Teal Swan is right.
No Way 
I wish I could take my last post back. It’s so lower case. Sometimes you need an upper case perspective. There’s always a couple of viewpoints. Sometimes when I make a post I see that emoji shaking it’s head. So I’ve included it. I mean all it’s doing is tapping it’s cheek making its head turn from side to side like some serious dance move. I wonder what the rest of it’s body is doing. Yeah that’s right. I have no friends. I’m not really fitting in here either. Maybe I should take a hiatus. Take that hiatus away with me. But wherever I go people will be saying his hi ate us. Hiatus: a period when something (such as a program or activity) is suspended or interrupted. 

Seems to be the case wherever I look.

(03-30-2020, 02:27 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I thought she was holding a super wide loaf of bread when I first saw the thumbnail.

LOOLLL! I totally thought it was a massive, cut-opened squash.

Man, it's nice to see some Teal appreciation rather than mocking.

She says things in her industry that nobody else says. I've actually applied some of her ideas into my life, and to great effect, particularly in facing down negativity. She takes it so much farther than the "modern thought" (law of attraction) crowd does; where they merely suggest to swivel away from negativity and toward "what you desire", she offers great tutelage on how to follow the feeling all the way to its source and actually release it. Most are offering temporal if not elusive relief, while she is offering cures. 

I'm kind of amused by the way she titles her videos like they're articles in Vogue ("What Men Want" or something like that), and then you watch it and it features ideas that are way too esoteric to be even vaguely appropriate for that type of article. Bahahaha. It's like giving a dog its medicine by hiding it in a treat. 

Also of note: she's inhumanly beautiful, like a Tolkien elf or something (as opposed to, say, Keebler). She has a borderline hypnotic effect with those eyes, no induction needed.

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