Eugenia Cooney: Eating Disorders and the Devastation of Anorexia
(07-19-2019, 08:15 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

To be honest, in light of that video of her friends discussing what happened...

Shane’s thumbnail makes a lot more sense.

I thought it was strange but now with this other info, I can see what he’s trying to convey with it.

One great thing about the internet is that if you put anything out there, the audience will think of everything.

All Eugenia’s “return” videos were filmed at the same time... the one on her channel, the one with Shane. Was the lawyer there for Eugenia’s “private” video filming too? Who’s that lawyer working for, Eugenia or Eugenia’s mother? Considering the fact that at times he was speaking for her mother in the video... I think the answer is pretty clear.

9:05 when he mentions the part about whether her family is gonna be there then immediately cuts to the clips showing the total weirdness and even outright abuse... good work, well done. It goes without saying that this video was edited together after the interview... so these are very important hints that convey how he feels about it.

Also important to note that he clearly had no idea what to expect going into this interview.

9:26 then he mentions he knows her lawyer will be there “for a second”... mhmmm. He was feeling some type of way about that from the start. Shane isn’t stupid. Turns out the lawyer was there the entire time, which I’m sure he would NOT have imagined that, so really it turned out to be more ominous than he even figured.

13:20 the way Shane is talking about this clearly shows he’s unbiased... I appreciate that he is truly questioning things.

15:48 interesting choice of a shirt there... with the skeleton/skull.

17:10 I find it impossible to believe Shane hasn’t seen the video she did showing the rest of her house. It’s almost certain he has and therefore he’s trying to insinuate something with this statement... mostly that Eugenia seems locked down in her home environment.

20:02 he says this stuff like he doesn’t already know it... which, again, is calculated.

23:30 I mean just think about how HUGE these people in her family are compared to Eugenia. How intimidating and totally scary it would be if they WERE abusing you, even psychologically. Eugenia’s tinyness, and their gluttonous mass are testaments to the dynamics of their relationship.

Pretty sure the fat guy is her brother... we know both he and her mom are morbidly obese. Surely the fat dude isn’t the lawyer. Whoever that guy is has an intimidating presence and he’s always just looming in the background.

29:55 Shane is fuckinggg hilarious. I like him for the most part, haven’t watched his vids in many years though. He lost me when he dumped Lisa for a man. He’s very funny though.

30:30 Eugenia’s communication is pretty aggravating to me... it’s all a bunch of beating around the bush, a bunch of pleasantries, absolutely nothing deep at all. She seems nice, but I prefer honest.

32:50 this is the part where she doesn’t even know how to open the door. You can tell she literally never does it. Granted if you live in a huge house, that is possible... OT, but this is why having huge mansions is just pointless. You can tell she fucking neverrrr goes out there. WHY is quite possibly another matter though.

34:00 she totally skirts the issue and doesn’t even admit what’s wrong. Around 34:30 I see some concern from Shane. I think he’s coming to some realizations here.

34:33 yeah... this is where Shane gets serious and you can see it on his face, in his voice, in his movements. He gets it.

35:30 so at this point he tries to get into it... and you can see Eugenia really doesn’t wanna have this conversation. Not like Shane was trying to force her into it or something... rather, as usual, Eugenia wants to avoid and skirt the issue at all costs.

From what I can tell, after having hung out with Eugenia a bit and seen the house and whatnot, after hearing her continue skirting the issue... he starts to kick into friend/confidant mode because it’s clear some serious help is still needed here.

36:50 all she’ll say is it’s an eating disorder but she won’t label it... if it was anorexia she probably would say that, but due to the way she’s skirting I’m guessing it’s bulimia.

37:30 and that’s what Shane thinks too as he’s had personal experience with it and knows there’s often a lot of shame involved.

38:20 it’s shit like this that makes me constantly wanna throw in the towel on humanity... all of the denial, and the trauma that complicates conscious sharing and focusing on issues effectively. It’s just obnoxious and a horrible feature of human psychology, and worst part is that you can’t even blame people for it BECAUSE its roots are based in trauma. Fuck it all.

42:25 this girl is so disconnected from herself... whoever is responsible for her being so damn fucking traumatized needs to burn in hell.

43:20 I honestly don’t believe she can actually take care of herself.

44:40 - 44:54 ROFLMAO it does sound great.

Well in general I think that Eugenia will have to be watched over pretty closely if she’s going to make a full recovery. And her family is a complete and total failure of that front. Totally useless.

Eugenia should move in with a friend like Shane or... anyone. She should sell that house, give her mom and bro a small bit of money to go buy a trailer in Alabama or something that fits their aesthetic a little better. Eugenia should spend her money on food and eventual rent for herself once she learns how to take care of herself... if she can. If not, she should just remain with a friend who will make sure she’s healthy.
I haven't watched the video nor do I know much about her situation, aside from
her having a serious health issue [possibly eating disorder related] but am I the
only one thinking that a LAWYER being present during a "YouTube personality"
interview is just.... uh.... huh?? WTF.
It’s either to punish Shane if he says anything “wrong”, or to punish Eugenia if she says anything “wrong”.
(07-22-2019, 01:31 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: It’s either to punish Shane if he says anything “wrong”, or to punish Eugenia if she says anything “wrong”.

Now that her friends released that video, her mom knows she is being watched.    

She can't sue them because they aren't lying, and also because then the situation will be investigated further.
True, if anything happens to Eugenia, her mom has no chance of getting away with it.

Not like that ever stopped any crazy person from harming others though.

Watch literally any clip of her mom and it's easy to see the woman is mentally unhinged...

