It's time to watch Columbo...
Columbo's first name...

Lt. Frank Columbo, it's a good fit.

They never officially spoke or wrote it in the script of the show though... they didn't want him to have a known first name.
My all time favorite Columbo episode is "Ransom For a Dead Man".

It has Lee Grant in it, and she's CRAZY hot...

There were two pilots for Columbo and this was the second.
Season 1 - Episode 4 - "Suitable For Framing"

0:50 whoooa, OMG okay, that was uncalled for. The fuck is that guy's problem?!

I like how it makes out like all the paintings are watching OMG that's lit!

1:35 this is some weird, unique music... I really like it.

6:00 I can't believe she's on board with this, who cares that much about art and belongings?!

11:00 wow these people are obnoxious.

17:30 LOL this guy's sooooo much more upset about the paintings even though a guy got shot. What an idiot, ROFL.

21:50 I feel like Columbo just immediately knows who the killer is as soon as he walks into a place.

25:38 this parking dude is hot as hell, super sexy voice too.

29:16 that chick is wearing a bitchin' outfit, check out the righteous flare legged pants and pink scarf tied in the hair.

31:51 LOL Columbo cracks me the hell up.

35:25 NIPPLES MUCH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

36:10 he's totally gonna kill this chick isn't he?

Agh, dude this guy sucks.

38:00 LOL I'd love to come home and find Columbo waiting for me!!!

39:00 I just can't believe the guy actually brought the shit back to his house.

43:30 being overly rude is NOT a good idea, he's sooo triggered.


46:55 LOL.

47:30 LOL this guy totally underestimates Columbo... he's had it figured out from the beginning.

49:06 Peter Falk is such a fuckin' hottie.

51:12 LOOOL this lady is my spirit animal.

56:00 this woman plays the perfect crazy old well meaning rich lady.

1:00:30 "I know what you're thinking, Lieutenant"... LOLOL you really, really don't.

1:13:55 agh, wow, that's fucking brilliant.
Season 13 - Episode 5 - "Columbo Likes the Nightlife"

This is the very last episode of Columbo, filmed in 2003.

I have seen this episode once before, and I remember being apprehensive about it... I figured they probably screwed it all up, since everything new basically sucks. However I recall being pleased with it and enjoying it very much.

0:40 this dude's pretty hot, he looks familiar. And I'm not even saying because I've seen this episode before either, he looks personally familiar.

I had never seen these newer episodes until a few years ago... they only ever played the old episodes (70s, 80s) as re-runs when I was a kid.

3:50 ah that guy had it comin'.

I like this bitch's hair, she kinda looks like Scarlett Johansson.

6:30 I don't get why they're not just gonna call the police, it was self-defense.

8:20 I think the music is pretty groovy too, and I'm picky about that kinda shit, especially when it's something really special like Columbo. It's a mix between great and horribad, which is totally perfect.

I think they did the best they were capable of with this episode considering it was 2003 and things had gone far and fast to shit after the late '90s.

12:30 I mean these two are digging themselves into a super deep hole and I feel like they're not even on drugs.

16:00 TBH I think this guy's excited about killing this dude, I mean he seems kinda bored otherwise, I think he's pretty amped.

17:25 this guy is so dumb, you can't just bring a random bimbo into the middle of some shit like this, it's not safe for either party. I wouldn't have written that into the script if I were them, it serves no purpose.

Ooooo! Stranglin' though! A struggle ensues! Man this is the biggest struggle in any Columbo episode ever I'm pretty sure! Most of 'em get knocked off way quieter!

21:45 damn dude I hope that guy got everything before he left!

23:00 here comes Columbo. He's 76 in this episode and still totally on point... still perfect.

26:50 LOL this guy doesn't understand Columbo's genius reasoning and hunches.

28:30, ah, mouthwash.

29:35 how do people see ANYTHINGGGGG when they're dusting for prints? I don't get it. At all.

31:40 Columbo said "dude"... OMG. OMG.

32:42 LMFAOOO WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!? At least SOMEBODY'S high as fuck!!!!!!!! Dancing silently with no music though? That's gotta mean something.

34:43 I agree with Columbo on this. I'd probably projectile vomit the minute I walked into that place.

35:45 over 30 years (on and off) playing this character... just amazing.

42:30 LOLOL chick has excellent taste.


53:31 cute smile.


