Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...

clif comes on half way into the show and he's drinkin a bit of whiskey!

Clif starts this one off with a little bit of French!

6:00 very interesting point re: the vaxx and recreational drug use.

15:00 I gotta tell ya, I ain't 100% sure what this video is about.

15:10 he does mention biorhythms though, and I understand that.

20:40 probably the '60s.

Good talk... Clif's been prolific lately, I appreciate seeing that.

This title got my attention, it'll be interesting to see where we are in present day (from Nov. 20) with his tone...

That last video/link was from Nov. 6th.

0:17 Clif's gonna talk about hell, oh shit! *gets nervous*

0:32 re: hell being freezing, I can believe that, it reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode...

2:20 he's talking about currency breakdown and chaos. He starts bringing the Age of Aqua into it. And I gotta agree I think he's totally right on this point.

5:45 I like Clif, he's nice to listen to.

6:35 he starts talking about time cycles re: the planet, space, etc.

8:50 "We're seeing an organic economy develop"... you gotta hear this!!!
Wow, he released two new videos while I was watching those!!!


He draws in the date at the beginning of this video (11-21-21) and says a few interesting things, Clif is very entertaining!!! I really appreciate people who are naturally entertaining, he has a lot of years of wisdom behind what he says too though. I bet he's mostly always been the same throughout his life though.

1:15 meaning/origin of the word "scribe"... Clif says, "Language matters."

2:16 now he's talking about martial arts books, "Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere" and "Hidden in Plain Sight: Esoteric Power Training Within Japanese Martial Traditions"... hara; tantien.

3:36 he's talking about the event horizon of existence, also related to the 'zero point'...

6:10 important topics being discussed around "life energy", Qi, chi, prana, etc.

13:20 lol that's pretty funny.

Clif is a nice comforting steady presence in these TSHTF/TEOTWAWKI-esque times.

16:20 he explains nucleation.

19:50 he's talking about ions and the formation of clouds.

20:40 oh wow, this was super fascinating, really interesting vid and pretty cool to catch it hot off the press.

21:50 he summarizes the original purpose/idea behind meditation.

0:06 I'm glad he says this because at one point (ha, ha) I was thinking to myself, "Sometimes I don't understand why Clif is talking about whatever the heck he's talking about." But I think it's just me, I think I just lose track and essentially forget what the fuck was going on. It DOES all make sense eventually but sometimes it's hard to keep my head above the woo of what the fuck Clif is saying?!

Luckily he's good at keeping attention and being unique (food for thought presented often) so that's probably why he makes a good teacher.

0:50 wow I never realized what a big part of life that nucleation really is?!?

2:33 now he's talking about the principles of bread making as an allegory about nucleation.

4:00 the thing is, I start wondering like... is he legit talking about bread making? Because it really sounds like he just scientifically explained how bread is made, and then... I mean it took a hot minute, I got caught up in it and I feel like I got a lot of information from this video that has nothing to do with what I would have assumed the topic to be up until that whole bread making bit. Like wow, lil mindblown here.

5:40 and we're just now this far into the video.

6:30 so now he's talking about bonds.

2:20 lol Clif wrote a sit-com.

3:07 then he uses the plural term of 'dufus'...

I approve.

I listened to the whole vid while I was multitasking.

6:54 - 7:11 rofl I love Clif.

Clif High: The Science of Cooking...


1:00:14 you can put a bun in my oven anytime, Clif!!!!!!!


Double Facepalm

"Millions" of years are discussed in this article, but I do think it's a great example of what Clif's talking about when he references us traveling through "strange energies" in space.
I really need to go catch up on some Clif.
I sure do love that feller.

This is what tsunamis look like... not that crazy ridiculous Hollywood shit.

It's amazing how things can go from peaceful to shroom cloud in like .5 seconds.

I literally squealed when he underlined "ology" and I KNEW he was gonna explain what it means!!! Oh, Clif... my Clif.

2:10 he's such a captivating speaker and teacher. He doesn't have a chip on his shoulder like so many other smart people.

4:15 why am I so wildly aroused right now? Oh Clif, you make me hot. So much hotter than I'd be without you!

I'm 100% romantically against old dudes now, but Clif is grandfathered in. He's the only one I still love! *bats eyes*

8:00 Clif tickles my brains!!!

17:54 I'm really into the idea of studying my own thinking, that's pretty much the point of this website.

20:15 I love the way Clif dresses... he looks so warm. I want one of his shirts!!! I want one of his winter hats!!! I would sleep in the ensemble. Oh Clif, make my dreams come true!!! We can be lovers in weird, distant, Aquarian ways!!! It's so much better!!! I've decided not to reproduce (collective sigh of relief), so I'm not after your babybatter anymore!!! Don't be scared!!!

