Manna: Adalina Bonn's YouTube Channel
(05-24-2019, 01:48 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

That’s so cool.

The strangest thought occurred to me when watching this though LOL, I wish this chick would do an impression of Adalina...

Her name is Amy Walker, she does some interesting impressions.
I actually know her used to work with her, she is a very nice Kiwi.
Mister Obvious you sound like one of those creepy lolcow or prettyuglylittleliar losers who have no hobby but spend their free time hating and obsessing on others for no reason apparent to sane people, discussing details about their lives and spreading rumors and hearsay like schoolgirl trash people
Adalina doesn't need you to white knight defend her on some anonymous internet forum...

Fucking relax, LMFAOOO.
Dancing Banana 
Imagine being "that guy"...


And if you're a chick...


I got nothing for that scenario.

I have no idea WHAT you're doing!
(06-08-2019, 07:10 PM)Guest Wrote: hating

If you see anything said here as "hating" then you really need to grow a pair fast, or life is going to hit you very hard.
Fuckin' pussies, LMFAOOO!!!
God I love triggering you pieces of shit!!!


Group Hug

Adalina looks hawt as FUUUUUUCK in this thumbnail though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s funny how these people always think it’s some kinda space magic rocket science that their videos get downloaded and reuploaded to other channels...


It happens on a literal constant basis.

ESPECIALLY with tarot readers who only show the cards and not themselves... those get voiceovered.

She acts so creeped out by the title and thinks the person who uploaded it is trying to “send her a message”...

LOL, when in reality it’s probably a China account that can’t even speak English and just rewords the titles the best they can, LMFAO. I fucking GUARANTEE it.

It’s been going on for YEARS.

They’ll even put a bunch of different readers on the same channel...

It’s mind boggling that any viewers fall for it, but alas, there are more total fucking idiots out there than smart people.
i like her videos but it'd be very nice if she stops saying happy Monday for North hemisphere, Tuesday for South hemisphere. jeez, a bit of geography please. it's not tomorrow in the South, it's maybe tomorrow in the East. thank you.
Yeah I was wondering about that too.

I don't really think about the hemispheres and the time differences and whatnot.

The internet is a global network and we're all outside of the confines of time/space...

Unless you're trying to have a live business call with someone overseas or something.

But you get what I mean, there's really nothing that separates us.

It would save these readers A LOT of time if they just prerecorded their 'spiels' or simply dropped them altogether (recommended).

She said a lot of great things in this video.

5:00 it sounds like people are fucking with her in emails/messages, if they're not bots...

There's a lot of AI going around sending spammy emails that sound kinda like what she's describing, but. Shrug. I mean they take keywords from text messages, all the apps, everything on your device... they're constantly scanning everything in order to serve ads and build a psychological profile on everyone.

She seems to think it's actual people with access to global surveillance spying on her and fucking with her.

Maybe they are, but I prettymuch doubt it. If they are though, they're probably studying her/testing her abilities.

I think she's probably just super paranoid. I don't know why the hell she's still living in Londonistan, it fucking sucks over there. If she moved the BS would probably stop... not because it's local but because the vibe would be totally different.

8:22 TBH she sounds legitimately paranoid schizophrenic here. And I'm NOT saying that she is. I am absolutely not saying that. I'm just saying... she sounds paranoid.

I am NOT trying to be rude.

12:06 again, it's the surveillance EVERYWHERE (especially in places like England with CCTV out the wazoo) listening and watching in order to serve up ads etc.

It's just not personal... that's all I'm saying. It's really not. Like 80% of the stuff she's mentioning here isn't being done to single her out, it's being done to everyone.

13:50 that's right... she's right. It is global, and it is everyone. Why does she get that, but then take it all personally??

14:15 I do the same thing though, ROFL!

The shit is READING MINDS...

15:00 yeah it totally sounds like AI. For sure. It's not even real people... I fucking guarantee it.

15:20 it's not REAL synchronicity, it's IMITATION synchronicity:

She's RIGHT about what's going on, the only thing she's not right about is that it's all about her or that she's being targeted personally. That's just not the case.

16:10 her login info has obviously been stolen and sold. That simple. She needs to change all her passwords... and maybe even all her email addresses.

I've been saying it for years...

16:35 she says she changes her passwords regularly etc. How the heck did her security get bungled to this degree? LOL. WTF is she doing on her PC (or whatever) that is causing such a clusterfuck of hacking? Cuz yeah, the surveillance state is everywhere and we're all being watched/listened to but...

I feel like in Adalina's case, there's gotta be a fucking huge dose of 'user error' to blame for this shit. I'm basically saying she's probably technologically inept as fuck. I mean we know from all the vids she's made before on the topic that she gets overwhelmed checking emails in general... I imagine everything else must be a hell of a task for her if that's the case. Some people just aren't good at computers and the internet. I dunno. Maybe she's one of those people, maybe she's not... but it sounds like she's probably not great at it.

17:00 I definitely don't disagree with her about most of the stuff she's saying though.

17:20 just fucking delete Netflix then LOL! I mean shit. I dunno?! 17:50 well good then at least she's canceling it.

18:30 see it's THIS shit she says that makes her sound paranoid schizophrenic. It's all well and good until she goes off on this line of thinking. If I had a dime for every time I've heard crazy people talking about this specific delusion... I could probably buy a cup of coffee every day for a month.

24:40 I wonder if any of these people having these issues like Adalina's having ever consider ditching all the technology and just... living in a tent or something?? I mean obviously you wouldn't wanna do it in CCTVland, but you could move somewhere rural and live in a tent. Then you wouldn't have to worry about the BS anymore!
Okay okay, you don't have to live in a tent...

You can live in a cabin or something.

But you get what I'm saying.
I mean, really, it's no fault of Adalina's that she does take it personally...

The AI was literally made that way on purpose, the whole point is that it was supposed to seem personal and whatnot.

Due to the profiles they have on everyone, the AI can 'warm up to you' by saying all these things it thinks will relate to you but really all it's doing is being creepy. LMAO! What a 21st century conundrum!

The whole thing about getting ads for furniture insurance right after receiving the delivery can be explained by the delivery company's system of checking you off their electronic list once they've finished your delivery.

Their system is tied into a bigger system that is constantly being datamined because all these asshole companies sell all the data and no one's info is actually private. They know what you ordered, they know when it was delivered, and they can serve you ads based on all those details, it's just that simple.
Mr obvious I was looking for a way to contact AB, however it seems like you’re the next best thing. Thanks for being here in all your glory. Suck my arse too.
So you wanted to tell Adalina to suck your ass?? How important!!!

Lil gay, bro. I know it's popular in all them thar p0rno films y'all watch these days, but it's only because they want you to entertain homosexuality!!!

If a man likes his butt played with, he is not straight!!! Bi at best!!!
Sorry, I was just trying to warm up to you. You know... like suck up. It wasn't intended to be sexual. You obviously took it to the next level. I was just trying to be exceptionally polite, although it was a bit demanding.

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