to pause the video because it's just too hot.

Lex's voice alone sets off all these sensors and I instantly start feeling some type of way.

I wonder what kind of affect he has on males. I can't imagine anybody with a pulse not getting aroused by the mere sound and appearance of Lex. I wonder if he makes dudes feel weird about themselves because they think he's hot.
2:42 hell yeah that's what I'm talking about baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a definite natal Pluto in Scorpio right there.

Lex is too sexy for me. I'm not worthy to look upon or listen to Lex. This is a sensual delight I don't deserve.
6:35 God he's so ridiculously fine... this is like, THE man right here.
Lex is THE man.
Lex is the mental and physical ideal man... I'ma just say it.
I watched the whole video... very insightful. Lex is pretty much the true meaning of success (IMO), he lives life the right way and is still a likable person even though he's very determined, focused, regimented. Very inspiring.

At one point in the video I actually felt what it was like to be in Lex's body. That doesn't happen to me MEGA often... this specific kind of experience I've only had maybe 5 times in my life. Anyway, I really enjoyed it, he feels healthy and just... SUPER male, it was really interesting to feel the difference in muscles and size of bones and joints and the feeling of high testosterone. It was cool.

Lex is a breath of fresh air, the guy is a great rolemodel for anyone. You don't have to be a man to benefit from learning about his approach to life.

Ultimately I don't think I could kick it with Lex since he hates broccoli (unfathomable) but otherwise, I think he is the ideal human.

God bless Lex's precious heart... for real.
I just realized today is Lex's birthday! I just saw it on his Twitter, he's getting a lot of love energy from the universe today... that's kinda trippy, I had no idea.

Imagine it... some chick in the world has been lucky enough for Lex to be in love with her.

I just wonder who that was wasted on... cuz it always is.
You can only love once, that's my belief... you're never dumb enough to do it again.

I appreciate his approach to this cover... someone in the comments said it sounds like if Johnny Cash covered Simple Man. I think that's totally on point. His voice is really special. Lex has feelings, and I think that's cool.

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