Retrowave & Synthwave Music - Review & Commentary
Fucking detestable.
If they clearly don't fucking "get it" then don't let them on the Retrowave channel.

She's trying to make buck off the popularity of the genre...

There is nothinggg redeemable about any of her songs.

The New Retrowave channel is gonna need to be replaced with a competitor at this rate.
Looks like the NewRetrowave YouTube channel has taken to deleting disapproving comments too...

Fuck you pieces of shit if you think you own the retrowave genre...

Replacements have already been called...

Bye now.
We fucking hate retrowave songs with shitty pop vocals...

Get it through your fucking heads and stop wasting your time producing this garbage.
How about making another channel called "RetroPop" or something?

Not that there's anything remotely fucking retro about any part of that heinous fucking atrocity, but if the desperate bitches who sing this crap want in the game so bad, give them their own sub-genre to fucking suck in.
Take notes, bitches...

YOTA is everything retrowave vocals should be...

long haired mo , back in the day

“Kotovsky86 - Space Traveller”

Good shit, perfectly done...

Nice slight echo on the drum accents, nice full bass body on those drum accents...

Not too fast, not too slow.

It's a nice 'safe' retrowave song...

Doesn't stand out in a crowd, but at least isn't destroyed by heinously atrocious vocals.

Excellent work.
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(06-07-2019, 02:45 PM)Guest Wrote: However i predict you will marry a well spoken professional

Where is he I'm ready let's do this.
I’m a retrowave critic BTW...

Just in case you were wondering.
I’m a retrowave commentator.
A spacesynth senpai.

Alex & Tokyo Rose - “Danger City”...

It’s strange and different. Certainly good.

They’re trying to follow the ‘no lyrics, just clips’ principle which I appreciate, but the ‘vocal’ clips sound too modern...

Doesn’t matter what they were sourced from, the tuning is too modern in this context.

And if those clips were fabricated for this song, that’s an even worse fuckup, so.

Yes we’re all glad there aren’t legitimate vocals and lyrics but... keep any hint of modern/pop out of it.

Anytime I see a chick name on a retrowave song, I just go ahead and assume it's gonna totally suck.

The only reason the rule doesn't hold true for this song is because there are no vocals.

This Megan individual works for hollywood (essentially) making musical scores...

In general I find these retrowave scores she does are not at all memorable.

They are really just quite generic.
Dimitris Dermanis makes some good retrowave tunes and I like his video style too...

Stilz - Approaching The Unknown

Good classic retrowave tune, no flaws.
A searing, fire tune...

[Cassetter - Lost In a Maze ft. Time Travel]

Absolutely fucking destroyed by retarded female vocals.

Rare good retro vocals... very nice.
I'm not entirely sure why...

But this makes me intensely horny.


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