Eerily and creepily so. There's a perfect clip exemplifying this point in Shane's vid, I can't find it in there though so I'll just post the vid it came from:

9:16 the look on Eugenia's face here says it all...

I have no words man.
And can I just ask...

What the hell kind of life is it living in a mansion, never going outside, and never going anywhere??

My God.

At Eugenia's age and with all the money she has, she should be traveling THE WORLD.

That's why you can never be jealous of people who "have it all"...

They're often the most fucking imprisoned, tormented people in existence and in Eugenia's case, it ain't fucking okay...

She needs to be free of this bullshit and her whackjob family.
It's honestly horrible...

I'm glad she went to 'rehab' for however long she was there...

That establishes a pattern of getting help at the very least, even though it was forced (thank God) by her friends and the authorities.

Now that she's experienced it, maybe she will have no fear around it (and similar situations) in the future.

That's all we can hope for, because she's not out of the woods at all and it looks like her family/home environment is about 90% to blame for that.
(07-22-2019, 09:09 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Sounds pretty fucked up and to be honest... knowing she’s still around her family is a huge letdown. She may be in even more danger than she was before. If her mom is that fucked up, she won’t mind her name going down in history over Eugenia’s death. Münchhausen By Proxy.

It’s always been about her mother. All those comments on Eugenia’s channel over the years while she’s been wasting away, the comments of hate, the comments about fearing she’ll die... they’ve probably been like crack to her mom.

It seems her mother literally was awaiting her daughter's death, and at the last second her plan was foiled!!!    

Isn't it the creepiest thing to think that all along it was her mother feeding off the comments and not so much Eugenia??  That also explains why she 
never addressed concern about her channel being a dangerous influence on young girls.    She was probably people-pleasing her mother, who wanted her
to keep going until the end.              

With everything I've heard of, I've never heard of *this*.  (except maybe in Flowers in the Attic).
A lot of people in comments sections are comparing it to the recent Gypsy Rose Blanchard case where her mother had forced her to fake being handicapped for her whole childhood while she collected checks off her and ultimately she got murdered by Gypsy's boyfriend she met online and brainwashed into killing her mom...

It's a bunch of fucking 12 year olds who have never heard of Münchhausen By Proxy and don't know that it's a thing outside of that stupid case...

Obnoxious, but at least they're drawing the parallels about how serious this shit can be.
(07-22-2019, 09:07 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

And just BTW, Godejohn should have gotten the 10 year sentence and Gypsy should have gotten life imprisonment...

It was her fault he killed her mom, it was her idea, and she's the one who deserves the punishment.
Just another man who got fucked over by the "justice" system, what a fucking joke.
(07-22-2019, 09:07 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: It's a bunch of fucking 12 year olds who have never heard of Münchhausen By Proxy and don't know that it's a thing outside of that stupid case...

Right, that really is what this seems to be.  I remember Eminem saying his mother did this to him, but I never read up or saw a real-life example that actually stuck in my mind until now.

I can't get through reading about this Gypsy Rose case, for some reason.
(07-22-2019, 09:24 PM)queline Wrote: I can't get through reading about this Gypsy Rose case, for some reason.

Gypsy and her mom are a couple of hobbit humans... super fucking ugly species. I am a believer that there are a lot of subspecies in humanity.

Godejohn didn't look too far off from that, but he had more going for himself than those two fuckers did.

The way Gypsy used and manipulated him over his love for her... disgusting. She is a truly disgusting human being and she doesn't deserve to be free if he isn't free.
Gypsy's mom had it coming though... what she did was horrible.

I don't think either one of them should be in prison, but that guy doesn't deserve to rot away in jail just because he took out the trash.

If he's locked up, why should Gypsy be free? It's an injustice.

They should have both gotten the same sentence, and at most it should have been like 5 years.
I know that quotes are *strictly* forbidden here, but scroll down to the last stage of Princess by Proxy, 'potential abuse'...

and now it's looking more familiar...

Michael Jackson's father comes to mind, Achievement by Proxy Distortion...  stage moms, Gym Coaches who
don't care how much their gymnasts suffer, and also, how about the POM-POM MOM??
(07-23-2019, 08:18 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Gypsy's mom had it coming though... what she did was horrible.

I don't think either one of them should be in prison, but that guy doesn't deserve to rot away in jail just because he took out the trash.

If he's locked up, why should Gypsy be free? It's an injustice.

They should have both gotten the same sentence, and at most it should have been like 5 years.
Scary to be at the mercy of a justice system where this isn't common sense.   She should have been let off for temporary insanity,

with 'temporary' referring to the whole time she was under the influence of her mother.
Yeah she should have... and his sentence, it shouldn't have been any more than what was given to Gypsy.

I usually don't watch stupid shit like this, but I did see most of this video and I think a lot of the things he said were very interesting... he's not your typical fucktard. He is slightly retarded (so is Gypsy) but some of the stuff he said was very poignant on a spiritual level.

56:46 is one good example... yeah it sounds pretty terrible and brazen the way they're nonchalantly planning it. But her mother was a fucking monster. And what he says about the angel and the devil on the shoulder thing... man, he's just not a typical retard. I have a soft spot for that guy... prettymuch hate Gypsy for manipulating him the way she did though, then trying to act like she had no idea what happened when they got caught. She used him hard... but at least she later admitted that it was all her fault. The court should have given him a light sentence rather than dooming him to life in prison though. He just doesn't deserve that.
The two of them are so fucking dumb for not just simply running away together though... they are both mentally defective to the highest magnitude and it's not like Gypsy will go on to lead a blameless life when she's that fucked in the head in the first place. If one of them should be free, it should be him.
That's a hairy motherfucker right there.
Just further reinforces my theory about the subspecies of humans.

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