59:15 - 59:36 LOL :)

1:15:00 LOL, Columbo's got this fuckin' guy and he's sooo mad.

1:21:00 LOL I love that Columbo just comes up in here and crashes this party... "Ya gotta be quiet." Greatest shit ever.

This was an excellent episode.
(01-15-2019, 03:06 AM)MO Wrote: 17:25 this guy is so dumb, you can't just bring a random bimbo into the middle of some shit like this, it's not safe for either party. I wouldn't have written that into the script if I were them, it serves no purpose.

Obviously in retrospect it makes sense to the plot, I see that now.
Season 3 - Episode 2 - "Any Old Port In A Storm"

Oooo, I forgot this episode has Donald Pleasence's fine ass in it, OMG.

Of course I know him best as Loomis from the Halloween movies, wherein of course he was very sexy.

1:25 - 1:37 LOOOOOOL ownedddddd. Embarrassing thouuuugh.

Did he just say "I have a superb plant breathing in my office"?!? He better be talking about some whacky weed!!!

I think Donald Pleasence is an amazing actor. His eyes are pretty amazing too.

8:00 well if there's one thing you can say about this guy, it's that he's dedicated to wine!!!

12:00 man what in the hell in this guy doing??? Is he just gonna leave him there?? I really don't get it.

Wow, I can't believe he really just left the fucking guy there, like what the hell??

18:45 ooo, this old dude who just bid $4K is hot as fuck, I wanna date a hotass old dude like that.

20:00 Peter Falk looks particularly handsome in this episode. It's rare to see him in any episode before a stiff has been found.

22:22 LOL this guy is crazy as shit.

28:50 check out that groovy babe!!!

29:17 '70s style is the best.

30:30 check out this hotass blonde dude... he looks like a dog or something. I mean that in the best way though.

39:40 they play Yankee Doodle in A LOT of these episodes in one way or another... that's really strange to me.

It sounds like the Barney and Friends theme song...

Which is supposedly based off Yankee Doodle...

But in my opinion it doesn't sound like Yankee Doodle, it sounds like the Barney theme song, which totally confuses me.

The pretty blonde in this episode actually has a very interesting story...

Quote:She began presenting horoscope reports on Los Angeles in 1973, and was the official astrologer for Twentieth Century Fox Studios, suggesting the most astrologically favorable dates for movie openings, including Star Wars on May 25, 1977. She was the official astrologer for the Los Angeles Dodgers as well as a media consultant to the Ford Motor Company on the launch of the Ford Taurus.

Interesting, interesting, interesting...


49:45 I'm sure it's in a museum somewhere, but I'd love to have Columbo's coat.

51:29 look at that bitchin' light switch.

52:07 what the heck is that pretty pink flower thing in his pocket?? I must have missed something.

58:15 TBH Donald Pleasence is pretty creepy.

1:09:10 she's lying, she totally knows he killed that guy. Wonder why she'd try to cover for him??

1:13:40 that almost got awkward.

1:17:30 seems like this is one of the only episodes where he talks about having kids, but I could be wrong.


1:27:02 - 1:27:20 wow man this guy is such an idiot.

1:31:33 - 1:31:52 damn das coooooold.

Definitely a great episode.
I guess they're concluding the "Columbo experiment" since a lot of the channels which had uploaded pirated episodes have been terminated. There are a few still left but probably not for long.
Season 1 - Episode 1 - "Murder By The Book"

I consider this the third episode of the series in light of the two monumentally epic "pilot" episodes which came before it.

This is a great episode, I'm excited to see it again.

It's interesting because as we know, later there was another episode ("Try And Catch Me") featuring a murder story author.

0:54 check out this bitchin' view of the parking area... look at all the spaces with the stains on them, lot of leaky cars back then eh?

1:05 I wonder what it'd be like to be a man with big sexy hands.

1:30 look at this guy toiling away, about to get straight up murdered.

4:00 this guy in the blue shirt is totally hot, my kinda dude right there, look how sexy.

8:40 it's so sad how into him this chick is.

9:36 this lady is waaay too nosy.

10:50 I don't like this dude at all.

I hate it when the victim is so much hotter than the perp and then we have to watch the perp for the rest of the episode, what kinda shit is that.

11:05 wow they be gettin' all deep and esoteric with this episode.

14:36 LOL that classic line though!

