Manna: Adalina Bonn's YouTube Channel
oh yeah the internet is wild, Im from NZ, hence why I picked up on the accent, I moved to the states after meeting my aqua on a random chat called eyeball (its like an old skool omegle) lol
I can be spicy on the internet though, don't get me wrong. My niceness doesn't particularly shine through on here...


But I am a very nice person IRL. And I just don't treat people differently or think of them differently just because they're "popular" LMAO.
know = now
omg I swear
I have slept 5ish hours in the past 2 days cos Im sick (fucking flu) so mind my engrish lol
If you registered, your posts would show up instantly without having to be approved first and you could edit them too. I should bump a thread about that on the front page for any newcomers so they know.
"I just don't treat people differently or think of them differently just because they're "popular""

Im totally with you, we are all just humans

LOL yeah, too much ego is just icky, it was a big thing that put me off Rich TBH
I would hate to see him at 200k his head would literally explode lol
Ill do that :)

I gotta come up with a fancy name like ThatGuest or something :D
I've talked to tons of people with 200K+ subs who are totally not egotistical about it at all and it's like not even a big deal...

I think it's just in Rich's karmic path to feel the way he does about it. It's one of his lessons or something.

I gotta be honest...

She looks good with no makeup and it makes me want to impregnate her with my non-existent, phantom sperm.
I feel like chicks ironically wear makeup to lessen the urge to knock them up...

It's funny because they're supposed to wear the makeup to make them look hotter, yet now I realize I've never felt the desire to impregnate a chick who was wearing makeup.
Hit it and quit it for sure though.

Since she's a Cancer, her tits are probably real...

Cancer chicks are known to have them big ol' tiddies.

But of course there are always 2 'types' of each sign...

It's not possible to generalize to that degree.
Cancer signs either have massive tits or they obsess on massive tits.

Again, not a general rule.

I feel bad for Adalina... the whole lupus thing sounds pretty bad. Where the fuck do these terrible ailments come from?? What causes this??

As far as closing her groups down... I mean it just sounds like all she's doing is making sure there's nooo fucking way anyone can contact her personally or give any type of criticism.

Eventually she'll be closing her whole channel over "psychic" attacks or some shit.

5:15 she's talking about targeted ads (which do come through email now) from keywords taken from your phone conversations be it voice or text. Through the 'internet of things', you can be targeted (keywords etc.) through OTHER PEOPLES' DEVICES even if yours isn't present during the convo.

Then there's always the WiFi (and other 'unseen framework') "mind reading" taking place...

"Google INDISPUTABLY just read my mind and I'm totally freaked and not cool with it"

"Smart phones (and other devices) read and record your energy signature"

"The use of smartphones as subtle energy monitoring spy devices is admitted by UBER"

The issue of simulated synchronicity also ties into this topic...

"Google is IMITATING natural synchronicity to target ads"

Put it all together and you have the makings for a PARANOIA FEST of epic and biblical proportions...

And in no way am I saying they may not target people FOR REAL. I am simply saying most of what these people are interpreting as being PERSONAL targeted attacks truly are not.

5:35 she insists these emails come from "fans" but to be honest, there are a lot of spambots out there which are programmed to approach your YouTube/business email from the standpoint of being a viewer... but it's really just a fucking bot.

And even if it was an ACTUAL person... I hate to break it to you, but these surveillance systems that utilize the smartphones are completely and totally hacked. The whole internet is hacked, I wrote about this topic as well...

The fact is, there are a great many "unofficial" people out there with access to the entire surveillance system via smart devices and the 'internet of things'... and if you're famous or well known, or just somebody they're interested in, yeah, they can spy on you. They can. They do.

Is the proper answer paranoia? Not really. Embrace it... it's what we're gonna have to deal with for a time. Will it last forever? No. Is it a thing right now? Yeah. Do I wish a hotass spy dude would come and fuck me super hard? Well fuck yeah I do. Anyway, I digress...

