It's time to watch Columbo...
Season 2 - Episode 6 - "A Stitch In Crime"

This episode has some pretty badass people in it, including Leonard Nimoy and Anne Francis.

1:08 WTF country is this??

1:37 lookit, it's Anne Francis's fine ass.

7:28 lol Spock's totally gonna kill this guy.

She's gonna know it too.

9:20 why are they all so nervous though?

10:28 Anne Francis was a beautiful woman... I've loved her for many years. Ever since I saw her appearances in the Twilight Zone as Jess-Belle and the lady in "The After Hours".

10:58 you could see that eyebrow arch from a mile away... way to be conspicuous there, Spock.

So WTF he just left all the suture out?? How did that get past anybody?

12:17 not gonna lie... Spock makes me wanna fuck HARD. He's sooooooooo sexy. With the way he talks too, it's just... agh, my God. I'm such a Spock girl, SUCH a Spock girl.

12:26 "May I see it?" ROFL he wants to take it away and destroy evidence, DON'T LET HIM HAVE IT!!!

12:40 she's sitting there basically accusing him of trying to kill the guy and then telling him WHY he would want to... this lady is straight WOKE AF. And he's just trying to be all calm and nonchalant about it. I am currently turnt.

14:28 is he really gonna kill this chick?? You can't kill this chick, man, that's Anne Francis. Look, she's even got a widow's peak!!!!! It's slight but it's THERE!!!!! Somebody STOP this fuckin' guy!!!!!

14:36 LMFAO @ this long, drawn out exchange of looks... "You gon' kill me?? YOU GON' KILL ME?!?!"

15:07 what the fuck, HE DID KILL HER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

16:36 this guy is such a clear and obvious psycho, how could no one have ever noticed that??

17:30 this is the laziest attempt to make a place look 'torn through' that I have ever seen, he's not as smart as he thinks he is.


21:55 it's amazing how they just totally fuck themselves as soon as Columbo comes on the scene.

23:50 ROFL this lady is totally confusing the fuck out of Columbo rofl OMG man.

30:50 it's pretty sexy watching Columbo eat, this is kinda rare.

32:50 what the fuck kind of a doctor doesn't know anything about dope addicts???

33:05 "Continue to enjoy yourself" roflmfaolololololololol GOD I LOVE COLUMBO.

33:50 "Why don't you and I take a walk" roflmfao NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!

34:28 look at the way they're holding each other... this is like way more than casual isn't it? LMAO. It looks like some shit I'd do. These two do have GREAT chemistry though, like this isn't awkward at all, I feel like they were really into it.

35:50 OMG COLUMBO IS THERE!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAS!!!!!!! He's about to foil the fuck out of whatever murderous plan this fucker had.

36:10 wait a minute... WTF? He's not even gonna try to kill her?? WTF was his plan here!?!?!?!?!?!

38:00 this lady is pretty fine... Nita Talbot:

45:35 I've been waiting to see this hottie for the whole episode... Jared Martin: Crazy fucking hot, with a glorious head of hair, my dream guy.

46:30 oh my God this guy is so absurdly hot I can't even stand it.

49:12 "addict boyfriend" roflmao, this guy is such an a-hole.

50:05 oh this guy's GOTTA know he's fucked now.

51:40 I'd turn to that monkey and I'd say, "You really should learn to talk."

52:15 OMG he's not gonna try to kill the hot dude??

Somebody's gotta stop this fuckin' guy. This shit ain't funny anymore!


55:10 wait, WTF, he's not dead? How the fuck? That guy just snuck in and shot him up?! WTF!!!

Wow, OMG. He's gonna fall off the balcony isn't he?

The psychedelic filter they have going over this scene is pretty groovy.

56:21 wow and look how perfect his front teeth are too... sigh!

57:20 rofl you know Spock guy's gotta feel pretty defeated at this point... or at least he should.

1:01:50 oh he's got him now... he's fucking got him.

1:05:30 uh oh, he's coming apart!

1:05:45 oh wow, I've never seen Columbo get violent!!! I LIKE IT!!! *furious nanarub*

1:06:20 he's knows he's got him, and now he's gonna have to fix the problem... that's when they'll catch him.

Great episode, not one of my favorites of all time or anything, but still great... great cast.
Season 1 - Episode 1 - "Prescription: Murder"

So this is the very first episode of Columbo. Peter Falk was only 41 in this episode... so young!

This was actually considered a "TV movie"...

It has this wonderful James Bond-esque 60s opening.

