Jane Seymour is so hot and she always has been...
(09-20-2021, 01:49 PM)Atma Wrote: because you'd be a totally hot dude, and you know this.

Damn fucking straight.
I read an article where Jane Seymour said ALL four of her husbands left HER.

Because they found somebody ELSE.

Now, we all know the prettier the woman, the crazier she is...

My guess?

Jane is hard to handle.

She looks nice. She looks like a fun-size little treat.

But man...

There's gotta be a catch.
I mean, it's EXTREMELY unusual for a man to LEAVE the woman.

It's typically the woman who leaves.

But for ALL FOUR??

Basically impossible.
You'd think they'd try everything to hold onto her no matter what...

So it must have been really bad.
Mo do you have a sexy magic hat ?
I have a cat hat the brim is tipped down more

Mine is more like this but black slightly smaller

I want us wearing hats like this as we make a dark movie together (film noir) bordering on porn featuring alluring young ladies with submissive personalities

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