Stefan Molyneux's latest offering
Yeah I used to listen to his caller shows...

I haven't in quite a while though.

I don't have the patience for hearing him talk to people I can't relate to on any level...

Total waste of my time.

But as far as the videos where he just talks to us, I dig those...

However I can't seem to be able to watch his videos that are longer than 30 minutes these days.

Try as I might.

It's not that I'm burnt out on Stefan, but I did binge on him pretty hard for months solid watching him for hours a day.

I kinda learned all I needed to, and I'm super grateful for his channel, but I kinda graduated.

From the school of Stefan.
There were a few long ones I liked where he gave Powerpoint presentations to explain something in detail.
I just looooove intellectually prolific men.
I started watching a long one last night, but I feel asleep before the end.


DADDY Fuckin'  Molyneux
LOL I fuckin' love Stefan.

And look how beautiful he is.
Sometimes I feel like I wouldn't have sex with Stefan.

Not because I don't think he's incredibly attractive and desirable...

But there's this weird thing where it's like...

Oil and water and I just know we wouldn't do well together at all.

I am nothing short of one hundred million billion percent living for this right now.
Lately it's as if Stefan Molyneux has succumb to this venomous hatred toward women.

I've been talking to other viewers of his show as well (male and female) and they have said in so many words that they've noticed the same thing.

Some people I talk to maintain Stefan has always been that way. And while I will say I've never gotten the impression that Stefan likes women all that much, I have never detected this seething type of bitterness from him before.

As a female, as an avid watcher of his shows, as somebody who's spent many hours enjoying his materials... I have to say I'm a bit hurt by his abject disdain for women. It's not good for him to so thinly veil these feelings when so many of his viewers are women.

It makes me not want to watch his videos anymore, and I'm not a thin-skinned pussy either. I don't like his negativity toward women and I think he needs to really look at his issues here.
Ugh I really don´t like when you talk to someone and notice they´re bitter. Like someone I texted on new years eve responded in a bitter way... Anyway I´m surprised Stefan would succumb to bitterness with all his followers? He´s got like thousands of people who´d probably up and move with him to a new "Freedom village" somewhere. I´d have thought his fame would counteract any bitterness.
I think he's always been bitter toward women because his mom was kind of a nightmare according to him, and apparently he had some bad interactions with some crazy women throughout his life.

But if you're 51 years old and you have the responsibility of a massive viewership, a hugely popular show that often hinges on picking apart other peoples' issues... then I would only hope you'd take some time to look at your own issues, especially when they start getting in the way of the 'conversation' you're offering to the world.
He´s very smart but has a big ego, time will tell if he wises up I guess.

An oh so rare video of Stefan's full body in motion!


Woof! Woof!

Me likey Daddy Molyneux!

Nakey nakey!
I unsubscribed from Stefan Molyneux but I'm not telling anybody because I don't want anybody to know because I still love Stefan and it's nothing personal but I just think he's too negative lately.
And that was a long ass sentence MO jeesh. Happyhug

So I'll be honest, I essentially never watch Stefan anymore.

But this video drew my attention because I'm always interested in seeing him in front of the camera outside of a stationary filming situation. I like to see him moving around and whatnot.

And of course, you know I have to say it... he's very sexy.

I do wonder though, who is filming this? He's got a really nice studio setup.

Didn't Lauren Southern and Stefan get together and bump uglies?? Is she the one filming? It's obviously someone much shorter than him.
I wonder how often Stefan reminds Lauren that there's "dust on the eggs" when they're fucking?

My money's on thrice.
Stefan and Lauren did a speaking tour in Australia and New Zealand. I don't know that they bumped uglies. I sort of got the impression she and Brittany Pettibone were an item. Either way, I think Lauren is too busy making documentaries now to play cameraman for another YouTuber.
(12-22-2018, 05:30 PM)Guest Wrote: I sort of got the impression she and Brittany Pettibone were an item.

LOL. Two lesbians that hot?? Together?? Not a chance in hell.

(12-22-2018, 05:30 PM)Guest Wrote: Either way, I think Lauren is too busy making documentaries now to play cameraman for another YouTuber.

Stefan even mentioned in that video that he can take his new camera out for doing documentaries...

They're either full on together or they're just an item at a distance (most of the time).

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