Stefan Molyneux's latest offering
(12-22-2018, 05:42 PM)MO Wrote: Two lesbians that hot?? Together?? Not a chance in hell.

Please don't spoil my fantasy.

Maybe they're not really lesbians, but spending time with another hot chick made them both suddenly bi-curious. Banana
That's definitely hotter.
(12-22-2018, 05:59 PM)MO Wrote: That's definitely hotter.

It would be even hotter if it was you and Liz Wheeler.

Lez Wheeler.
She has to be bisexual or bi-curious. The fantasy is no good if there's no chance of a dude joining in. Hump
Well yeah. What good are a couple of hot full-blown lesbians to a straight guy? shrug
"Lauren Southern Lesbian" is actually quite a frequently searched term, so I've noticed...


I assume I see it because of this thread...

Replace all instances of "Lauren Southern" with "Liz Wheeler" for your enjoyment!!!


How about Lauren and Liz together.... hmmm

Liz and Brittany Pettibone maybe.
How about Lauren, Liz, AND Brittany Pettibone?
Why not go for the gusto?!

(12-22-2018, 06:41 PM)MO Wrote:

Dude. I will do whatever I can to help make this dream come true for you. I won't even ask to participate. Just describe it in detail afterwards.
I do not really want it, LOL! But I do so appreciate your willingness not to participate. That means a lot to me.
(12-22-2018, 07:06 PM)MO Wrote: I do not really want it, LOL!

Aww c'mon, take one for the team!

(The team being all of the horny old geezers who want to fap to the thread afterwards.)

(12-22-2018, 07:06 PM)MO Wrote: But I do so appreciate your willingness not to participate. That means a lot to me.

Don't mention it. Better for it to happen without me than not happen at all. Banana

As if having Lauren wasn't enough, now he's gotta go for Brittany Pettibone too!?

First 2 min. of the vid = the root of Stefan's hateful feelings toward women.

So in short, mommy issues.

And I'm not blaming him for feeling that way, a lot of people out there have cunt moms.

And I agree with what he says in this video.

But I'm just pointing out...

That is why he hates women.

And he DOES hate women.

LOL, don't ever be fooled.

Again, I don't blame him for the way he feels.

But through talking to all these people, I think he's really just trying to understand his own issues.

It's a long process...

He's providing insight, entertainment, wisdom, encouragement etc. for other people along the way, so it's all good.
I just received an email from Stefan Molyneux explaining how he's been attacked and censored lately...

It's bad times for censorship right now, and I absolutely do understand that. It's horrible.

But in the email he's asking for help and he mentions that "making documentaries is expensive"...

My retort is stop making documentaries then.

You didn't start out making documentaries...

You started out making podcasts, and that is essentially free.

Let's never forget our roots and what really garnered our popularity.

Sorry but "documentaries" are not what I know Stefan for, and I have zero interest in this little documentary thingy that he has started undertaking with these questionable people...

Our discussion and digging around the topic of just who the hell this documentary crew is begins here:

In short, the frontman for this 'documentary team' is Caolan Robertson...

So yeah...

Stick to your roots, Stefan. Make your podcasts.

Because the fact is, your intentions in getting involved with the documentary crew probably aren't all good are they?

We all know you want to fertilize Lauren Southern's eggs before they get too dusty...

Sorry but we can see through you. Stick to what you're good at.
Tim Pool had a video where he mentioned $tephen cashed out $3,000,000 in bitcoins he got as donations.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
(07-22-2019, 03:58 AM)Dark Dick Wrote: Tim Pool had a video where he mentioned $tephen cashed out $3,000,000 in bitcoins he got as donations.

That’d be money well spent on something other than documentaries...

Like, oh, I dunno...

The rest of his life, and his child’s future.

Gotta say, Stefan may not be as wise as he believes himself to be.

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