Epic Legendary Commentary On YouTuber Zane Greene
(10-10-2021, 12:56 PM)The Fung Man Wrote: Chicka he alive he my homie he hiding like Gelico from Joeys

Gelico and joe from APS?
Yeah but he got 2 channels now APS and Joe does stuff I think MO should do a reviews of Joe Does stuff cos clearly he has no idea how to do drywall he may as well just fucking spray paint the house with top coat lol
(09-18-2021, 08:25 AM)DB Hunter Wrote:  I miss Zane and his crew of enablers, telling people
 they're jealous of his lifestyle and success.  
 Mr Big-time!!!

(09-20-2021, 07:47 AM)DB Hunter Wrote:  Did someone ask you to apologize for watching Zane?
 Watch his channel "The Art of Smuggling Drugs"
 You'll see fast talking Zane, pretend to be the 
 Billy Maze of YouTube. He's doing his best to,
 sell, sell, sell!!! 

 Zane, was & is a scam artist. Always looking for that
 quick cash! (Gold, agates, fish, shark teeth, coins)
 The list of nonsense goes on and on with that guy!

Still a good guy though and buying the lad the odd lunch here and there seemed like the decent thing to do i guess we all should of just took the piss and gone snooping around his family looking for past mistakes to make jokes about. he was an easy target for those who claim to be of a higher moral standard and they did go in hard and low.
scam artist? ha, he shipped me a tooth at a cost to himself , i guess your insight on the world is not as clear as you think.
'Cause I know you can't not look here and you will take a peek here to see what's new --
Hey, Zane --- Hope you have a decent birthday party with all your homies. Maybe even some good conversation with the kiddos. OR, maybe just feel a little bit older one more time around the sun and plan for your next trip, too. :) PEACE, Friend!
Zane's b-day is in November though.
(10-20-2021, 10:40 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: Zane's b-day is in November though.

His FB phone is off aka his phone rings out if its on they shut it off.
I think like my mate hes lost his phone maybe dropped in a river who knows.
He hasn't been on FB for a while.
Zane is currently incarcerated in the
Tarrant County Detention Center

Mr "Goodguy" got sentenced to 1 year
for assaulting an elderly woman, and
his kids, have been adopted out to
a foster family.

Running from all his problems,
finally caught up to him!
He doesn't show in the inmates list, so...

You probably saw some old info, Guest.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHLc9kUDfBY      Zane is in Slab City. He went to Mad Mac's camp to see him but Mad Mac was on the phone and didn't answer the door.
I would rather hear about him having done something else with all this time, but whatevs.
How do we know Mad Mac is even telling the truth??

Can we even believe that guy?? Hasn't he said this before??

Probably just putting Zane's name/face in the vid for views.
Mad Mac said he talked to Zane at the ponderosa for five minutes then Zane tried to visit him but he was on an important call I was thinking it was bs but why out of the blue would he just come up with that unless Zane asked him to to throw people of track?we last seen him in Venice so slab city is a possibility.I truly hope he ain’t on the run as he coulda of almost done his time by now and could be a free man if he is on the run I’d say there will be no more youtube for Zane which is a shame for us but maybe the best thing for him hope your well Zane and all the best?
If Zane was at the Slabs, everybody would be trying to get him on video for views.
(11-18-2021, 05:34 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: If Zane was at the Slabs, everybody would be trying to get him on video for views.

1000 Percent. If Zane was at the slabs we would have proof. I agree, Mad Mike is either using Zane's name for views or doing Zane a favor by spreading false trails.
Not if he is just popping in and out and if he is on the run I’m sure they would respect his privacy and not video him,who knows with Mac but it’s kinda out of now hey for him to use Zane for views after all this time there is something fishy about it all?
I think we need some proof of life...

David aka slab city news just interviewed a bloke from the slabs called waterboy and he said Zane was at the slabs so I’m going to say it’s true he was or may even be still there or close by anyways that’s 2 people saying he was there
He is in Prison for jumping bond. And he plead not guilty.
His offences were not that serious but as he fled it made them worse.
He wont cop a plea. Probably cos he innocent.
Look at the 2 mugshots of him online. One is from 2016 when he had an OWI.
Driving stoned.
That is when his life went down the tubes the poor fucka.
His wife diagnosed with cancer same time. I feel for the bro.

The other was when he was arrested for the evil grandmother thing.
She an Evil Demon.

We will see Zane again but not yet, not yet.
maybe granny thinks zane killed his wife by adding so much stress so anyway granny can 'kill' Zanes existence is life sweet revenge for her

no good can come from in-laws that's why it says in the Bible to snatch up your wife and take her far away from her family

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