(01-18-2017, 07:05 PM)Nb Wrote: Also, your accent is fucking sexy as hell. Now i bet you heard this before or maybe not, i dont know.

But it is..

The Valley Girl accent or my real accent?

I prefer the Valley Girl accent, it's more fun.
Valley girl.. Yum yum
But wait.. Your real accent is also yum yum.
I cannot decide
So i have a story, because in your alien abduction vid you said you lost time. That happened to me when i was 9.

This is a kinda long story but ill cut it down. So after my haunting and grandmother story wich i will tell you sometime, i was 5 when that happened and i remember everything, i was taken away and put in foster homes.

So now im 9 and this home i lived at had a lot of cats.......
And one day i had to go look for one of them. It was very early morning like 5 or 6 ish. They were a military type family and woke us at them times.

So i went out, and i remember i was wearing pajamas and i had a jacket on. We lived in the woods. So i went sesrching...
Now i got pretty far in these damn woods. And the last thing i remember is moving these bushes around because i thought i heard the cat in them.

All of a sudden i wake up in the upstairs bedroom wearing regular clothes and its late at night. So im scared as hell now....
And its not my bedroom but im in my house. So i go downstairs and to my surprise half my neighbors are there and im getting yelked at because they searched everywhere all day for me.

They thought i ran away. I told them what happened and they smaked the shit out if me...haaa. Nobody belived me. They said they looked everywhere all day. So i got grounded for a week.
Also, another strange thing happened in that house but thats another story for another time
(01-18-2017, 10:14 PM)Nb Wrote: Valley girl.. Yum yum

I know, I like it too...

It's definitely sexy, but I wonder if that's just because I sound super dumb and easy?

That's my guess.
(01-18-2017, 11:22 PM)Nb Wrote: All of a sudden i wake up in the upstairs bedroom wearing regular clothes and its late at night . . .

Dude what the fuck? That's one hell of a story...

As far as abductions/missing time and whatnot, I don't have anything that tops that.

I've experienced missing time on three separate occasions.

What I like to point out is that if it's not a situation where there are specific markers, REASONS for you to REALIZE that you missed time... then how are you going to know??

The first time it happened (I was about 13), I was staying in one of those wigwam hotels... where you stay in a little wigwam. It's pretty cool... retro as fuck and kinda ghetto, but still neat. I was with my parents and we were playing a card game that consists of each hand being its own round of the game. Anyway, we noticed the lights flickering, and that's when the weirdness happened. My dad and I both remember being on round 2 (you take notes with this game and everything). We saw the lights flash twice. 

Then the cards were being shuffled and my mom says, alright, round 4! Me and my dad were like, WTF, that was only round 2. Mom said no, it's time for round 4, look at the paper. Sure enough, we had done round 3 and my dad and I didn't even remember. We started talking about it and apparently my mom saw the lights flash several times (apart from just flickering), meanwhile dad and I only saw 2 definite flashes. Mom said we just played as normal and nothing seemed strange.

Second time was when I was about 21. I was driving in Canada in this area I was super familiar with. It was out in the middle of nowhere... an island called Newfoundland. Boy the stories I could tell you...

Anyway, I was driving out of this one town where I used to live. There's one sign for this town on the highway on the way there... it says "2 km to Exit". So I leave out of the town and onto the highway. I drive for a few miles (kilometers). And lo and behold... to my total fucking shock, there's the sign that says "2 km to Exit". I'm like, whoa... what the fuck? I just pulled out of the ONLY exit to this town, MILES BACK, and there's the sign again??? How is that possible? It's not. 2 km passes and to my bewilderment, there it is... the only exit into this town that I just pulled out of. Also worth mentioning that I had gone there to take scenic photos... when I got there, all my batteries were dead. Except for one, the video camera... which I didn't really even want to use but I ended up using it. By far my strangest missing time experience.

There's a massive magnetic anomaly off the eastern coast of Newfoundland... I believe this has something to do with the widespread weirdness (in every capacity) of the island. Love that place. Will speak more about it in the future.
That sounds pretty crazy. I would be pissed if i was driving and that shit happened. That lost time only happened to me once.

I could and should write a book about my life from the ages of 4 to 9 years old. It would be a horror story full of torture, kidnap and misery. I was kidnapped for a day by a neighbor when i was 4. Thats why i use the kidnap thing as a joke sometimes i guess.

I also have foster home stories and a shit load of terrifying hauntings and bullshit between those ages. Too much to tell and not sure i would say on here. All of it is true and i have witnesses on some occations.

I use to have this tick where even if i was watching tv or just sitting quietly i was constantly looking around and couldnt sit still. School noticed this so i had to see a stupid therepist.

But, after the age of 9 my life gets kind of boaring because all that shit stopped for the most part. It took me to about the age of 15 or 16 to finally not be paranoid over every sound. Now though, i challenge some bullshit to happen cause i fear nothing and i would totally fuck up a ghosts day.
Trumps inauguration was great. Hillary didnt seem to happy and neither did obama. That was the best inauguration speech ever.
Did you see Bush grappling with his trash bag at the inauguration? ROFLLL. http://www.npr.org/2017/01/20/510850745/...-and-loses
Haa. What a friggin moron.
Relevance bump.
LMFAO God bless the internet.
(11-27-2017, 04:28 PM)MO Wrote: LMFAO God bless the internet.


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