15:00 tardass young people who watch these shows must be so confused about the storylines because caller ID wasn't a thing back then.

16:45 God this show is fucking amazing. I feel bad for this chick it's so sad.

17:55 honest to God, Columbo is like an angel. Maybe that's why they had him play an angel (kinda) in Wings of Desire...

One of the greatest movies of all time.

19:18 what are they trying to do, make the ladies' panties wet?? Mine would be wet if I was wearing any.

20:25 God I wanna make sweet love to Columbo.

20:55 how does he ALREADY KNOW the other guy killed him?? LOLOL.

21:50 this wife lady is charming as fuck.

22:33 his glass eye is a fucking trip, God what a gorgeous man.

24:30 did he really just ask the guy's distraught wife for a fuckin' drink?? This guy is trash.

I hate it when the perps get all uppity with Columbo too, they make themselves seem sooo guilty.

28:07 OMG what the fuck was that totally insane high pitched sound??

28:54 I'll take Peter Falk at any age, but right here... he looks perfect, just perfect.

29:22 LOOOL that's the most unsettlingly dissatisfactory response you NEVER wanna get from Columbo.

I just looked it up and apparently Peter Falk was 5'6"... I feel like I've posted that before, but I couldn't find it. He's a shining example of why I love short dudes. Some sources say he was 5'8" though.

39:00 OMG this lady. LMAO. Yikes.

39:50 LMFAOOO OMG, this lady's got him by the balls now, bwahahahahahahahahaha! He deserves it so much!

44:10 FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That's... a ridiculously low price even for the 70s, like WTF.

Steven Spielberg directed this episode, apparently...

Interesting article of little known Columbo trivia.

Oh wow, this article says that Peter Falk supplied Columbo's wardrobe, and when asked if the coat was in a museum somewhere, he replied that it was in his closet!

49:35 ah God! Those dreaded phone records!

Apparently Peter Falk adlibbed a lot in the show as well, which makes sense and explains the atmosphere of realness about the show... also further goes to support my theory that a lot of actors aren't "acting", they're just being themselves.

52:55 you definitely can't... LMFAOLOLOL.

53:20 LOL, swimming with the fishes!

1:03:34 that's a nice fuckin' table right there.

The typewriter sound effects in the music at the end is pretty clever.
Season 5 - Episode 6 - "Last Salute to the Commodore"

Now this episode was a real oddity. Not a favorite among viewers. And I believe it was this episode which I always thought was so bizarrely and inexplicably sexual. You'd think I wouldn't mind that, since it was Peter Falk, but there was something oddly unsettling about it. Let's see if I can figure anything out or if this is even the episode I'm remembering.

1:45 wow these people are unbelievably obnoxious.

3:55 wow this guy fucking hatessss these people.

13:30 see right off the bat there's something... quietly sexual about Columbo in this episode. It's sooo confusing y'all. Sooo confusing.

15:20 I mean I wonder if he was on drugs or something, WTF!?!

19:40 LMFAO this is a funny scene.

There's just a lot of touching and closeness between Columbo and the other people in this episode.

It's just very unusual.

24:00 SEE!?!?!?!?!?! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31:00 what a bizarre episode. I wonder what the hell was going on astrologically when this was filmed.

34:30 LOLOL.

38:13 SEE!?!?!?!?!?!?! SEEEEE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? What the fuck is WITH this EPISODE?!?!?!?!? The way he leans in to her and says, "Have a nice meditation"... I mean that was totally sexual, look how he's looking at her and how close he is to her. WTF!!!

The hell was going on in 1976?? LOL. I really need to look into this because this episode has perplexed me for YEARS.

38:55 and look at that... I mean that's practically bondage. He's sitting there on the couch with his arm around the guy and the phone cord around the dude. Like it's "funny" and all, but in light of all the other bizarre touching and closeness in the episode, it's just VERY sexually awkward. I don't get it at all, I just don't understand why it's like this.

And this is the only episode that is like this, I've seen them all. Except for one other episode, "Dead Weight"...

This one had an odd scene if I remember correctly, with Columbo crouching down on a pier or something, with his legs all spread open, it was awkward as fuck. I'm pretty sure I remember Suzanne Pleshette being in that scene.

Check this shit out... is a thing...

Wow. Holy mackerel.


That is fucking amazing. It's a couple of dudes, basically commentating on this episode. Doing what I do, except they're talking.

