Lex Fridman Podcast
(09-07-2022, 02:27 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

2:16:57 one of the best points I've EVER heard anyone make about AI.
I like Nick Lane, he gives me dad vibes... he seems compassionate in a really mature and wise sort of way.

I think he sees Lex as this sort of tormented, brilliant young fella who constantly questions everything and wants to know the answers to all these existential questions... but it also seems like having all the answers wouldn't do much good for Lex, because he seems romanced by the wondering itself.
3:31:18 this is the start of an excellent wrap-up to this discussion, and he pretty much says exactly what I said above.

Listened to this one lastnight... it had some very interesting moments, lol.
(09-09-2022, 07:31 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: https://www.sectual.com/thread-5000-post...#pid158341

Alex Jones supporting Andrew Tate is such an unbelievably huge mistake.

He's trying to jump on the bandwagon because Tate is popular with young douchey men...

AJ thinks it's a good idea to support him because he can reach his audience in turn.

But it's a huge mistake, he's a total puppet. All you have to do is look at him. All you have to do is listen to his BIZARRE accent which is some strange mix of an ambiguous urban US accent, and a British accent. All you have to do is look at the fact that he's FROM WASHINGTON, DC.

He's a total agent... he is a paid shill and just because he's saying things that are true doesn't make him "good", he's peppering in cancerous totally calculated ideological arguments into what MIGHT otherwise be a decent message.

It means that not only may there be a Leo King sized vacuum to fill in the coming years, there may also be an Alex Jones sized vacuum to fill as well.

Tate is the perfect puppet to inject into Alex's operation to ultimately bring it down like they so desperately want to do, and it looks like Alex is falling for it hook/line/sinker.

Such a shame.

Rogan is also falling for it too. The 'in' was Joe's and Alex's archaic male dominance ideology... it was the perfect way to get to them and corrode their operation from the inside out, and it is working. Alex is allowing it way more than Joe is... but both Joe and Alex risk complete takedown in the coming years due to proximity to Tate.

So sad.

We really had a great pair with Rogan and Jones and their wildly successful and incredible platforms.

They are going down way too easily by simple pandering to their innate desire to dominate their fellow man and woman alike.

It is so transparent to anyone who can clearly see the infiltration taking place... but to Alex and Joe, lost in the weeds, it is completely obscured from their physical and spiritual vision.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...

If they're that dumb, then they deserve what they're gonna get.

And it's not just being "dumb"...

It's using their very nature against them that is guaranteeing their successful takedown.

Who can fill an Alex Jones and Joe Rogan sized vacuum??

Nobody good...

Because their takedown was calculated and gamed, their replacement will be too.

Then again, if the coming global war takes down the grid/infrastructure, there will be no reason and no way for them to be replaced anyhow.

Sounds like the perfect plan to me.

Even giants fall.

I'm sure they spent many years and lots of resources trying to infiltrate Alex's operation with compromised women...

But they finally realized that a fellow man was truly the most effective way.

And so it is.

(09-09-2022, 07:48 PM)Guest Wrote: Wow I just heard AJ say Tate was the new “Alex Jones for young people”… ugh Alex really needs to reevaluate his alcohol/brain force ratio

(09-09-2022, 07:50 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Exactly, Guest...

And thanks for posting to verify that this is hitting the consciousness of anyone awake enough to see it right now.

It's a big deal. Really signals the end, and I don't think there will be any reason to replace these figures.

Hopefully I'm incredibly wrong. I really hope so. Time will tell.

(09-09-2022, 07:58 PM)Guest Wrote: Tate is such obvious garbage- like you said all you have to do is look at him and listen to him… can’t believe Rogan is also falling for it. Yeah it’s bs that anyone gets totally censored, but we knew that was happening, and this guy far from a hill to die on… all pretty weird

(09-09-2022, 08:05 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Tate's emergence reminds me of when Twitter came out...

It came out of absolutely nowhere, blew up and was talked about EVERYWHERE, started being discussed on all the MSM news channels...

Very obvious artificial bolstering of a platform that was invented to corral the masses.

Andrew Tate came out of nowhere, most people had never even heard of him until he was "cancelled"...

Cancel culture was ALWAYS a tool of the mainstream power structure, the concept was completely engineered, and not only are cancellations out of style, but they're proven to drive numbers/views toward the cancelled topic.

Gloves off...