23:36 I see an object... of my desire!!!

23:50 he's totally talking about me.

Clif! My darling! My sweet! My precious! My everything! Oh, Clif!

I've missed you. I really must watch your videos more often.

33:10 they totally stole that terminology from me, fricken a-holes!!! I get zero recognition!!! It's not FAIR!!!

My word thingies are important, dammit!!!

33:57 gimme that hat!!! It's still warm... *turns inside out, rubs all over chest*

36:50 Clif, give me your attention!!! Notice me, senpai!!! I hunger!!!

37:35 now he's talking about Nikola Telsa... *eyes roll around in ecstasy*

We were meant for each other, Clif!!! The timing is all off, but the magic is there, don't act like you don't feel it!!!

Me ---> Nanaluv <--- Clif

38:20 fascinating, so Tesla really wanted us to know that this book was important. I had no idea. This is why Clif is so invaluable.

Roger Joseph Boscovich's "A Theory of Natural Philosophy"
I wonder if Clif likes music? Have we ever heard him talk about it?

The cringey musical offerings of a millennial in love with you...


This video starts with Clif flexing his hat at me. Go ahead and rub it in, Clif. Just go ahead and rub it in.

We also get several glorious seconds to view Clif's gorgeous Frenchman profile while he cleans his glasses.

1:10 pft fuck war, Clif... let's me and you make some love instead.

Completely OT, but I just ate my emotions in the form of some cheesy 'mater noodle mac and now I feel like I'm gonna fucking hurl.

Moving along.

It's not the first time I've bingewatched Clif's vids in order to comfort myself in a deep and intense kinda way.

This is like the 5th time today that I've paused on Clif making this exact motion toward his whiteboard. Look how handsome he is.

6:08 that was as close to some filthy dirty talk as we're ever gonna get from Clif!!!

8:35 let's be honest, it's more likely that Clif and I will get married before I'm 40, have 6 children and then celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary the day our firstborn lands on a moon colony than for any of that shit to happen.

15:20 only by about 40 years, Clif.

21:54 I've been trying to get more education lately. I've been reading books, and recently I got "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing" by John Bogle. I have no idea if it's good or not. The reviews looked decent. It was between that and "The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham. The latter apparently has a shitload of '70s references and is like 600 pages so... to me, the choice was obvious. I don't really know anything about the whole 9 yards, so I'm just doing my best.

25:50 I used to love Snickers when I was a kid.

It's gonna be really hard to stop watching these videos by a reasonable hour tonight.

34:20 when I hear things like this, it makes me feel like my life has gone the way it has for a reason.

35:45 brilliant. I've just been doing this naturally lately.

37:50 there's really not all that much I actually feel passion for, but I do love investing... crypto is the only experience I've ever had with it though.

Eventually it's more suiting to play life like a game... instead of playing video games, play life. If people put the same amount of time and effort into playing life like they play video games, damn... imagine what the world could be. People would be a lot happier and so much more successful in ways that really matter.

0:10 oh, Clif, you're just gorgeous. Stop it. Don't stop.

1:15 Clif's life story sounds so fascinating... I really want to know everything.

6:00 this shit is flying over my head like a flock of seagulls, I ain't even gonna lie.

7:52 - 8:02 lolololol. You just can't make it up.

My face hurts from smiling while watching Clif for 6 hours straight. This is my school.

10:12 it's at this time I notice the 2 thousand-page books sitting behind Clif, lol. I fucking love this man.

11:24 why was Clif designing algorithms for airlines? Has he explained this before? Intriguing. Is there a deeper reason Clif focuses on the tic-tac UFOs and is fixated on flying RVs? I wonder if this is a soul deep interest for Clif. I know he likes being on the water. Does he enjoy the concept of flight too?

19:35 he starts discussing the ongoing attack by 'the bug'.

20:25 hmmm, wonder where he's going with this... *popcorn*

21:20 damn this is fascinating. I'm just thinking about all the fires that happened in the 1800s and early 1900s in A LOT of places. My hometown, for example, had a few devastating fires to some VERY important buildings. These were some ridiculously beautiful buildings. I always thought it was tragic... and suspicious as hell. Maybe I'm jumping the gun and assuming what he's gonna talk about here, but that's just where my mind took it.

23:08 aha, I knew I was right.

25:40 yup.

This is the kind of stuff Jon Levi talks about...
You ever wake up the morning after a hardcore binge and just think "Wow..."

Sad Nana

"I CAN'T WAIT TO DO THAT AGAIN!!?!!?!!!!?!!!"


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