How very fucking interesting.

I was definitely born in the right century.

51:36 see, now they're even straight up talking and giggling about ass.

1:00:15 WOOOOWWWWW that plot twist thouuuughhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait a damn minute... did she literally kill that dude and that other dude covered for her?!?!?!?!?!?

1:08:00 this chick would be pretty hot if she wasn't drunk and hysterical.


1:17:40 "I'm just a huge naked statue in the background, don't mind me!" More sexual undertones in this episode.

1:22:00 she's right about that, he was pretty damn fuckin' hot.

The whodunnit scene ran on a lil too long, but other than that it was a good plot.

The only thing that makes it weird is all the incredibly bizarre sexual undertones.

1:33:00 and the Yankee Doodle thing AGAINNNN. Is that even Yankee Doodle?!?!?


It's called "THIS OLD MAN"...


And why is Columbo WHISTLING IT ALL THE TIME!?!?!?!

I'm fucking shook y'all, what does it all mean??

Quote:The children's show Barney & Friends used the song "I Love You" as its closing song and was sung to the tune of "This Old Man." In the television series Columbo, the title character often whistled the music to this song, generally when he was happy and closing in on a suspect.
I think somebody should do a spin-off webseries called "Columbro".
Season 5 - Episode 3 - "Identity Crisis"

2:30 dude oh my God... "Be seeing you." They went there. Just REALLY JUST WENT THERE. LOL, they used the classic line from "The Prisoner" which Patrick McGoohan starred in. LOL, that was priceless, let's be honest.

3:15 Banana Land, ROFL.

4:05 LMFAO they just did it again. ROFLROFL. Y'all. Stop. Come on. Pull yourselves together.

I find myself really enjoying this episode. I'm very immersed in the experience.

19:21 he says "You notice her eyes?" and then he either said "She's high" or "She's shy"...

According to that script site, it's the latter. But I dunno where they got their information from.

42:00 OMG it's the dude who played Larry on Bewitched!!!

1:05:20 damn those dudes are tall.

I gotta be honest, I've been multitasking for like a solid 20 minutes and I might have missed some shit, LOL.

1:06:41 the only people with more powerful badges than Columbo's!? Fuck that noise! I don't trust those fuckin' dudes! Their badges look boring as shit.

1:17:00 that's a damn nice room/couch area. Those orange pillows are fucking LIFEEE.

1:19:00 creeeeeepyyyyyyy.
Season 9 - Episode 1 - "Murder, A Self Portrait"

2:15 alright alright, enough of the dogs, can we get to the murder?

3:10 ROFL I thought he was gonna say "That's not my dog."

5:00 whoa this guy's a real a-hole!

7:00 this guy's crazy as shit!

8:30 I think they just poisoned him.

LOL this story is twisted!

14:30 pft I'd be leaving NOW.

16:20 LOL, gaslighting.

16:35 what DID he do?

I'll be so glad to see Columbo take this fucker down!

20:15 wow he's going to use this nice old bar guy to commit a murder? Pathetic.

26:45 WTF she didn't even move her arms... that was lame.


38:00 LOL acting like he forgot his questions, Columbo's fuckin' with this guy super hard!!!

40:20 this curly headed chick is spicy, I like it!

42:00 LOLOL Columbo's playing psych to a psych!

49:30 "I just bought it lastnight"... LOL, WTF.

54:00 pretty bitchin' dream sequence.

1:05:30 dude this lady's dreams are disturbing as shit.

1:07:00 LOL Columbo is playing and steering this guy so hard.

1:14:00 ROFLMAOOOOO they're leaving him for each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:15:30 "Ingrate! Tramp! MODEL!" ROFLMAOLOL that about sums it up, old sport...


1:17:17 great scene... love these dream sequences, very nicely done.
Season 12 - Episode 1 - "It's All in the Game"

You know what I find very strange? All those other episodes of Columbo had no less than 50K views, videos uploaded in early December 2018. Most of them are gone now. But this video uploaded in the same timeframe has only 400 views... 2 thumbs up, and no comments. Very, very odd.

0:15 now that's a van you could live in right there.

1:20 these two are obnoxious.

2:40 OMG don't let that bitch know you won ya fuckin' moron!!!

LOL I'm so happy for this guy OMG.

He better get those papers signed FAST.