Alex and Joe love Andrew because he preaches the domination of women. It's something these old guys unite over, and having this much younger man come along and pander to everything they want to hear was so much more successful than a female infiltrator ever could have been... they do not TRULY respect the opinion of even the smartest woman. They do however take very seriously the opinion of a moderately intelligent male.

It was a perfect approach and to be honest, I'm surprised it took Alex's enemies so long to play this card.

Tate hasn't even started his descent into the extremism he's programmed for...

If InfoWars is getting him under contract, he will probably wait until after that time to start dealing successive damaging blows...

It'll probably be like the whole frog in a boiling pot situation where he just raises the heat incrementally.

Alex may be able to create distance between InfoWars and Andrew once he starts getting more and more derisive but due to being under contract with InfoWars (I assume), who knows what kinda hoops Alex would have to jump through in order to sever ties with him.

(09-09-2022, 08:27 PM)Guest Wrote: I remember coming across him a year or two ago and thinking he a joke... he had a porn empire and was dating/holding hostage Jordan Peterson's daughter or something? Stopped hearing about it and was surprised to hear he was suddenly famous lol... I doubt he lasts, even with these dummies supporting him. Or maybe he'll be apocalypse president. Idk could be better than Biden.

I don't listen to Rogan much anymore, but he usually seemed cool to female comics in my memory. Don't know about Alex, he's definitely got domination energy, but over everybody. They both only strike me as moderately intelligent themselves, so... Never fully either trusted them anyway, but hopefully the Tate thing blows over and they come to their senses.

(09-09-2022, 08:56 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: I didn't know any of that about Tate, but it's not surprising. He's a disgusting human being and the fact that Jordan Peterson's daughter signed off on him just goes to prove he's an extremist weirdo. Her and her father are freaks.

I appreciate you sharing your viewpoint on this because I need some balance or other opinion here to give me a more realistic perspective etc., so I will just say I absolutely agree with you in hoping that the Tate situation simply blows over with no lasting consequences.

What really blows my mind is how absolutely obvious Tate's "plant" qualities/attributes truly are...

From the ambiguous accent meant to appeal both to the USA and the UK, and his physical appearance which hearkens to Middle Eastern lineage...

It is so incredibly clear that he is a carefully chosen infiltrator, his appeal calculated to take root in a variety of established online communities which are considered a threat to the establishment.

I am extremely concerned about Andrew Tate infiltrating the Lex Fridman podcast...

If you will notice, Andrew has been geared with a way to appeal to each internet/broadcasting personality who is a "problem" for the establishment today.

His martial arts background appeals to Joe Rogan.

His ability to flap his gums and say 'the truth' that so many others before him have stated better whilst being far more likable appeals to Alex Jones.

His father Emory Tate's chess master background could potentially appeal to personalities like Elon Musk, and Lex Fridman.

I just deeply hope and pray that Lex does not fall for this Andrew Tate bullshit because Lex is the ONLY person I can see in the online 'broadcaster/podcast' landscape today who could even come close to filling Alex and Joe's shoes.

Just saying...


1:45 she's absolutely right... and she calls it a growth hack, but I think it's something far more sinister.

Andrew Tate is no different than the mindless banal dogshit 'prank' YouTubers who talk LOUD and FAST and have absolutely no depth to their content whatsoever.

Those are the channels that have appealed most to kids (their corporate sponsors' lined pockets speak to their power/reach), and the fact that Tate has the same personality/approach should raise a massive red flag.

2:40 what she doesn't understand (I have no idea who these women are) is that the cancellation of Andrew Tate was done on purpose to bolster his reach and put more attention on him.

When they took Alex Jones to trial, they showed that they understood how much money/reach/influence there is in cancelling people, and they are certain that they can benefit from calculated cancellations from now on.

They kill many birds with one stone, and I don't want Lex to be one of those birds, because he is only just now rising to an incredibly beautiful flight that could last for a very long time.

3:30 the fact that Lex even ADMITS that there are brilliant and powerful women in the world puts him in an automatic LEAGUE OF HIS OWN. He stands ALONE in that league. Lex is too great of a man to fall prey to the bullshit machinations of a dying elitist power structure the way that Alex Jones and Joe Rogan sadly are.

The fact that Lex has this doubt that he should even talk to Andrew Tate is his INTUITION alerting him that there is something very suspicious and very wrong about the Tate situation.

