Lauren Southern is super gorgeous and highly intelligent...
They absolutely got to Paul Joseph Watson.

I mean it's fairly unrelated to this topic...

I don't think Paul will regularly play with them.

But only time will tell.

He'd be better off pursuing... other things.
There's a list of hundreds of patrons in the closing credits. If they all donated $100, that would add up to a few tens of thousands of dollars. She can expect more from DVD sales, since people will buy it just to say "fuck you" to ThemTube for banning it.

Nothing in the film looked exorbitantly expensive to me. This isn't 1980. You don't have to be a millionaire to own a couple of high resolution cameras. The aerial shots were most likely done with a quadcopter. Nobody hires a helicopter pilot to take a cameraman aloft anymore. She was fretting over the guy running off with a $100 lavalier microphone, which indicates they were conscious of their budget.

What does it cost to interview a few refugees and townspeople? Zero.

The only major costs would've been travel and hotels. The biggest travel expense would've been getting from North America to Europe. Once you're in Europe, it's not very expensive to travel around Europe and the Mediterranean by car, rail, and ferry. It's common practice to hire locals for the production crew and rent equipment locally when filming abroad, so they probably didn't fly a whole crew there.

TL;DR: Whether or not she's compromised is debatable. However, it's not implausible that the film was funded by patrons and bank loans.

As for her declining to finger the EU or any national government or politician for conspiring to displace the native population of Europe, that's just being a professional journalist. There's no definite proof of that, only circumstantial evidence. We see that as a possible consequence of mass immigration and, based on the assumption that outcomes are deliberately planned by competent politicians, we infer that's the goal. It may be that she didn't want to be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist for making claims she can't back up. She said at the beginning of the film that she wanted to leave politics out it, after all.

(I happen to agree that population replacement is the intended goal of leftist open border policies, but to be objective I have to allow for the fact that leftists often don't foresee the obvious consequences of their actions.)

Anyway, that's a rational analysis based strictly on what I observed and avoiding speculation about things I can't prove. If you think I'm making excuses for her, then so be it. In general, I don't care about media personalities one way or another. I'm certainly not one of Lauren's uncritical fan boys.

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