5:30 this fucking guy should shut up... after so much said, the piece should sell itself.

6:50 whoa bro whoa, watch your self-talk!!!

8:00 the last thing you should ever do if you win the lottery is tell your skeazy uncle!!!

10:00 I mean okay okay listen... this fucking guy is being greedy. He should just finalize the divorce and THEN collect the money. And even if he had to give that bitch half of it if it wasn't possible to finalize the divorce beforehand, then what's the big deal? It's free money. He didn't have ANY of it before. Half of it is better than nothing. The mindless greed of humanity is sooo fucking astounding.

Ah see... the lottery was won before they divorced so even if he waits til after the divorce is finalized they're still gonna know by the dates. But he could just wait for a while and then lie and say he randomly found the winning ticket in a garbage can or something, like. Come on, there's gotta be a way around this... how solid is this plot?

11:50 like why the fuck is he trusting this guy, he's basically a fuckin' used car salesman. He's like the least trustworthy person ever... I'd trust a random homeless dude before I'd trust this fuckin' guy.

14:06 wow check it out... this scene is actually kind of amazing. Everyone starts pouring in from out of nowhere once they hear about the win. They're all chattering and someone's pet monkey (wearing a dress) even comes in and starts being annoying... that's a brilliant allegory symbolizing humanity's ravenous greed.

18:30 WTF he has a WIFE?? Talk about COMPLICATING THINGS.

20:00 I can tell this guy's got a brilliantly murderous scheme!!!

22:20 wow this guy's such an asshole. What's gonna happen to this poor monkey OMG.

25:35 dude this seriously sucks. Now he's gonna have water in the lungs.

I gotta say I take it back, dude's plan was balls.

26:50 whoa OMG WTF. Was she in on it??? WTF??

28:43 damn, this camera dude's hot as fuck.

29:25 wow this chick has horrible taste.

29:43 uh oh, Columbo's befriended the monkey... this guy's fucked.

29:56 back off bitch, he's mine!!!

40:48 ROFLROFLROFL I love him so much.

41:40 she just made him incredibly suspicious.

46:20 ah this guy is screwed.

50:20, 50:48 this bitch is kinky!!!

55:15 LOL I like this fruitloop hippie chick.

1:11:08 this bitch plays some fine piano.

1:15:46 "No? Nothin'?" LOLOL I bet this dude could crap his pants right now... this is one of my favorite interactions Columbo's ever had with any perp.

Great episode. Peter Falk looked amazing and very sexy... probably one of his most attractive episodes.
Season 11 - Episode 2 - "No Time To Die"

Wow this vid is hella low quality!


Whoa this bride chick is super hot, is that Jennifer Connelly?

Nah, it's some chick named "Joanna Going"... strange name.

God bless low quality for making people look better than they actually do.

WTF... what is Columbo doing at this wedding? LOL, nice story though.

I love the way we never see Mrs. Columbo... we can have him all to ourselves.

2:15 check out this Cindy chick's bitchin' orangey peachy dress.

2:55 ooo, this old Sheldon dude is pretty hot.

5:45 LOL marriage is so sad.

7:45 bro she just kissed that dude right on the mouth.

8:18 LMFAO it really fuckin' does feel strange, I agree. Awkward as shit, in fact.

9:00 *plops down on bed* "Agh, now I can finally let myself go!"

Wow this dude's shower singing is atrocious and annoying, I'd be having second thoughts!!!

9:35 dude's got a pretty nice widow's peak though, honestly that might kinda make up for it.

12:00 well this is what they get for taking a shower before they bang.

Who the fuck uses cotton balls for chloroform??? LOL.

30:15 OF COURSE it's the photographer guy!!! He probably feels like he never got his just dues for discovering her!!!

Ah. No. It's some random dude for sure.

33:30 I dunno, he sounds pretty nice TBH.

He sounds kinda hot.

LOL he's such a creepster! She better speak up.

I like the freaked out creepster angle better than the ransom angle.

41:06 this guy's pretty hot, not bad at all!

41:45 "She's in heaven, she's waiting for us!" ROFLMAOOO this fucking guy is a riot!!!

Awe this guy has such an interesting story!!!

57:30 even Columbo thinks the dude's pretty hot!!!

1:10:45 wow this bitch is being sooo slow walking around this dude's apartment... FIND A FUCKING WINDOW YOU TOTAL MORON.

