Full Version: Frank Tufano: Exposing the Vegan Conspiracy
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(01-18-2020, 01:53 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]


(01-18-2020, 01:55 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]The medical industry is a fucking horrorshow, nightmare, shitshow fucking failure.

13:38 they only give people haldol when they're literally trying to kill them...

That's what they give people in hospice.

They fully expected this woman to die and it sounds like they were trying to help her along.

It's really sad she had to go through all that shit.

16:13 dear Jesus.

I can hardly even with this fucking video.

Damn man... so sad. Jeez.

Good Lord.



@ 6:30 , c-section that explains Frankies kinda softie demeanor ,make up etc.
they say you need the trauma of going through the birth canal to kinda grow up
23:28 amen.
(01-18-2020, 02:08 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]@ 6:30 , c-section that explains Frankies kinda softie demeanor ,make up etc.
they say you need the trauma of going through the birth canal to kinda grow up

They hardly let anyone be born naturally anymore.

I think it's terrible.

I'm grateful I was born naturally.

Frankie is the shit.
LOL... I just clicked on that video and decided to take a quick look over here to see if anything was new.

I'm here for Frankie ripping Mikhaila Peterson. She's gone way too slutty lately and she's even posting doctored pics to her Insta. Looks like he might have even gotten plastic surgery on her lips.
Plus, Mikhaila is a stripper name no matter how you spell it.


So tired of actors making statements, what a joker. If he just humbly said he was vegan i could respect that
This is why the Elite's plan to slowly poison the population will create/has already created a new race of superhumans.

LOL Frankie is so funny!

1:54 I wonder how long she's been vegan... if it's been a few years, you can be sure that's why her fertility is so terrible. Fertility starts to drop SOOOOOO hard after 30 anyway, add the total systemic depletion of all nutrients due to veganism on top of that and it's a miracle any of them ever get pregnant.

6:30 Frankie's so right... total fucking propaganda, I'm disgusted by people who fall for that shit, and there have been people I really liked who have fallen for it. So sad and dumb. Still like 'em, but let's face it, we got nothing in common.

8:25 lmao Frankie.

10:40 he's right.

12:09 lol.

16:55 it does look totally fucking nasty.
Nice lookin' gal. It's a shame she's gonna wreck her looks and health
with a terrible fad "diet".

So I guess nudes of Frankie got released or something.

Oo la la, that shit must look good!!!



I don't give a fuck where he's coming from with this video...

The title and the thumbnail are fail and he's part of the problem at this point.

An antimalarial drug treats the worst cases of COVID19 with a quickness, but I guess people just don't want a simple solution huh?

Governors are already banning chloroquine as a treatment in some states... they want people to die.

If you're DYING from CV complications, it's worth the risk of taking some prescribed chloroquine... period. Anyone who argues against that is a fucking idiot.

Frankie fucked up here. He fed into MSM style fear and misinformation and it doesn't matter what his ultimate argument is... people take things at face value and what he delivered at face value here is sheer fuckin' disease.


face it you were just waiting for an excuse to unsubscribes frank after his nudes
Those malaria drugs are known for having bad side effects.

People would rather risk getting malaria than take the malaria durgs.
In one of Frank's livestreams he called David Icke controlled opposition.

David Icke says a lot of right on shit.

But then he CLASSICALLY throws a giant red herring into the mix just to save his life and decrease threat level.

Icke's #1 red herring is the moon being fake.
Thing is, I'm not saying there isn't anything strange about the moon...

I'm just saying HIS theory (which is totally fabricated anyway) is wrong.
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