Teal Swan is right.
No Way 
I wish I could take my last post back. It’s so lower case. Sometimes you need an upper case perspective. There’s always a couple of viewpoints. Sometimes when I make a post I see that emoji shaking it’s head. So I’ve included it. I mean all it’s doing is tapping it’s cheek making its head turn from side to side like some serious dance move. I wonder what the rest of it’s body is doing. Yeah that’s right. I have no friends. I’m not really fitting in here either. Maybe I should take a hiatus. Take that hiatus away with me. But wherever I go people will be saying his hi ate us. Hiatus: a period when something (such as a program or activity) is suspended or interrupted. 

Seems to be the case wherever I look.


That's Teal's son...

3:50 look how much he loves her, you can just tell.

Getting pretty strong baby River Phoenix vibes off that kid though...

She better protect him. I wouldn't have a single one of those cringey creepy beta cucks in her cult around my son.

Honestly, if I were Teal, I would rather just live alone with him, and one man/partner, like a normal fucking person...

I'd have an alpha male husband who just chops wood all day and never really talks or comes around except to eat.

For real.
I think I might have seen her kid like one other time.

Seems vaguely familiar.

He looks to be like maybe 8 at the oldest.

God, he must think all those skinny beta cuck orbiters are such losers.

There's no way I'd have that freako cult anywhere near my son.
She needs to stop dressing him in those weird stupid girly shirts too...

Pretty sure that's not what he wants in life.

He looks like he's barely holding back the laughter at what a joke he thinks it all is.

He loves her sooo much, but the rest of it... he just thinks it's so fucking stupid.

I hope the best for that kid... but honestly, lose the orbiters. They're more than likely a danger to him.

Teal shouldn't be sharing her love with any other man besides a husband, and that kid.

Having a full on cult harem when you have a child is fricken disgusting and pointless...

Unless you're trying to conceive more children, what the fuck is the point of having men around anyway?

Just have one burly, gruff, lumberjack fucker to do all the man stuff and leave it at that.
It's exactly like River Phoenix's childhood, weird names and all...


Quote:In 1973, the family joined a religious cult named the Children of God. The family had settled in Caracas, Venezuela where the Children of God had stationed them to work as missionaries and fruit gatherers. Although Phoenix rarely talked about the cult, he was quoted by Arlyn Phoenix in a 1994 Esquire article as having said "They're disgusting, they're ruining people's lives." According to Vanity Fair magazine, Phoenix was raped at the age of four. In an interview with Details magazine in November 1991, Phoenix stated he lost his virginity at age four while in the Children of God, "but I've blocked it out." Years later his brother Joaquin would claim that River was joking saying "It was a complete and total joke. It was just fucking with the press. It was literally a joke, because he was so tired of being asked ridiculous questions by the press."

And fuck you, Joaquin... I guess being a lying fuck is the reason why you're the one who's alive and still making movies and raking in that cash and Phoenix is long dead. Fucking betrayer.
Honestly, if I was Teal, I'd be trying to conceive another child. And if she can't, I'd strongly consider adopting a baby. Maybe 2. So a total of like 3 kids.

Time to really just ascend beyond the mundane, beyond the stupid trite nonsense that encompasses cult life... I mean it really is so ignorant and useless.

She's shared enough spiritual mumbo jumbo... it's time for her to just close that shit and be a mom, and that's it.

She needs to protect that kid, and if she can't have any more, then she needs to adopt one or two other babies, and she should get on it fast. There shouldn't be more than a 12 year age difference in your children. She's got very little time left before that kid won't benefit from having brothers/sisters around.

She needs to start focusing on what's important.

Cash in all the soyboy weirdos in her cult harem for one good man who's the size of all of them put together... I'd go for a big scary lookin' motherfucker who cuts trees down and carves furniture out of them, and maybe is a blacksmith too.

Something fucking manly.

For God's sake. Facepalm. Get your fucking life together, Teal. Do it for the kid. Don't be an idiot.
He deserves better than to be surrounded by a bunch of fucking weirdos.

I didn't even watch this video but I just want to say...

I think Teal is a great example vanity making someone blind to everything else around them.
In Teal's Crisis Introduction video she looks like she has a bun in the oven.

Maybe that's why she's been doing a bunch of cooking videos lately.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I think teal is tightly wound and needs a good shagging

soy boys are not the solution ,she needs skater boys


Mine was me and a bunch of aliens on a UFO...



3:26 I dig Teal's picks though.

I would have chosen way different if I didn't think they were talking about a literal orgy.

But that was the first thing that came to mind for me, and if I were to attempt to make an actual list and have to think about it, it seems like a reach.
I can just imagine all the soyboys and a blonde bimbo nude and drunk with their cult leader teal taking turns servicing her
@ 2:24 oh sure weave a children's play area into your homo fantasy ,why not

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