Stefan Molyneux's latest offering
Hey. So I watched his latest when it came out today and after that saw MO left a comment. Incidentally I'm familiar with his channel & the first time I recall a MO comment on one of his videos.

I don't listen to many of his "advice" callers because I soon notice these calls by and large often get guided into one of a handful of templates by Molyneux where he thumps on his pet issues like psychoanalyzing what went wrong in how you were parented if you have relationship woes or coaxing young female callers into learning why it's great to become a housewife if being one is remotely palatable.

Which is why at the 5 minute mark I skipped ahead beyond the halfway mark. I started to fear Molyneux would incessantly tell the caller why it would be preferable to leave her studies behind to become a housewife. I then heard him talking to a man who at first, because of the dialogue, I thought was the caller's father. It was really her husband who's 28 years older than her. As I listened to the end it was like theater of the absurd. I had trouble believing both callers were authentic and Molyneux seemed irascibly upset based on information I missed.

I backtracked a ways, then backtracked further, then backtracked to the 5 minute mark onward. Molyneux had made the claim the caller was mocking her husband's daughter and even told her to listen back to hear herself. With respect, I never heard this happen? Why is he forcefully suggesting she is being disrespectful to their German culture? What does culture really have to do with it when there are surely aberrant German women who marry men much older than them. Isn't Molyneux making himself look bad based on such tenuous information? He literally said the only thing that changed in the father/daughter relationship was his young wife entering the fray..he barely knows anything about these people yet assumed that.

Anyway, a very entertaining call. One of the reasons I think this might have been a troll is listen to the closing question at the beginning: "What advice do you give them in a philosophical level to ignore the haters and live happily ever after?" Seems like a subtly trollish way to phrase something in the context of FDR while pretending to be intellectually gifted.
I comment on his videos a lot... he's even replied to a great deal of my comments. All he ever says is "thank you"... oh Stefan, no. Thank YOU.

No man... those two weren't trolls. They were genuinely just fans of Stefan's show and wanted to see what he would say about it. The guy at the end cracked me the fuck up... he was like "This is why we like you, because you ask us questions nobody else would." And I'm like YEAH, speak for yourself buddy, you know your wife ain't exactly LIKING Stefan right about now! LMFAO, he OWNED her.

Here was my comment:

Quote:"I'm at least an 8." Yeah aren't we all bitch. LMFAO @ getting a couples tattoo ... *shoots self in face with 19 million volt stun gun ... God I love you, Daddy Molyneux. Please let me be your mistress. I have 3 more years before I hit the wall... move fast Daddy.

LOL, if my father got a tattoo I'd be creeped the fuck out too. I'd think he was losing his mind, factor in a 28 year age gap relationship and yeah, I'd think he'd gone totally nuts. I feel like these people are idiots.

38:32 listen to the heavy gossip tone of the chick... the guy just goes along with it. Listen to this silly bitch, "It's not about the tattoo!" YES IT IS. It represents his whole mental process and the effect this chick had on him. It's fucked up the way this chick is steering the guy's mind. This is the bad thing about relationships between older men and younger women... the men are in a pussy trap and just become her fucking little bitch. Talk about "not worth it"... young women cuck older men. Period.

"I don't like how she thinks she can control her father"... LMFAO, she's PROJECTING SO HARD. It's HER who is controlling. This guy's daughter is right. Man I hope these two don't reproduce.

47:03... DING DING DING, muwahaha, knock down drag out! Stick a fork in it, it's done! What could the next 15 minutes possibly be about!?

I love you Stefan.
The ending of the call was great and is worth repeated listens, I really could not believe that guy was for real. I guess if he was that it was it sounds like to be "cuck(?)"ed?

Would you not agree though that with many advice calls to Molyneux he funnels things to talking points he harps on excessively? If I had known to begin with the caller was an immigrant from N. Africa and they met because they were heathen atheists I surely wouldn't have skipped ahead anticipating predictable advice to be fertile.
Yeah, Stefan definitely gravitates to certain points and harps on them. That's part of his allure though.

I almost didn't even watch the show... considering Stefan's stance on younger women and older men being super great for eachother because resources/eggs, I never figured he'd raise the "isn't this guy too old to start a family with?" argument. It went against a lot of what he says, but I agreed with him about the whole thing.
14:05-14:45 I thought what Molyneux said here was very sensible on the topic of May-December romances. He also had a keen observation on how sometimes a child of an opposite sex single parent can function like an ersatz spouse.
Then he became a bit of a loose cannon later in the conversation when there was already a considerable amount of weirdness unraveling with these callers.

You're familiar with the "Fritz" call which was ill received by many, right? (ALWAYS BE NICE?!? FAIL) Many wondered why he would put that on his youtube channel.
Which one was that? The one where the guy couldn't speak english that well? Wasn't he dissing Stefan and shit? I think I saw that one... it got like a ton of bad ratings. I think Stefan was in a bad mood. He was still right though, I don't remember disagreeing with him.
Yeah that was the one...


Everybody was so butthurt about that call.

I dunno, the guy basically just called up to tell Stefan that his 'approach' is 'wrong' or some kinda bullshit...

Nah I agree with Stefan... if you don't like his damn show then you definitely shouldn't be watching or calling in to it.

I've never had a problem with Stefan's approach and he's won over many minds to the side of reason etc. Even me... Stefan was my main man before I ever even started watching Alex Jones or Paul Watson...

In fact, it was only after Stefan was on InfoWars, and then after he interviewed Paul on his channel that I even gave InfoWars a chance at all.

Stefan is the man...

He's above all, even InfoWars.
I tbh don't see eye to eye on politics with those like Molyneux (refer to the first 5 paragraphs of this blog post; he does not recognize positive rights
..Which is why I mainly watch him as a curiosity.

