My childhood was much like shawshank redemption except i didnt have a kind old black man to share my struggles with. But really, i lived in a haunted house with my grandmother and lets just say that a lot of the shit you see in movies isnt as crazy as people believe. I witnessed a very brief exorcism done to my grandmother and there was a few other people there. Its a story for another time...and no i aint crazy.
(01-17-2017, 01:11 PM)Guest Wrote: My childhood was much like shawshank redemption except i didnt have a kind old black man to share my struggles with. 



I grew up in a building that used to be a hospital.

All my friends were dead.
Haa. Well its all true..all of it. But its been boring since them days. I think i pissed of the ghost cause thry dont come see me no more. Maybe i should visit your hospital building.
So my new sexy friend besides columbo..aliens..ghosts...and a hospital with dead friends..oh and your moments of fapped ( im not sure i know exactly what that means but i have a good idea and i also bet that i would like to be there when that happens) what ither kind of crazy shit do you get inti?
Oh I'm into all kinds of crazy shit.

I like to dance, drive, sew, make jewelry, paint. I'm into astrology, divination (tarot reading etc). Those are my favorite activities and hobbies off the top of my head. I play World of Warcraft.

I like to follow current events with InfoWars and other alternative news outlets.

I like other stuff too.
https://youtu.be/uc_2qaGtm8U. Good movie

Infowars is great. I love calling the people that hate trump and infowars morons. Im trying to start up a marilyn manson tribute band. I play bass guitar. Most of my friends are lazy so its hard to get them to do anything. I dont play many video games but not because i dont like too. I think i have the original xbox somewhere. I have tattoos. I use to work out a lot but its been a while. Chatting with you is cool.......
I'm totally gonna watch that movie... never heard of it before. Thanks!!!

I just started following InfoWars about a year ago, even though I've known about it for many years. They do a fucking amazing job getting the truth out... definitely the best out there at this time.

Man I wanted to start a punk band... no shit. I was gonna be the singer. I even wrote an album of songs. Good luck with your band... that's awesome.

What are your zodiac signs? I'm Aries Horse. Here are links if you don't know:


Im a leo.. I been watching infowars for about a year also. Alex is funny as hell especially when he flips out. If you ever want to let me see some of the stuff you wrote that would be cool.
Heres a little thing i put together on guitar. I threw a few pics in there of me because i was actually trying out an app and just trew it together. Anyways....
This site takes so long to post comments
I subbed to your channel...

You're pretty hot.

I'm sooo compatible with Leos... Hearteyes

The guest comments are on approval only...

Massive spam attack constantly underway. Besides... guests can be troublemakers. It's best this way.
Thats cool. I dont usually cause trouble unless people beg me.
Ya i created an account because i wasnt sure if its better that way.
(01-18-2017, 04:40 PM)Guest Wrote: Thats cool. I dont usually cause trouble unless people beg me.

Sounds kinky...

I'm into that.
Awsome, i am too.
Facebook drives me nuts too. I thought it was easyer to talk that way but it dont matter to me.
Nah Facebook sucks balls, I hate their messenger system because you can't even use the enter key to make paragraphs which is gay as fuck.

I have to have paragraphs.

I prettymuch never look at FB messages or anything else besides the forum because the forum platform/layout is all I care about.
Thats cool. To me it dont make a difference. I dont usually write in paragraph form maybe because im lazy. Or maybe cause im not as dedicated as you in the way i write. Haa.. Fuck it. As long as you can hear the words coming out of my head. Or is it one of those things that annoys you?
Also, your accent is fucking sexy as hell. Now i bet you heard this before or maybe not, i dont know.

But it is..
I was just watching alex jones and i cant wait for the Trump inauguration and the alex jones deploraball group to be there ready to kick ass.

I wish i could be there because i would kick a lot of sjw bitch asses. Them people piss me off.

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