Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader

I've been like REALLY tempted to talk some pervy shit about Rich again lately.

Like, I dunno, I've been resisting the urge and I'm gonna continue to resist.

But dang it if the ol' wheel of existence just never stops spinning around...

I always come back around to guys I used to be hot on and usually I don't feel ANYTHING anymore.

With Rich, it's different though... he's just so dang likable and so great looking, and I just can't help but think he's fine as hell.
Years later, he's still a unicorn in Tarotland...

Crazy hot, arrow straight, and a damn good fucking reader.

And really, he'll never lose.

I thought the momentum was gonna drop off for him, years back...

I didn't foresee that there would still be so few insanely hot straight guy tarot readers.

Kinda like the Peace Dealer was talking about lately...

There should be so many more dudes getting into astrology, reading tarot, etc., but they don't because I guess they're still too scared of all the stereotypes.

Can't blame 'em, but it is a shame.
I hope Rich really is happy... he deserves it so much. He is a great fella.
1:20 I mean...

Rich is so hot, it's fucking retarded.

It's absolutely retarded.

And I'm just not sorry for saying it again.

It's been like years since I've talked some perv shit about Rich, for one thing.

For another thing, this isn't even perv talk. It's just the damn truth.
He's a walking thirst trap, and this is why I can't stand people who call me 'thirsty'...

It's like, fuck yeah I'm thirsty, fuck you.

What're you not even human or something?

You do realize lust/desire is totally normal, right?

Like, you DO realize that being HONEST about your fucking feelings is more respectable than bottling them up, NEVER telling ANYONE the truth, and then having that manifest in weird diseases and other problems, right?

Joke's on you TBH...

Cuz for me, at least I let it all out, I don't keep it inside, and therefore, I don't suffer.

I thirst and pine, but I don't suffer. I'm free.
2:30 lmao he's talking about stalking, right out of the gate...

I knew I needed to watch this video!
I don't really remember what the fuck Rich's placements are, but there's Virgo energy out the fucking wazoo in every direction...

I can relate to that a lot since I have a Virgo (Leo cusp) moon.

I really like the fall decor in the background, and I dig the coffeemaker with the cups back there, that's pretty cool. Gives it an officey vibe, but it's very comfortable and nice.

I'm sure a lot of that is due to Leah, she's badass with the order and the structure. I like her a lot, I'm stoked they are such a great power couple.
Rich is definitely the manliest dude tarot reader I've ever seen, to date.

That said, I do not keep up with newcomers on the scene... whatsoever.

There may be other crazy hot straight dude tarot readers out there that I know nothing about.

I'd go looking, but pft. What am I gonna search?? "Straight dude tarot reader"??

Like come on.

I keep stressing the straightness aspect of it because there are a lot of epically hot gay dude tarot readers...

That's not really special. It's common.

Rich is remarkable because he's uncommon.
As a fan, just curious what you think about them creating a go fund me for their honeymoon?

I think getting married is probably a mistake to begin with, but that's not personal toward Leah and Rich.

Hmmm, it looks like it's a site called "HoneyFund" where they're making it a thing to fund people's honeymoons, looks kinda like the same idea behind getting people presents at weddings.

The page kinda explains they're using the site because they're not having a standard shower or wedding gift party or anything like that.

All in all it's fine... I've seen people do worse shit. The internet is petty and likes to whine just to hear itself, so people probably won't let them live it down for a year or so.

I like 'em and I hope they have a nice wedding, a nice marriage, and that it lasts for 'em.

Seems like Rich is much too hard on himself in every single way.

2:45 I think that if he's not at peace just sitting and relaxing and enjoying...

Then there's something amiss, something not quite right that he can't put his finger on.

And as with most other things in life, it's probably within himself...

I think it's an inability to truly love and accept himself, something like that.

Who knows what Rich's story is...

He didn't exactly come from easy beginnings. Perhaps he was hurt by others early on, and maybe that warped his expectations and general feelings about himself.

I really don't know, but he definitely needs to get on a fast track to loving himself completely and truly, he deserves it so much... everyone does.

I just know that if you can't be content "doing nothing" besides enjoying comfort (after all, didn't you work for that comfort Rich??) then there's a problem within that is blocking that relaxation and reward, and telling him that he can't do that or it's not good enough.

