Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader
funny :D

oh yeah for sure he is such an Aries
Ive always found the aries men to be more feminine than the women, almost borderline gay in the way the bitch n moan lol

yeah me either, its always 3rd party this, 3rd party that
I dont care about love readings, Im all about the general or career stuff
Yeah every time I hear the third party shit I roll my eyes because it literally never applies to me.

And I gotta wonder about the readers who assume a lot of third party shit is going on...

I guess it applies to ALOT if you go by the comments section

"so true, he got his baby mama pregnant"
Straight up Maury shit in the comments

Peoples’ comments on tarot videos crack me THE FUCK up.

They’ll tell the whole dirty story right there, unsolicited LMFAO.

I try to refrain from commenting on tarot vids, and if I do I’m usually just complimenting the reader.

Yeah Rich has been dethroned as the hottest dude tarot reader ever...

Dethroned as fuck.

Hardcore dethroned.

I’ll keep the thread title the same because...

Being ‘woke’ is a lot more important than being ‘hot’.


Yeah there’s a clear winner here and it ain’t Rich.

Hopstarot has him beat most importantly on personality and humbleness.

Rich is an uppity judgemental douche...

This Hopstarot guy is chill and he’s honest but he’s not coming at it from an uppity place.

I think he’s said a lot by shaving his head and going for a purposely less superficial aesthetic...

Not that he was ever superficial, but that without all the impossibly good looking dressing up, you can see who he really truly is, and that’s how you’re introduced to him.

So to find out that he’s like... impossibly good looking is just a bonus.

I really like that guy... I’m not perving on him or anything, it’s not like that.

I just had to set the record straight about who’s REALLY the hottest dude tarot reader ever.
It’s like...

Rich literally isn’t even hot compared to this dude.

No offense.

And he’s been doing tarot longer than Rich.


But see how fast the scene changes?

Mere months ago Rich was on a meteoric rise as the hottest dude tarot reader we knew of...

But after a series of wank choices brought his vibe all weird and low...

Things were kinda capped.

Rich has also proven himself to be closed minded and resistant about the shortcomings of his own operation (i.e. the mods being too heavyhanded etc.) which also stifles his progress.

Meanwhile, people like Hops have been flying under the radar, being good and being effective...

Just so they can pop up out of nowhere and own everything. And rightfully so.
That Hopstarot guy gets mad superchats too.

He’s got this baller system down with his livestreams...

People will give him a shitload of money just to have his attention.

Because he’s soothing and just generally attractive, the bitches dig that.

They like those sensitive, sensual dudes.

I mean I don’t know that those kinda dudes are my personal preference... but I’m not really a normal chick.

I can see this Hopstarot guy is set to blast off into the stratosphere though, he’s done everything right.

He’s consistent, makes things look nice, tries to work on himself, tries to be humble, he’s sincere...

It can be hard to get momentum going, even when you’re shockingly good looking and friendly, it’s like it almost stuns people more than some asshole like Rich running around from woman to woman.

It takes longer to get off the ground while people are all weirded out and stunned by your perfection.

So in the meantime people like Rich take the spotlight for their 15 minutes of fame...

But ultimately that almost destructive kind of energy that attracts people at first ends up either fizzling out or repelling people and the opposite effect starts taking place instead... rather than being attracted, people get repelled.

Because the dynamics change, don’t they... I mean look at astrology itself as an example of this.

Conditions were perfect months ago for Rich to get to where he is. But conditions have changed and something else is emerging.

To be honest, I think Rich is becoming a much better reader.
Thank you for this informative, insightful, and hilarious thread. Did I spend my morning reading all 39 pages? Yes I did. And I regret nothing.
Stumbled upon the youtube tarot community a few months ago. Rich is compelling at first, I can see why ladies might ignore the red flags. I definitely do not think he is an honest person and hides a lot behind his folksy charm. I find the way the he treats some of his superchatters to be very offputting. "Thanks for the money, who cares what your name is. I can't see the comments very well or pronounce names unless I feel like it." lol
I was gonna suggest Hops Tarot but I see you're on top of things.
--yet another guest
Wow, the whole thread in one morning?!


Heck of a read!!!


Hops Tarot has been rocking my world hard lately...

He’s so on point.

He also has a thread:

I wasn’t sure how I felt about him at first...

But now my main thought about him is that he’s absurdly, insanely beautiful and I wonder what it’s like to be that beautiful and perfect.
"I definitely do not think he is an honest person and hides a lot behind his folksy charm."

Yep, I agree, yet another guest! Rich has always reminded me of my former neighbor, who can be all talkative & friendly & charming with downright strangers but those of us who really know him, know what lies beneath.

I've been wondering why he took such a nasty turn recently when one of his subscribers dared express disappointment with his moderators. His angry response to her was totally uncalled for; it was like blasting a bug with a shotgun. Is this the real Rich coming out after his latest tumultuous breakup?

As for his becoming a better tarot reader, my thoughts are if he has, its partly due to his current living situation, staying with his friend the highly-developed intuitive who acts as a mentor. Plus having no sexual relationship/female at the moment helps him focus instead of dividing his energy. Though it is an angry energy (maybe even bitter?) which still somewhat puzzles me. I'm curious what exactly is fueling his anger, besides maybe his latest disappointing relationship.
Hey! Sabrina here! Lol 
I remembered Rich telling me about this thread when we lived together & I looked it up. I read the entire thing. Was interesting & entertaining. :)
That ain’t exactly what I’d expect you to say after reading it but damn...

I’ll take it.

Admittedly I’m on a road trip/vacation of epic and biblical proportions right now so I’ve been unable to watch or commentate on any YouTube videos...

I’ve actually been busy making my own.

But I hope Rich is doing well, and I’ve not checked out his or your channel in sometime, but I think you both belong on YouTube and should continue to share.

As for the relationship with Rich, our paths cross for a while and then they diverge... it is what it is. And sometimes things don’t end on the best note. All you can ever hope for with that is neutrality. No hard feelings, but no residual feelings that distract you from moving on either.

I wish everybody the best.
why no new posts about rich
Have you seen Ant? You may think hes quite schmick. But Ally omfg wanna eat her boobs lol
Im sorry MO but ally her boobs omfg I wanna eat em I messaged her and she ignore me lol

Gotta admit, Rich still makes me wanna fuck.
And by "fuck" I mean "bang"...


Super hard.


I wonder if Rich DOES bang hard?

Like he is a slow and sensual lover or does he straight up plow that shit?

LMFAOOO I fucking CANNOT imagine Rich having sex.

Truly. I fucking cannot imagine it.

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