1:13:25 "I'm already married"... ugh, God, can't you stop it with that shit!!! Play along with the fella FFS!!!

1:16:00 wow, he's a doctor and everything, WHAT A CATCH!!! Amirite thooouuugggghhh!!!?!?

1:18:50 eeewww, he's just a driver??? That sucks. He's at least 20% less hot now.

1:26:16 muwahahahaha niiiiiiice!!!
I wish I could be Columbo's wife. He's so great, I'm so obsessed.
Season 1 - Episode 7 - "Lady In Waiting"

I have a confession to make. I've seen this episode before. Like 3 times. But I'm watching it again. It's one of my favorite episodes.

0:00 gah, Columbo had some amazing music... what a great show. TV has NONE of these good qualities anymore. NONE.

1:00 uh oh, somebody's about to be a bad girl!

1:38 nice manicure, I wonder if those were really her hands. Like I dunno why they wouldn't be but I still wonder.

2:48 dude, her brother's kinda hot! I never noticed that before!

3:30 don't tell me she's doing this over a GUY?! WTF. LOL. See, this is great cuz I don't really remember that much of the plot.

3:45 he's just trying to help her out!

4:40 too bad she can't just date her brother! I like this guy!

5:36 bahahahaha I FUCKIN' LOVE the way they say "Charles" in that transatlantic accent... "Chaahlz".

5:40 not a suspicious line of questioning at all or anything.

6:10 this guy just LOOKS like an asshole. I'd rather have my brother!

6:50 *slaps the table* man I got some SHIT TO SAY ABOUT THIS SITUATION. Listen, I feel bad for this chick. Seriously. This poor chick's on nature's clock, at the mercy of her reproductive desires, time's all tickin' down and shit... she thinks she's bagged a good dude, she's wild for him and wants his seed. But her damn brother's standing in the way of her plans. It's sad AF. She really thinks she has no other choice than to straight up murder his ass!

7:20 oh yeah let's just turn the light off, that should make things easier, lmfaolololololololol.

9:50 that guy's REALLY not gonna wanna be with her once he finds out she killed somebody!!! WTF!!! I mean she obviously doesn't expect to get caught but still.

9:58 LMFAO at how she goes at that fucking chocolate man... this chick is not lamenting having to straight up murder her brother AT ALL!!!


12:06 listen to this crazy unsettling, eerie AF music OMG.

13:45 hold the fuckin' phone, pretty sure this guy isn't gonna BREAK THE FUCKING GLASS to get into the house. LMAOOOOOO!? Liiike. Come on. Wow.

Couldn't she just leave her door unlocked and he tries it and it just happens to be unlocked?? Will the alarm not kick in unless all the doors are locked?? I'm confused here.


16:26 seriously, this music is just amazing.

16:37 is this bitch STILL eating CHOCOLATE???

17:10 whoa I did NOT remember this AT ALL. Wonder how the fuck this is gonna play out?! I'm legit engrossed right now!

17:40 LMAO I can't believe she just killed him anyway. LMFAO. He's obviously so much more awesome than she is... it's really a shame!


18:25 lmfao wow, so many complications with this. Seriously.

She's gonna get caught for fucking sure!

19:00 oh shit man now she's freakin' out hard.

19:50 she better keester them keys!!!!!!!!!!

20:58 "No, not really" roflmfao what a perfect answer.

22:20 he's literally already got her.

24:16 I honestly pity this chick, I mean she did such a shoddy job with this whole murder thingy.

25:40 oh this lady is so screwed... this is so bad lmao. Murder is bad, mkay.

26:40 dude I seriously can't stand little dogs.

28:10 that door looks like a chocolate bar.

29:30 "So! You killed your brother!"

29:38 ouch... and her favorite of the two apparently.

30:20 I meeean, she really should have killed her mom too... what if her mom decided to disinherit her over KILLING HER FUCKING BROTHER and all?

33:20 that's a pretty nice cup.


40:55 God Peter Falk is so fine.

44:35 LMFAO "just delivered"... subtle much?

46:45 that chick is foxy!

47:10 ROFL he looks like he just stepped onto another planet.

47:50 "I guess you have to order those things weeks in advance?" LOL damn this lady is duuuumb. Gotta be one of the sloppiest murders in the series.

56:00 uh oh, he doesn't like her anymore!!!