His background in theatre, writing plays and singing is fascinating.
Many who talk for a living similar to what he does are failed standup comics, men who can soliloquize in numerous areas as well as he does, but talk at their listeners instead of evoking out great dialogue worthy of a stage.
I feel sorry there must be those out there who only listen in podcast form and never see his facial expressions.
I've lived that sh**... it's a nightmare
What I REALLY like about Stefan is that he is still growing...

He's changed over the years, he's not so stuck on his beliefs that he can't adjust them whenever he gets new info.

I'm proud of him for not being so stuck in his ways that he can't incorporate new things.

If he was unable to change, his channel would stagnate and he wouldn't be able to 'stay cool' and relevant.

Daddy Molyneux knows how to stay cool. He keeps his ear to the ground, he can tell what the trends are, the REAL movements that actually come from the people/what they want and are interested in.
Bewildered-Ape made a video a few years ago where he started it off literally saying, "When I learned Stefan Molyneux hated females, I had to understand why."
That's why I was digging Ape, I mean, who talks like that? It would be like saying as your opening line, "So Alex Jones stopped beating his wife; let me investigate..."*whistles*
Are you going to call the show, MO? If you do, you should keep in mind his daughter might be listening.

Stefan serving up that Dr. Evil realness...


So it’s Stefan’s birthday again.

I remember the last one like it was yesterday.

I really think this indicates it’s time for me to stop watching YouTube entirely.

It’s just too depressing.

It seems like I only just discovered Stefan’s videos, and I’ve already seen him declare two birthdays.

A... discussion about WITCHCRAFT???

Good for Stefan for even being willing to have this talk I suppose.

The fuck...

Never thought I would see that!

Ten minutes in...

This is a very strange call so far.

It's mildly intriguing though.

I feel like this chick is gonna say she tried casting spells to be more attracted to her husband. Or something.

It's a fucking hour and forty-six minutes long though, ain't NOBODY got time for that.

OF COURSE birth control effects your libido, it can kill it deader than a fucking doornail... and I've written at length about the REASON why you LOSE ATTRACTION to your partner when you're taking them:

(06-07-2016, 09:15 PM)MO Wrote: Anyway, when I used to take birth control pills, I would YEARN to be on my natural cycle again. My body could tell that it was all fake. The period IS NOT REAL. You can't fool your body... the body is the subconscious mind, and it KNOWS ALL. The shit just made me crazy. Not to mention that birth control is essentially inducing miscarriage OVER AND OVER AND OVER... this doesn't go without consequences. Your body notes the failed pregnancy and tries to figure out WHY it happened. It starts to look at your partner as a failure because maybe it's their sperm that is the problem. Eventually, it makes you want to KILL YOURSELF because you CAN'T EFFECTIVELY REPRODUCE. That's how a miscarriage is interpreted by your body. As a FAILURE. One which it attempts to find the reason for, but it can't be cause it's being POISONED by something TOTALLY UNNATURAL... synthetic hormones, PHARMACEUTICALS.

19:00 it's like Stefan doesn't understand that when you starve yourself for a long time and then start eating again, your body doesn't instantly just spring back. You can be depleted of nutrients to the point that it takes MONTHS to even get back to an even remotely healthy place again.

21:34 - 21:55 he's right about that though.

34:25, sorry Stefan, but saying withholding sex is the same kind of violation as infidelity is fucking stupid my friend. One is a betrayal. One is an avoidance of duty. I'd slap you if I could.


50 minutes in, I really don't think I can take much more of this shit honestly.

LOL I do love Stefan's honesty though... ahahahaha. He's so great. Daddy Molyneux...


57:40 LOL.

God man it's only half way through. Agh. Can I really do this? Can I really afford to spend all this time listening to this shit? Agh.

I'm watching it in 1.25 speed though, because I mean you know, that's as fast as I can play it and still be able to follow WTF this Russian bitch is saying.

*makes a cup of coffee*

1:00:00 LMFAO muslim Turkish. ROFLMAO. Sigh.

1:02:00 whaaahohohohoooa! Shit taking a turn for the weird now!

1:06:00 "astrologist" LMFAO. Whoa, wait a minute... apparently that's a legitimate version of the word!? Okay well anyway.


Holy shit.

Now we're getting to the good stuff.


She's about to attempt to talk to Stefan about being 'connected to the universe' via 'vibration'.

Agh, this is not gonna go over well. Let's see how he handles it...


Stefan's gone all Freudian and is relating ALL OF IT to sex.


Which he has a valid point obviously. He really does. But he also 100% totally doesn't get esoteric concepts in any capacity, which I do think is unfortunate. But that's just who he is.

I don't wholly disagree with what he's saying though. He's right in his own approach.

1:23:13... LOL, Stefan's bad mom experience has made him overly dramatic and bitter toward mysticism. I definitely don't agree with him on this side of things.

1:24:10 Stefan plainly states the source of his hurt and bitterness surrounding his childhood experiences with this topic. It's actually pretty sad, so I'll give him a pass for being wrong about/not understanding mysticism as a whole.

I think the phrase that would best sum up this call would be, "At least she's pretty."

1:36:25 well said Stefan...

dude it sounds like mel gibsons crazy russian ex

passive aggressive honeypots , they must churn them out in a factory over there

and yeah stefan has unresolved mother issues , i wanna know details on all that shit

"penis' care about you tania " LOL

Good video.

Ah damn...

Stefan's latest is some DEEP SHIT!!!
I can't watch his advice videos for more than a few minutes before I click off in disgust at how profoundly clueless the callers are. They invariably want him to validate their poor life choices, as if they're trying to have their cake and eat it too. Reminds me Dr. Laura Schlesinger's old radio show. After listening to it a few times, you already know what she's going to say.

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