1:55 look how lavish and classy everyone is.

2:45 wow look at that badass cake.

3:40 part of me genuinely wishes I could jump through the screen and be there, to stay.

4:10 "an anxiety attack"... interesting. So back in the '60s the "anxiety attack" was already a thing, only back then everybody and their lil sister wasn't having them daily (I assume) and it was a serious enough matter for your doctor to leave his comfy abode and come placate one's ass.

5:11 promises, promises.

5:40 "There isn't"... rofl, fucking guy. He just WANTS to kill somebody, that's all.

6:06 probably, dear.

6:10 I like her voice though.

6:50 the fucked up part is I can't tell which one he's gonna kill.

8:25 she sounds... a little bit unreasonable.

9:00 marriages are far too much drama!

10:54 oh this is a sad fucking scene right here... a sad, sad, SAAAAAD fucking scene. LOL. Sigh!

Again... just say no to marriage.

11:50 this chick is mega mega sexy. The mistresses usually aren't all that enjoyable. She is though. Katherine Justice...

16:10 oh shit, here he goes with the gloves. At least he's using his hands though.

17:12 damn straight it should have warmer colors lady, you know that's what I fuckin' believe in! Damn, too bad she starts talking some sense right before he's gonna kill her!

18:00 fingers forward and everything, man, this guy's a pro!!!

19:26 what the fuck? Is he gonna try to make this out to be a burglary?? They're in a fucking high rise are they not?! LMFAO well it was all looking decently promising until then.

21:05 God dang dude, that fucking bathroom was RIGHTEOUS.

21:33 LOL.

25:55 God would you just look at those badass as fuck cateye glasses, WANNNNNTTTTT.

26:56 look how groovy the airport signs were back then!!!

28:10 wow look at that niceass plane! OMG! Things have gotten sooooooo boring and fugly since then, WTF!!!!!!!

30:10 God, style was so great back then.

31:50 he thinks he's so clever, but I'm pretty sure that's gonna hang him.

32:36 and this is the first time we ever see Columbo...

33:20 "TRIED" TO KILL HER OMG!!!!!!!

33:47 "brandy" ROFL... I swear, this show. What the fuck.

34:30 I gotta say... if this was our first ever introduction to Columbo, if we'd NEVER seen him before, I think we'd all be pretty intrigued and aroused.

38:50 whoa check out this fineass nurse in the background left with the long black hair... daaayyyuummm yo!!!

39:50 LOL who the fuck does this guy think he is??

40:45 look how fucking gorgeous Peter Falk is.

41:45 oh shit.

52:00 God this music is amazing.

55:00 I'd love to catch Columbo picking my lock!

58:50 aww, he's crazy!

1:00:48 I'd have to have a cigar after that shit too, LMAO!

1:01:28 you know, this isn't the type of thing I say very often but... that is NOT a well painted door.

1:03:00 ROFL he knows he did it.

1:06:36 what a nice hand Columbo has... it looks so manly. It's interesting to see him more "clean cut"... I'm glad they changed his style to a little more relaxed later on.

1:21:00 OMG the glasses.

1:24:04 I love it when Columbo raises his voice!!!

1:31:16 well she got out of that one easy!

1:32:33 wow check out that old school ambulance!

1:37:30 what a nice view.

This was a great episode.

His daughter made the videos on this channel.
Quote:The Peter Falk Bill: Preserving The Sacred Bonds Of Family Relationships
(02-21-2020, 08:50 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:
You are weird watching columbo at your age, you need more or less meds dude, like seriously you are fucked in the brain hahahahaha
I've been watching Columbo since I was like 12 or something...

How the fuck old do you need to be to watch Columbo? I don't get it.
(02-21-2020, 09:09 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I've been watching Columbo since I was like 12 or something...

How the fuck old do you need to be to watch Columbo? I don't get it.
I watched it once when I was 7, cos it was all there was on TV at that time. Before internets. And im 44 next month, so you can probably do the math. And I thought you didn't watch TV? Another lie?
You are weird. You might need more or less meds. But im not a Doctor. Although you could call Doctor Feelgood?
I don't watch TELEVISION.

(02-21-2020, 09:26 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I don't watch TELEVISION.

They gonna make it the new TV I tells ye they arse rape the internets already
Yeah I saw your post about that.

The only difference between Peter Falk and Columbo is that Peter Falk is more sexual and cheeky.

1:10 see, you see here that he considers himself Columbo... the character is just himself, tuned in a slightly different way.

2:07 I fucking love this man.

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