There's an issue, that's all I'm saying. And it's probably stemming from something really deep rooted in Rich's life. It's time to let it go and allow true peace.
3:30 the thing is, I can relate to what he's saying. Like yes, we're always transforming, becoming different versions of ourselves. There's nothing wrong with that, there's nothing misguided about that. HOWEVER...

If you're seeking to become a different person because you're trying to run from that thing you always encounter (and can't face) when you're supposed to be relaxing and experiencing peace...

Then you're never gonna outrun that. It'll always be there waiting no matter who you become.

We can change a lot on the outside, we can change a lot on the inside... but BEYOND the inside, there is our core, and it never changes.

If at some point in our lives, we were wounded to the CORE... it's gonna have to be faced and healed at some point.
I also think there's something Rich wants to do that he's not doing. Maybe he feels like he can't do it because of his life situation, his career, whatever. Or maybe it's none of that, and it's simply that it's something "too different" from anything he's ever done before or anyone he's ever been before.

Rich really is a great dude... I just hope he lets loose and becomes free WITHIN. I hope he gets past whatever it is, and he is just able to love himself purely and totally. I hope he's able to see himself as so worthy of that love. I hope this for everyone.

Well said, amen!!!
Congrats and blessings to everyone waking up...

Welcome to your new life, welcome to our new world...

Group Hug

What he's describing makes a lot of sense if you've ever "seen the air" like I talked about in this thread:

"Can you see the air?"

(02-28-2018, 10:49 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: It looks like this:

Only more colorful, less opaque, and in more clearly defined streams.

(02-28-2018, 11:00 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: The streams in the air sorta look like CMEs...

Has that same kinda 'flow'...

Hard to find good examples.

(09-23-2019, 12:31 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Looks like magnetic fields...

Probably is since we live in an electric universe.

So essentially, what Rich is saying lends some credence to my theory about it being magnetic fields.

The currents aren't just "the air", they're sort of magnetic fields being 'blown around' in the air, or rather, the force that manifests itself as the air or the wind in our dimension.

I think it's nice that Rich finds such an important teacher figure in Case...

About a million years ago, I watched the heck out of Case's videos and thought his message was absolutely incredible.

This was my favorite of his videos that I watched, I made its own thread...

"I Was Accepted Into The Most Cutting Edge Virtual Reality Experience!!!"

Such an important profound message, here's the link on YouTube...

While I do think Case is great, I also think Rich should just keep in mind the old adage "Don't meet your idols"...

Not that he idolizes Case, but I do think he looks up to him in a really big way. If I'm not mistaken, I think Rich is a Dragon on the Chinese zodiac, apologies if I'm wrong. But I've known other Dragon folks who were such precious people, and really met life with a passion and intensity that most others couldn't come close to. I did notice however that a lot of them had that tendency to sort of put huge importance on people who, for the sake of simplicity, we could call "idols" to them.

I just think it's sort of a place to have caution... sometimes people are a lot better in our minds than they could ever be in reality, and that's not their fault. It's not our fault either. It's just sort of human nature to build things/people/places that we love up to such an idealistic standard that reality can't match... because really, that vision was formed in our imaginations, not in reality to begin with.

So anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that Rich shouldn't view himself as a subordinate to Case in any way, because he's not. Rich is a big deal and as he builds his own legacy, he'll just be more and more powerful... I don't want to see him looking to anybody like they're above him.

Hey, you know me... always expressing my pesky ol' views and opinions, but that's what we all do to one extent or another.
i got my first tarot deck recently. shuffled for a while and then checked bottom card and then top card. the devil on the bottom, king of swords on top. seems like a good deck.

extra bold color, black border rider-waite.
Niiice, zenba, oh my gosh!!!

I personally LOVE to shuffle cards, it feels so good.

I love breaking in a new deck by shuffling it for a really long time.

When you're shuffling just for the heck of it, you can read whatever cards kinda jump out at you and they also read the energy and tell the story of the moment or whatever's on your mind at the time, too.

So many ways to read the cards, enjoy!!!

4:16 my heart honestly melted when Rich referred to himself as a father, #1 foremost and above all...

That shows what great character he really has. The whole message of this video is really important, Rich is offering up information about 'law of attraction' in a very boiled down way, stripped of any and all BS. I like this sort of 'series' that he's been doing about it lately.

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