It shows that Lex is a good man to the core, and I want him protected. I want him to listen to his gut and follow it without fail.
I see what you're saying about him seeming concocted... luckily he has no charisma, and I can't stress enough how much he comes off as a joke... like an Onion version of "motivation guy." Just nothing but pure douche alarm bells. Which is why I find this support so shocking. I hope you're right and he's just some kind of well funded plant, which could explain the huge following. How anything but dregs would naturally follow him except to laugh is a mystery. If this is what the young dudes are into now... yikes.
He's definitely beneath Lex
(09-09-2022, 10:20 PM)Guest Wrote: like an Onion version of "motivation guy."

The mental imagery on that one...


(09-09-2022, 10:20 PM)Guest Wrote: If this is what the young dudes are into now... yikes.

Legitimately horrifying.

And they were in enough trouble as it was.

(09-09-2022, 10:20 PM)Guest Wrote: He's definitely beneath Lex

Tate is the bowels of hell and Lex is nirvana...

I mean for real though...

How deep in the shit tank would your discernment have to be to declare Andrew Tate a "good guy" like Alex did on his show??

He practically said the guy is his replacement...

To have Andrew Tate replace Alex Jones would be nothing short of a nightmare.

It would be proof beyond the shadow of a doubt that the "Info War" got LOOOOOOSSSSSSSTTTTT.

Maybe this was TPTB's ultimatum with Alex...

Let an absolute shill take over the show and they'll let him live??

I dunno. I mean I have never seen Alex endorse somebody that way, and there's no denying the hot water got hotter than ever for AJ this year.

Maybe it really is just over.

Shit, I'd die before I'd let a douchebag like Andrew Tate take over my fucking empire.

I can't even believe the level of pure smack happening on every facet of the world stage right now...

SOMEONE has GOT TO keep things sane and respectable right now, cuz all I see is longstanding figures dropping the ball left and right.
Even if Alex is just blowing smoke up Andrew's ass simply to get to what AJ claims is his audience of 2 million and combine it with his own regular viewership (5 mil. combined according to Alex yesterday), isn't it assuming a lot that Andrew's audience numbers are even real??

Alex probably thinks he can "wake up" Andrew's viewership by offering his fake cancelled ass a place on his platform, but...

Who wants an audience full of the kind of turds who would even watch Andrew Tate?

You wanna talk about a bunch of extremist weirdos... Tate's audience (if it's even real) LARGELY consists of a bunch of brainwashed incels who think women owe them sex. It's literally the bottom of the internet barrel.

Let us never forget that the incel community gave us Elliot Rodger.
The idea that men need a prick like Tate lording their cause is insulting as fuck.

There are so many amazing men out there who speak the truth, so many talented, brilliant, respectable men...

But no, let's get Andrew Tate's inflammatory ass in there instead just because he's been CANCELLLLEEDDDD?!?

But it sets a precedent, guys! If Andrew gets cancelled, everybody will, OMG?!?

Oh hey, wait, a precedent already got set years ago when they banned ALEX FUCKING JONES for no reason, so yeah, lil late on that front.
The only way to explain this idiocy is that Alex wants Andrew's audience. He wants those numbers. He wants that vicarious 15 minutes.

What a load of shit.
If Andrew Tate's audience was real and it wasn't just a bunch of artificial bolstering by special interests...

I wouldn't want that audience if you GAVE IT to me, MUCH LESS would I put my 30 years strong operation on the line to pander to it like Alex has.

Oh my God, it's Ye.

I can't believe it.

This is huge.

Probably an even bigger guest than Elon Musk.
huge, unlike lex, who is 5'2"
Mmmm fuuuuhhh... is that true?? I love short dudes.
Kanye is right about what he says... whether anybody likes it or not, including Lex.

Kanye tells the truth.... end of story.

I mean, Ye.
5'2" is so short, that considering the general nonsense and operating procedures of people in power, i tend to conclude that it's actually a female who has undergone hormone replacement.
You gotta be trolling.

See, this is why it's so easy for transwomen to fool men...

Y'all are just so dumb and unevolved that you literally can't sense peoples' gender.

You think anything wearing makeup is a woman, you think any short adult must be a woman, and you just fuck 'em all cuz you're so confused!

I'm so glad I'm a female human, capable of spiritual perception and actual higher awareness...

Group Hug

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