7:45 listen it's the fucking internet honey. This is HOW IT IS and has ALWAYS BEEN and they have ALWAYS DONE THIS and they ALWAYS WILL.

Honestly, have a little compassion for these douchebags. Where's the compassion?? Where's the compassion for these fucking trolls???

8:16 and there you have it, "I'll just shut the channel down"... facepalm.

My question is...

How is there anyone at or around the age of 25 today who can't fucking handle the internet??

Like how?

How are there still people who don't understand trolls, can't simply IGNORE "unwanted sexual attention"...

How are there still people who don't GET IT??

Like YOUNG people... not OLD people. I don't expect old people to get it. But MILLENNIALS? And YOUNGER??

You better fucking get it, holy SHIT.

The internet is not a SOFT, CARING place that gives a fuck about coddling your feelings. It's not SUPPOSED TO BE.

It's supposed to be a place of honesty, a place where people can do what they fuck THEY WANT, and you better just learn to fucking DEAL WITH IT.

This is the NAME of the GAME.

8:35 honestly she probably really should go back to NZ and live with her mom. And really the totalitarian internet laws over there in NZ would probably really suit her.

Doesn't she live in London right now? I sure the fuck wouldn't wanna be there... doesn't look like it's doing her any damn favors anyway. She should just get the fuck out. She should go back to NZ and just... take some fucking time. She's obviously not doing well with what she's been attempting.

9:00 sugar, you ain't a fucking 'warrior activist'...

Warrior activists don't pussy out and say they'll shut down their channels at the drop of a hat.

You're a woman in her 30s dealing with the march of time, dealing with the height of attention that you'll EVER get from men (better enjoy it while it lasts, that's my sincere fucking advice to you, because one day when you WANT IT it won't BE THERE ANYMORE), you're ill, you're paranoid as fuck...

And you're soft. That's what you are.

And it's OKAY. But don't EVER fucking compare yourself to ACTUAL warriors in this internet era who REALLY ARE TARGETED and REALLY DO PAY THE FUCKING PRICE for delivering REAL INFORMATION.

Take a fucking step back, get the hell out of Europistan and go back to where you came from. Go back to your roots and try to get better.
Mr. Obvious is obviously uber obsessed with the mrs. at the point of having to critisize her and post her videos on forums. lets not forget obsessing about her titts publicly. and now this. so guess whos the fkin weirdo here. YOU. either some fat f@k with nothing better to do in your life or just a card reader that feels outshined by her. either way. just go back to your cave and stop obsessing. u sik f@k

There's one of those internet trolls Adalina can't understand or tolerate...

Luckily I have compassion, understanding, and ample tolerance.
Adalina would never accept you, Guest...

But I can.
(05-06-2019, 01:27 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Through the 'internet of things', you can be targeted (keywords etc.) through OTHER PEOPLES' DEVICES even if yours isn't present during the convo.


Interesting conclusions.

I dunno...

I just get the impression that Adalina doesn't 100% dig doing these videos...

And she doesn't even do them "every" day.

But it seems like she feels like she does.

It seems like another case of someone who has their own business which is going well, but they start getting the 'grass is greener' syndrome even though when they worked for the 'corporate world', they day dreamed about the position they're in NOW.

It's so...

Ugh. Humanity though. They're never fucking pleased.

And everything is relative.

In one of her videos she said she was gonna have her site redesigned, put updated photos on there and so on...

I mean if you take a look at her site...

There's absolutely nothinggg on her site that needs to be updated. At all.

The pictures still look like her, and who the fuck even cares if they don't?

Shit, use the same pictures for fucking 10 years, no one is going to fucking care. Ever.


It's like...

It's a FINE looking site. Better than most YouTubers' websites look (if they even have one, which I ALWAYS recommend having one).

She's being ridiculous about it.

And I can tell she's not pleased with this "job"...

Sometimes she is and sometimes she's not.

But I really feel like this is becoming her general feeling about it.

That’s so cool.

The strangest thought occurred to me when watching this though LOL, I wish this chick would do an impression of Adalina...


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