58:40 well that whole thing was a big embarrassment! LMAO!

1:09:35 oh man this is powerful!

1:12:06 this is honestly kinda hot.

1:14:06 well played, Columbo... well played.
(01-14-2019, 04:07 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: My all time favorite Columbo episode is...

Season 1 - Episode 2 - "Ransom For a Dead Man"

0:15 I love this episode because not only is Lee Grant super hot, but this is one of the most well done murders of the entire series.

She was 46 in this episode and still fine as hell.

2:16 it was strangely done, but I really thought they did a great job of portraying the shock of such an act.

2:45 I like how she just calmly goes about picking everything up... cold hard killer right there.

3:40 the look on her face like "How could I have almost forgotten that? What else could I be fucking up?'

4:08 and again with these AMAZING 70s headlights... gah, sheer pure and total aesthetic. Lens flare heaven.

4:55 that's a well wrapped stiff right there.

5:08 check out this totally fucking callous look she's serving right here. OMG and they superimpose the headlights right over her eyes OMG I forgot about that!!! Genius!!! It reminds me of some of the space art I do.

Magic AF.

5:23 even stop signs were cooler back then.

I mean seriously, look at these gorgeous lights:

Try to tell me the 70s wasn't the best fucking decade ever LMAO!!!

6:08 she's soooo calm. And totally charismatic. It's seriously arousing.

6:40 you CAN'T play a character like this and NOT be kinda evil.

She kinda always played characters like that though... again, in line with my theory that actors aren't really acting, they're just being themselves.

9:30 I like how they worked that in just to reiterate how nasty lawyers are.

9:56 I always thought this secretary lady was mega hot.

11:28 oh la la, check out that mega hot dude on the right rigging the tapes. Fuck... everyone was so much better looking back then.

13:33 seriously, look how fuckable this guy is... he's got some awesome hair too. His name is Paul Carr:

15:35 she knows Columbo's trouble.

18:20 Lee Grant is a Scorpio, no wonder she can do these roles so well.

23:00 lmfao I think the suit thinks he's gonna get some, so he's all salty trying to defend the lady.

26:00 dude I would NEVERRRRRRRR be a pilot.

30:20 I did find the whole entire night flying sequence to be quite boring though, the only boring element of this episode.

33:55 look at that bitchin' room... holy shit. Leagues beyond elegant.

34:32 lol I ALWAYS forget about this chick. This is the chick who looks like she could be related to Styxhexenhammer666. Her name is Patricia Mattick...

41:08 you tell that fucker, Columbo!!!

42:35 see that's what I don't get, why the hell burn the pills?? You gotta SAVE THAT SHIT. And see that's where she fucked up too... if she had just taken the pills up and put them away, she'd have never gotten caught dancing around.

45:12 oh, Columbo, sooo charminnnnnggggg.

49:30 lmao, hi-tech 70s though.

54:50 LOL he always saves the best for last.

59:44 ROFLMFAO now he's flying around in a plane with a stone cold killer. Fuck that shit!

1:00:14 I'd be shitting all the bricks.

1:02:08 "I'd appreciate it if we didn't talk for a while" ROFLMFAO one of my favorite scenes in any Columbo episode.

1:06:20 yyyeeeeeooow!!!!!!

1:07:15 LOL this episode really has some very cute, funny bits in it.

1:12:35 lol I love this scene.

1:14:07 damn that's a nice fireplace.

1:26:00 man she really should have locked that shit up better.

1:27:05 it's really pretty brilliant.

I love the end of this episode... the way Columbo catches her, they sit together for a while, and he explains everything. It really is amazing... what a great show.
Season 3 - Episode 5 - "Publish or Perish"

So I'm sure I've seen this episode once or twice... maybe even only once! I don't remember anything about it. I have to say, the comments on this video are very funny though... people keep making jokes about actor Jack Cassidy's many appearances on Columbo, "How does he keep getting acquitted?!" ROFL! Even the Columbo channel gave that comment a heart. Very groovy of them... even today, Columbo still holds such a magical force. The mere essence of the show is enough to carry on the magic even into the roaring 2020s!

I find that the volume on this episode is rather low.

0:15 LMFAO I thought that guy was barbecuing roflroflrofl.

0:28 looks like he's blowing shit up just for sport.

