Actual Thoughts I've Had, Verbatim...
"Fake it 'til you make it" seems laced with negativity and self-sabotage.
I prefer "Be it 'til you see it." Much more positive.
Very nice... I agree with that. The original statement always rubbed me the wrong way, but I've always believed in the principle.
it must feel very strange to not have a penis and balls

actual thought after seeing 4 separate girls in black spandex today
I'm so glad I have an innie.
JK Rowling is pretty sexy. That is all.
"You're no daisy! You're no daisy at all!!"

Reeeaaally gotta watch that later. Pure awesome.
"Fuckin' Bitch!!!"
I watched it. It was STILL pure awesome! : )
Tombstone? I don't think I've ever really watched it. I was never much into westerns...

I wanted to go to Tombstone on my most recent road trip but I never did. There was really nowhere very convenient to camp around there and it was pretty hot still.
Yeah, one of my all-time FAVORITE movies! I love westerns!!
mo is the best psychiatric nurse I ever had
I never say anything when I catch him spitting his pills out!
Return of the hot, nerdy office chick in my head.

Chick: Do you really need those potato chips?
Me: Oooh, YOU again. 
Chick: I thought you were trying to "do better"?
Me: And I AM. Sooo??
Chick: Sooo they're nothing but fat & carbs!
Me: *locks eyes with her seductively and slowly places chip in mouth*
Chick: You disgust me.
Me: *crunches down loudly on chip*
Chick: Go on, if you don't care I certainly don't.
Me: Then why are you here?
Chick: You're the weirdo that keeps imagining me.
Me: Tooshay. *places another chip slowly into his mouth*
Chick: You are making me SO hot!
Me: That was a weird turn.
Chick: OK, you're a pig. You make me want to puke.
Me: Theeere's my girl.
Chick: We done here?
Me: Mmm, I'd say yeah...
Chick: Good. And hey, you really ought to imagine more effective motivational archetypes.
Me: Grab the corner of that desk, lean into it and shake that sweet bubble.
Chick: *does it*
Me: Nah, I'm good with You.
Chick: You really DO make me sick.
Me: *crams a handful of chips into mouth*
Chick: Urgh!! *storms out in a huff*

: )
"I love the smell of charcoal in the morning."

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