Eugenia Cooney: Eating Disorders and the Devastation of Anorexia
(02-10-2019, 05:19 PM)anscochrome Wrote: I am glad to see there are signs of VOLUNTARY help for her. The past several weeks, we have been inundated with persons such as Keemstar imploring, "WE need to do something about this". Well, if a person refuses medical treatment , there is not much WE can do.

In this day and age, to have a person declared incompetent and made either a WARD of the State, or to have a third party assigned guardianship to look after their affairs is extraordinarily difficult, especially considering her living, natural power of attorney's (her parents) are still alive. It would have taken a long slog through the court system for these third parties to attempt to get a hearing on the matter. I would guess it would take until June or July of this year for a court to either hear the case and declare incompetency, or to dismiss the motion out of hand. You just can't wave a magic wand as Keemstar seems to think. In all these cases, the person directly effected has to make the first move. They made it harder to do the incompetency for a good reason, too much abuse in the past when there was a well established state mental hospital system. So yes, we shall see if this is light at the end of the tunnel.

Great points... I think someone finally spoke up who made her really think about her future.

So many people have said so many things... but I think someone finally got through to her.

It's kinda like Vegan Gains said in his video, she is going to need professional, medical attention for a long time...

She's in such a malnourished and sickly state that it will take medical experts to introduce the vital nutrients she needs back into her system.

Thank God she has enough money to pay for it all... she's truly blessed, now she just needs to survive.
Best news all year, good on her!!!!!!

2:45 I had the same thought.

Eugenia's next video needs to be an admission.
Somebody in the comments was speculating maybe Eugenia is already in a facility and her family posted that tweet because it was an old pic from Christmas and she's not on any of her other social media... apparently they take your phone etc. when you go in for treatment.
Not too sure I believe that because that video of her in the cosplay outfit would have never been posted at that rate.
Check the comments. She's weeks away from death. Sad Nana

Well the most concerning thing is the color of her legs...

To be honest, if she has indeed gotten help, I think that might have been what led her to do so.

It would be a wakeup call to see that...

It's all fun and games until there's uncontrollable visible evidence of deadly irreparable damage taking place.

If she really is getting help, RIGHT NOW, she will probably survive... although regardless, she has probably taken 20 or more years off her life expectancy.

That's still better than dying in a matter of weeks/months though...


I think this kid was mostly responsible for Eugenia getting help and I think she needs to wife him once she's recovered.

Eugenia really is a beautiful girl, hopefully she'll make a full recovery.

I know it takes time but I want to see her at a normal weight.
Hopefully she stays away from social media longer though...

It's too soon to come back...

She needs to stay away from this world for a good long while.
Awww she is looking great, good for her
Such a lovely girl. Glad to see her looking more fit.

50:56. 52:10 I hope she'll be okay. She looks a lot better. 58:05.
Glad to see she's doing better. While not a fan of hers, I still don't like to see folks suffering.
The video her friends posted was first because they did a tell-all, but much more because
her mother is truly creepy and the situation is insane!   

I always thought her mom was just dysfunctional - but it's much worse.     

On a good note, it seems like Eugenia might be able to truly improve if she makes her way into a good environment.
(07-22-2019, 01:27 AM)queline Wrote: The video her friends posted was shocking...

I didn’t know there was a video, so I looked it up...

Sounds like they hatched a totally brilliant scheme to get her help...

If they didn’t, who would have? It had to be done.

Apparently her lawyer was there with her and Shane the entire time...

People are saying he tried to drop some hints in his vid but for obvious reasons he couldn’t plainly state anything.

Apparently somewhere in the video he showed that Eugenia doesn’t know how to work the locks on her door? I dunno, I didn’t watch the whole thing, it’s a damn hour.

Sounds pretty fucked up and to be honest... knowing she’s still around her family is a huge letdown. She may be in even more danger than she was before. If her mom is that fucked up, she won’t mind her name going down in history over Eugenia’s death. Münchhausen By Proxy.

It’s always been about her mother. All those comments on Eugenia’s channel over the years while she’s been wasting away, the comments of hate, the comments about fearing she’ll die... they’ve probably been like crack to her mom.
If she’s locked away in her room... maybe she’s been starved for years BY her mom.
Because her mom is such a fatass, maybe she wanted to make sure Eugenia would never be fat. So that she could live through her vicariously.
I honestly skipped through Shane’s video so hard... but now I’m wondering if I should use my extreme analytical skills to read between the lines. I’ve watched dumber shit... probably. I don’t even like Eugenia’s vids or listening to her talk. It’s never been about liking her, it’s about not wanting her to die of starvation.

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