Jane Seymour is so hot and she always has been...
One fineass bitch, she rocked that shit in the early 90s and she was over 40 then too...

Hot as all out total fuck.





Fine as hell.




I'm watching this right now, LMAO!

LOL, so creepy!
Praying Mantis (1993)...

This story is kinda stupid so far, I mean how does she get away with this?!

Come on!?
A delectable beauty , like elizabeth taylor back in those old fuckkin movies with james dean
I think the premise is kinda boring though, I don't dig watching her meet one dude and wrangle him in...

I'd rather see her do it to a bunch of different dudes.

I dunno, 9:19 this guy is pretty hot. Digging the gray hair, pretty fuckable.

Dude OMG that whistling kettle scene though... holy fuck make it stop, LMAO.

Kinda gay cuz I know how the movie ends and all, but I've never actually watched it through.

I probably shouldn't. Probably have better things to do...

*recalls watching the 2.5 hour Zane Greene livestream the other day*

Ehhh, I've got time.
I watched half-way through this some week ago lol Big Grin Quality!

One thing I do dig about the story is that she just kills the dudes, she doesn't even take their money!!! Muwahahahaha!!!

12:00 OMFG look at that ravishing fucking beauty. I dig her with the short dark hair.

Here's the thing though...

Her hair was totally different at the beginning of the movie, it was way shorter and a different color...

Was there a big time difference between then and now in the movie? Is it a wig, in the story? Anyway.

Gah this bitch is sexy as hell OMG. So fine. Holy shit.

She had 4 kids... glad she spread those genes around. Rawrf!

OMG this bitch is crazy, LOL, what a great story! I mean it's... incredibly simple. But so exciting.

Gah, what a wonderful story!!!

15:58 oh my DAAAAMNNNN, OWWWWNNNEEEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27:00 ew gross, they're already banging?! Literally disgusting!!!

LOL this chick is creepy as shit, how can the dudes not be onto her, LMAO, so dumb.

32:54 OMG I'd have totally told the guy about that, there's like no way I would have kept that to myself!

34:26 OMG WTF is she doing!?!?!?!?!?!?!

39:35 why is this silly bitch cutting herself when she's about to get married again?! Does she never put out!? Wouldn't she be afraid he'd ask why the fuck she's got cuts on her arms?! LMAO!

ROFL OMG I can't believe it, she totally killed that bitch!!! This lady is brazen!!!

41:22 OMG he noticed them! There's no way this guy wouldn't be totally suspicious of her for real. This is so dumb!!!

42:40 she's so charming agh, gah!!! So hot!!! That smile is so fucking ace!!!

44:42 oh shit now she's gonna have to deal with that bitch too!!!

Alright I'm getting bored, this movie needs more killin'!!!

56:36 oh shit now she's really gonna have to slay that bitch!!!


AHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL this bitch is freaking out so hard!!!

1:03:55 awww shit, it's about to get good!!! MUWAHAHAHA!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

1:15:00 LOL this is scary as shit. 1:16:00 OMFG LOL this bitch is creepy as shit!!!

Hahahahahaha, OMG wow, this movie though. LMAO!

I really love her mode of operations, it's awesome. Too bad she doesn't get away with it!

Oops! Spoilers! That ending thouuughhh!!!
Well I´m glad you enjoyed the movie Big Grin
And yes that lady is brazen. Very brazen.
Sunstroke (1992)...

Oh shit, check it! Jane Seymour is sweating her nads off in the opening credits of this movie, circa 5:40!

6:15 OMG look, she's dressed like a fricken hussy!!! Hell yeah, now that's the kinda outfit I wouldn't wear any panties with!!!

She does a pretty bitchin' southern accent even though she's one of them British fuckers!!!

This shit makes me wanna take a roadtrip!!! Literally no other reason to watch this fuckin' garbage other than how sexy Jane Seymour is!!!

8:35 I might give him a ride, on the condition that I can tie his hands and feet up when he gets in!!! Muwahahahaha!!!

10:35 LMAO WTF?! I'm kinda starting to like this movie!!!

12:32 this guy is pretty sexy. Not digging the facial hair, but whatever!!!

14:28 WTF lady, you waiting for something better lookin'!?!?!

Dude Jane Seymour is such a total cunt in this movie, WTF!!!

For some reason she still creeps me out in this movie even though she's not being creepy...



I totally smell sex comin'.

22:08 God dang Jane Seymour is fine as fuck. You couldn't ask to be any finer than that.

23:25 OMG IT'S A FULL MOON, IT'S ONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ROFL this movie is fucking terrible, ROFLMAO.

I'm literally not even paying attention.

I've got like 4 other windows open right now.

35:53 no harm done!? What about his fuckin' car, lady?!

42:45 'bout time she gave up some of that sweet poontang!!!

43:52 why the hell is this guy covering up for her?!

45:14 damn she's a snazzy dresser though, kinda trashy but super hot!!!

52:21 WTF, this guy's being a lil too helpful!!!

1:01:47 whoa, WTF?!?!?!?!?!? Was that a PLOT TWIST!?!?!?!?!?!

Oh my damn, sounds like this guy's got the upper hand to me!!!

LOL, this is honestly pretty good. By far the best part of the movie.

It only took it an hour to get exciting.

1:08:48 ROFL oh no.

1:29:30 not gonna lie, I jumped.

That turned out to be a semi-enjoyable, somewhat suspenseful movie with a relatively non-crap ending.
I´m diggin the movie reviews Big Grin
Yeah it's fun.
(02-16-2018, 11:50 PM)Trix Wrote: 6:15 OMG look, she's dressed like a fricken hussy!!! Hell yeah, now that's the kinda outfit I wouldn't wear any panties with!!!

You´d look really cute in that one.






[Image: https://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dyn...903373.jpg]
WTF, Jane Seymour isn't even in that movie!?
LOL well. I just wanted to post a good youtube-movie xD
If you delete that post I´ll make a new thread for it Big Grin
Nah man there is no reason to delete it.

I encourage you to make a movie watching thread or any kind of thread you want.

This looks like a great film...

Willem Dafoe is very sexy.

That vid is blocked in my country though.

Or I'd be watching it... rat bastards.

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