Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader
I haven't looked in on Rich's channel in a long time...

Rich is always the same so that's pretty cool. I like people who are steady and don't change much...

And that's more a man quality than a woman quality.

Rich did the right thing sticking to the tarot because he's still pretty unique in the market since he's a non-ugly straight dude.

He should ride it as long as it lasts and try to save his money.
His readings neverrrrr resonate with me though.


Never have.

So that is why I don't watch him... he is speaking to a group of people I don't connect with.

His personal drama was super interesting for a time though. Thankfully, it's not anymore.
I know the drama is there, but it's behind the scenes. I think that leah he has working for him and watching his kids leaves him and then comes back lol. I feel that intuitively. They argue ALL THE TIME. He's changed a thousand times right along with his lovers. He doesn't show his Trump lover side as much as he used to considering he was wrong about that stuff, too. Prophecy isn't his thing to me. I think he lost followers after that bs. Calling himself woke and he's talking about trump like he's the second coming smh. The readings don't resonate with me anymore either. That was years ago, but his persona was different back then now he's some fake guru that acts like he has it all figured out. I'm glad the universe sent those kids and all those financial responsibilities right to him and they'll humble him behind the scenes. I love to stay tuned because it's a shit show. Him and this happy suburban life persona is so not in his character from I've gathered. a mess! lol

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