Manna: Adalina Bonn's YouTube Channel

Adalina's is another one of those recent tarot channels that just skyrocketed to insane numbers in a very short period of time.

Her videos never allow for comments, so there's absolutely no way to discuss the vids with other viewers and there's no way to talk to Adalina in any capacity, not on her videos, not on her website, nowhere.

She's also been chronicling the situation with her lupus diagnosis and subsequent experiences with the illness. Lupus is an autoimmune disease.

I've noticed in her newer videos that she has her eyebrow pierced... I wonder if she's into body modification. She's got a pretty sizable chest and I wonder if they're natural. If they aren't, she really should look into breast implant illness...

Breast implant illness can cause symptoms that mimic autoimmune diseases and ultimately they can trigger these illnesses... there can be permanent repercussions.

I've always wanted to comment this, but since she leaves absolutely no place for people to make any comments whatsoever, it hasn't been possible.

I thought I'd make a thread about this because this is a very interesting video and it's not common for her to make really long videos. I appreciate that she makes videos besides tarot readings, that's really nice. There are too many tarot readers on YouTube these days and if people coming onto the scene don't do a little more than just read cards, they're not going to have any staying power or a very interested longterm audience.

That said, I don't know if she will keep this video on her channel because it's pretty personal.
This video about the power of one's name is great info and you don't see people talking about this kinda stuff very often.

I've had about 95683948593 names over the years... like, a fuckkkloaddd of names. And I still keep changing my name.

There are some personas that stick much longer than others. There are some that are just much more meaningful and expressive.

I think changing the name is a totally normal thing for people to do, especially early in life when you're trying to understand yourself through your own awareness rather than through the lens of your family etc.
She's honestly pretty hot.

Adalina says she's a Chinese zodiac Rabbit... pretty sure she said she's a Cancer too.
you find all the pretty ladies for me MO, like a pimp
I have exquisite taste, what can I say.

She sings randomly in this video, her voice is amazeballs.

I didn't even know there WAS an email address or mailing list.

So this totally elusive email is now closed so there are even fewer ways to contact her.

No comments on any platforms, no email, no nothing. Very closed off... it's a testament to some aspect of her mentality and emotionality.

It's strange to me that she can't just ignore the fucking pervs. Like WTF. I just never can understand why people have such a hard time with that. If you get a nasty message or email, DON'T RESPOND. Ever. Don't respond to it to the degree that you don't even let yourself know you even saw it/read it. It takes time to train yourself into that. But what's the alternative?? There is no alternative as far as I'm concerned.

6:00 'unwanted sexual attention'... I mean, I just don't understand what the problem is. That's a one way street. It requires no response or attention from her in return... whatsoever. So why let it affect her?? Ah well whatever, everyone has their hangups.

Anyone who says that they don't have the energy to do private readings, or they're getting too many weirdo customers... is not charging enough for their services. Plain and simple.
Ive never seen her before but just watched the last video, shes cute, is that a new zealand accent?
Im 100% with her sometimes its too much (lupus or not) I dont have a "personal 1 to 1" email, that almost always ends up badly
(I have 1.5mil subs btw hence why I like to be a Guest here)
I agree with you thou that closing off the comments is too much, just let the people say there shit and who cares, at the end of the day you dont know these people, they should affect you
but yeah cut off the email its too annoying
their - omg I need sleep

for shame
"Anyone who says that they don't have the energy to do private readings, or they're getting too many weirdo customers... is not charging enough for their services. Plain and simple."

Yes, she is a New Zealander who relocated to London some years ago.

As for disabled YouTube comments, I totally hate it when people do that...

Unfortunately, it seems that soon a lot of people will opt to disable them because of YouTube's absurd, ever worsening censorship...

"Adpocalypse 3.0: YouTube Comments Can Now Prevent Ad Servicing"

People are ALWAYS going to NEEEED to comment on the videos... ALWAYS.

If they don't have anywhere to do that... it's a problem.

That's why I have my own damn site I can post commentary on.
Oh yeah everyone loves comments, on the channel I run (my kids, they asked I said fine) we get a ton of
clearly toddlers who even wanted to comment that shit is just too cute
they take that away it just wont be youtube anymore
(02-22-2019, 08:34 PM)Guest Wrote: they take that away it just wont be youtube anymore

It totally won't be, but that's what they're going for.

The only issue is that there's no clear replacement for YouTube yet.

Sites like BitChute have been trying to establish themselves for a few years now.

Hopefully they'll have staying power and somebody will be a viable replacement for YouTube once they finish ruining it all.
YT changes so much, so often that I dont even pay much attention to it anymore to be honest
I spend 24/7 filming and editing... and well on here lol
This shit always seems to happen when a site gets too big

but ya know there will always be another, humans love interaction and if youtube really is going to fuck with that someone else will fill their spot
clearly we know it isnt dailymotion, seriously what the hell is that lame ass site, be gone

*looks back on myspace and laughs*
Wow that's so cool!

I just love the internet age...

It's brought us so close together on a global scale and it's such an important time in history.
and know you know why I laugh at Rich when he talks about being a celebrity with his 60k (did you even see that facebook rant omg)

nothing wrong with 60k thats huge but when you ego is even bigger thats just funny

be cool damnit be cool
I saw that too, LOL.

People are... easily impressed.

Like yeah, it's true, the internet is the new 'hollywood'... only it'll be worlds better than hollywood ever was.

These YouTube people and other online personalities are the new celebrities.

But no matter how big they are, they really should be able to interact with their audience at least to a degree, that's the beauty of the internet.

Anyway, I'm not easily impressed by any type of fame... we're all mere mortals and I'm gonna treat you and the next guy just like the cashier at the grocery. I'm gonna be really fucking nice to you. LMFAO.

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