Full Version: Frank Tufano: Exposing the Vegan Conspiracy
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(08-30-2019, 02:31 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]imagine all the bugs living in her hair

Well if there are then she should be eating them for nutrition at this point because any little bit is gonna help.
(08-30-2019, 01:47 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]

These emaciated pregnant vegans are depressing as shit.

4:15 look at how bony her chest is.

She said she is "intermittent fasting", basically only eating between 1-5PM. She said she sometimes eats outside of that timeframe though.

It's just insane to me because NOWHERE IN NATURE would you be able to find THAT MUCH FRUIT and vegetables to eat on a regular basis.

Veganism is a mental illness.
Veganism is definitely part of the transhumanism agenda.
Which is so ironic since it's supposedly all about being natural... sounds like some mindfuckery TPTB would come up with.


mo i dreamed about us holding hands and traveling to the southwest in our supersized campervan . We joined a vegan cult and i had to offer your body to the dear leader for entrance fee. Sorry darling it made me sad and jealous and i had bad thiught upon awakening
That sounds wonderful!

Group Hug

Frankie is right you know.

Oh man I'm sorry but that thumbnail is NOT attractive.
I mean what is he even eating in that thumbnail??

It looks mostly red but then it's brown on one side??

It looks nasty as all out pure and total fuck...

Usually his nice body makes up for it, but not this time.


i think frank has gone over the edge and needs a normal stable female to balance his meat eating insanity . but honestly what woman would put up with all his pretty boy stuff ? its like when i think about living with a supermodel i think it would just stress me out living with such a critical ,perfection type personality

don't get me wrong he is interesting and entertaining
Yeah, if he's as hard on other people as he is on himself about ridiculously meaningless physical features that no one would ever notice, much less give a fuck about then...

He'd be a total nightmare to live with.

0:40 the one on the left just looks better...

The one on the right would look good if you knew grilled fat tasted delicious.

1:44 if we had a dime for every time we've seen Frankie sniff some meat.


6:30 looks like Frankie grills some damn good steak.

7:40 FUCK that looks good.

10:02 ooo I like seeing Frankie finger stroke that pink meat!!!


12:34 fuck yeah... the fat is the best part, fucking delicious.

Frankie is definitely amazing as what he does.
For a long time now I've thought this whole thing with wagyu beef is kinda
bullshit. Trendy, elitist-hipster bullshit. Sure, the actual quality is probably significantly
better than the cheap grocery store stuff but there's NO FUCKING way
it's "good enough" to justify the price. No fucking way at all.

Not slamming Frankie, just pointing out an observation.
idk i dream of eating a 16oz wagyu nice side dish and a cold beer off the belly of one of mo's instagram ladies she introduced me to

One of Frankie's best videos ever.
I think this kid needs to eat more meat , emotional train wreck !

She's a fucking radical.

What a freakish weirdo part to be forced to play...

The people putting her in this role should be so fucking ashamed...

But of course they're sick, soulless fucks who don't care about anyone or anything.
(09-22-2019, 11:55 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]

One of Frankie's best videos ever.

Agreed! I like it when people come with the multi-level awareness.

Pretty good takedown of the Jaden Smith vegan wasting syndrome situation.
It's an eating disorder like any other eating disorder...

Slaughters your health just the same.
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