So what's the deal with this guy?? He's not exactly playing a likable character... right off the bat you can tell he's a smug douche. Do I almost sorta find him attractive anyway?? Almost sorta. But at the same time he kinda creeps me out. His name is John Davis Chandler.

According to IMDb, this episode has a pretty bitchin' cast...

There's even that Gregory Sierra dude I haven't seen for a hot hot minute.

Who did he play?? Ah yeah, he was Det. Sgt. Chano Amenguale in Barney Miller, one of my all-time favorite TV shows!!!

1:00 would this guy REALLY be able to just nonchalantly hang around a junkyard and blow shit up, ROFL!? Like, isn't this in California?? Even in the 70s, there's people everywhere. Somebody'd notice.

1:20 honestly, this explosives guy is kinda boring. You'd think the truth would be just the opposite, LMAO!

1:45 damn I gotta say, Jack Cassidy is a charming sumbitch! He was legitimately a pretty great actor. He mostly hung out on TV.

3:40 oh dear. Eddie is a simple creature. Check out those hundreds though, money was prettier back then.

4:20 awwwe, he's so naive and crazy. Poor guy.

5:38 ummm, oh my damn... Eileen DOES look gorgeous. My my my... who is this?! I of course recognize her face but no idea what her name is. She's Mariette Hartley apparently.

5:50 she's crazy hot for sure. Ravishingly beautiful.

7:28 lmfao this is the most uppity, fancypants shit talking I've ever heard.

8:00 did he literally just threaten that guy's life?? LMAO. Well that's not gonna cause any issues in the future or anything?!?

8:45 I'd rather this guy get killed than the other guy, he really is a massive douche. Even pyro dude is more likable than Jack Cassidy's character.

9:30 is he REALLY going to kill the guy whose life he just threatened in the other scene?? And this was PLANNED OUT no less! ROFL! It doesn't even matter if he hired someone else to do, it's still totally obvious that he did it!!!

9:50 LMFAO and this Eddie dude's naive belief that he's just gonna knock this guy off and then be able to share his expertise and love of blowing shit up with the world, scot-free!? ROFLLLL. Simple minds though.

10:00 man this guy's got one hell of a way of planting an alibi, apparently his tactic is to be such a huge douche that no one could possibly forget you were there.

11:30 and this guy's gonna DRIVE?! LMAO... like. He's drunk FOR REAL.

11:50 "Her soft trembling body" roflmfaololololol. Okaaaaayyyyy.

12:15 is he speaking this out loud with a voice recorder?? So this guy is just gonna get caught by the voice recorder then??

12:55 not gonna lie dude, this story is horrible. ROFL. Again, an instance somebody getting knocked off actually being for the better cuz they're honestly sooo bad at stories. ROFLMFAO.

14:25 they totally should have called the police on that guy.

14:55 oooOooOoooooOooo look at these super sexy guys in white!!!

15:05 LOL I love how much Columbo loves coffee. Coffee and cigars, classic Americana.

15:28 oh wow, look at this crazy sexy dude in the weird tie. Wow he's mega fucking hot!!! Paul Shenar...

21:11 roflrofl Columbo ALREADY comin' for him!!!

27:10 this is actually a pretty good plot.

34:00 ummm, is this fucking guy POINTING at Columbo???

34:50 I love how Columbo gets back at people who get all disrespectful with him... rofl. But he does it so smoothly.

Man I wish there were more full episodes of Columbo on this YouTube channel... watching it for free on Amazon is cool and all, but there are "commercial breaks" and they last for like 90 seconds so I have to mute the sound and sit back until they're over with. Pretty annoying really.

39:50 bahahahahahaha oh shit, this guy is SO caught!!!

41:20 roflmfao this guy's just got a grenade chillin' on the coffee table. I like this guy!

41:35 how the hell can pyro guy not see this coming??

43:17 roflmao those gloves aren't a total give away or anything?!?

45:30 there totally are people like this out there... I've never thought about pyros that much before.

45:40 awww, I feel bad for this dude!!!

46:36 it's obvious the key thing is what's gonna get him caught.

52:00 I honestly love everything about Columbo.

53:50 lmao a monastery, what a load of BS.

54:40 why the hell DID he kill the writer guy???

1:03:40 he's so caught.

1:07:00 bahahahahahahaha I knew it.

1:11:25 this guy has some gorgeous curly hair.

It was a great episode.
Oh, my... just cuz of you I wanna watch it!

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