Dancing Banana 
I will FUCKING NEVER take the original song seriously again...

It's just melodramatic tripe anyways from a Concrete Blonde wannabe ripoff.
I figured ide check out your site. No chance of me getting kidnapped because its only you. Unless i have you all wrong. I like to live dangerous.
Why would someone want to kidnap you? Are you famous?

IS THAT YOU!?!?!?!

What took you so long?!
No i am not famous. I havent heard of many famous people getting kidnapped. But it sounds fun. You can kidnap me if you ever feel like it.
Are you hot?
I just realized asking you if you're hot is pointless considering the broad range of what makes me horny.
I dont know what you consider hot. But sounds like it dont matter. Excellent! You are hot.. By the way you accepted my friend request today so thats why i checked out your stuff over here.
Yeah man...

I have a huge range of attraction.

For example, I was in love with Columbo for several years. 

Okay I'm still in love with Columbo.


Gonna go fap to some Columbo and then go to sleep.

Hot as hell.
columbo is great. Well sweat dreams.. Maybe we can chat again sometime.
Ps.. I made a meme of columbo the other day because some knuckle head was bashing trump. He did not appreciate it but he can go fuck himself.
That's fucking hot...

Sounds like we have things in common.

I fapped hard to that video of Columbo but I didn't go to sleep...

Now I'm watching an episode of The Outer Limits.

Season 1, Episode 1 - "The Galaxy Being"...

Interestingly the plotline is similar to a concept I've been considering lately.

Swear I'm going to bed after this though. It's after ten-thirty!

God things were just so much more real back then...

The actors, the plotlines...

They just meant so much more.
“Death is property of carbon cycle in 3rd dimension…”
This episode is basically about the electric universe.
They're telling the truth about existence in a 1960s episode of The Outer Limits...

How did society get to the state it's in today? Seriously? WTF?
"Infinity is God..."
I ended up watching columbo last night since you brought it up. Good stuff. Outer limits is good shit too. I like wierd crazy shit. I believe in aliens and ghosts because i saw a ghost when i was a kid. Good times.
I love the Sinatra roast... Peter Falk had an amazing sense of humor. I love him so much. I recently saw Wings of Desire for the first time. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093191/ One of the greatest films ever made as far as the truth about shit goes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAzzR2Uklok I thought Peter Falk's role in the movie was very interesting... definitely very "random".

I've seen/heard/otherwise sensed my share of ghosts. My childhood was... superbly weird.

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