Eugenia Cooney: Eating Disorders and the Devastation of Anorexia
(07-24-2019, 05:30 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Yeah she should have... and his sentence, it shouldn't have been any more than what was given to Gypsy.

I usually don't watch stupid shit like this, but I did see most of this video and I think a lot of the things he said were very interesting... he's not your typical fucktard. He is slightly retarded (so is Gypsy) but some of the stuff he said was very poignant on a spiritual level.

56:46 is one good example... yeah it sounds pretty terrible and brazen the way they're nonchalantly planning it. But her mother was a fucking monster. And what he says about the angel and the devil on the shoulder thing... man, he's just not a typical retard. I have a soft spot for that guy... prettymuch hate Gypsy for manipulating him the way she did though, then trying to act like she had no idea what happened when they got caught. She used him hard... but at least she later admitted that it was all her fault. The court should have given him a light sentence rather than dooming him to life in prison though. He just doesn't deserve that.

45:45 - 46:10 that's how i imagine my big first date with mo , secret hand holding and kissing in tandem with the big screen , so romantic and edgy right under the prying eyes of her mom ! omg

5:40 wow...

Thank God this chick has spoken up and isn't backing down.

HER MOM has a weak heart??

Meanwhile Eugenia's heart is literally being eaten by her own body.

What's going on here is so far beyond sick.
I had never heard of her until reading this thread, that’s some sad shit!

Lookup “damnlongneck” on Instagram. Not sure what his deal is.
This is horrifying.   There is no way that Eugenia, who apparently loves her mother more than anything, is going to be able to understand that her mother
has basically been encouraging her to bring about her own death. 

Honestly it might be better for her to just stay in denial, how could she even begin to take in something like that??  What would happen to her if she did?
Some truths are too terrible for any human being to handle.     

Talk about her mother's 'weak heart' starts at about at about the 19 minute mark.  Thank god health professionals witnessed Eugenia saying it because it's
just so damning: 


Wow. Just wow.
It's all out of the bag now...

Ain't ever goin' back in.

21:46 look how nice that space is...

I honestly want to cry.

Eugenia is so sweet, I just want her to be okay.

18:20 honestly want to cry right now, OMG...

It's a huge step in the right direction.

I want to see Eugenia mukbanging someday.

Hopefully she'll be ready and comfortable enough someday.

Eugenia is so cute... I love that jacket. I have one like that in black.
I would be afraid of breaking her if i was going out with that girl , seems like her bones might just shatter if she falls the wrong way like a 90 year old .

It's great of Eugenia to make this vid and trying to raise awareness and encourage kids.

Can I just say her eyeshadow is FUCKINGGGGG FIREEEEEEE in this video.

But yeah, FUCK public school. It's sheer fucking pure and total hell... glad I got to skip it.

3:22 that's just fucked up... this kinda shit obviously left a long lasting impression on Eugenia.

FWIW, it's not really possible to be "prettier" than Eugenia... it's almost certain she was being lied to by a lesser being.

5:00 God kids are sooo mean... it's fucking pathetic. They were sooo jealous of Eugenia's natural effortless beauty.

12:14 NEOPETS YYYYYAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17:50 Eugenia's such a sweet girl. Love her.

18:45 you know what, I bet some of those people apologized after they looked Eugenia up and realized how dangerously ill she was and thought maybe their bullying had something to do with it.
(09-11-2019, 06:14 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: FWIW, it's not really possible to be "prettier" than Eugenia... it's almost certain she was being lied to by a lesser being.

So true. It's unreal how beautiful she is.


Eugenia herself is so much cooler than the "VSCO Girl" fad...

It's so dumb in my opinion because it's literally some late 90s/early 2000s crap style regurgitated badly by a bunch of teenagers. Like it's not even... the cool shit.

I dunno... but whatever, I'll watch a Eugenia video about anything.

I agree with the comments though, Eugenia's original interpretation "disco girl" is way fucking better and we need to make it a thing. It'd be so much cooler than whatever the "VSCO" bullshit is all about. It's just a marketing ploy and therefore I totally despise it on a principle level. Looking into it, it's so lackluster that my initial principle based hatred of it appears to be totally warranted.

Literally the entire trend appears to be... oversized t-shirts??? Like... WTF? Again, totally a marketing ploy. Internet marketing strategies like this (especially those involving apps) are VERY transparent.

17:31 Eugenia is like a living doll... so gorgeous OMG. I hope she has a long healthy life of being awesome as fuck!!!

(10-25-2019, 01:50 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Fucking Onision dude, ROFLMFAO.

He just doesn't know when to quit.

It's fucking... shocking. This guy is shocking.

0:07 rofl and he ALWAYS makes himself look so much better than he actually looks.

I guess he must wear makeup or something, or maybe it's the lighting or some kind of video setting but...

He looks like a psychotic male supermodel. It's fucking great, how can anyone hate this guy?

0:08 let's see what this limp wristed fucking pansy has to say about Eugenia...

0:24 three hundred dollars? Fucking tightwad!

0:37 poor Eugenia ROFL you can just tell by her face she's like "Agh, my God, this fucking guy again".

It's PRETTY DAMN CLEAR TO ME that Onision has an ABSOLUTE THING for Eugenia...

And really, who can blame him, I mean Eugenia is absolutely gorgeous. Stunningly beautiful. It makes sense that he would have feelings for her.

But of course just as literally the entirety of his history with relationships shows, Greg has no idea how to ACTUALLY EFFECTIVELY APPROACH SOMEONE.

0:47 wow, Greg ABSOLUTELY is a sociopath, he CANNOT read people WHATSOEVER. NO empathy at all. This scene right here proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt. He cannot read her reaction AT ALL.

Oh my God man this is some creepy psycho shit right here...


I feel like Eugenia has good enough security and she's definitely rich enough to be able to keep weirdo Greg well and far away from her, but LMAO... WOWWWWW.

I mean the guy just LOOKS like a demented psycho...

You've gotta see that part in the video yourself though, go to 0:47 and listen to HOW he says it, and that combined with the look just gives you the whole entire story right there.

Greg has outed more about his true mental state and who he really is in 0:52 seconds than I've ever seen before with ANYBODY... that's gotta be some kinda record.

0:53 dear God...


Fucking amazing. Fucking absolutely fucking amazing.

0:58 "that was only $100"... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA.


Honestly... bahahahahaha. If it wasn't for all of the super weird awkward grooming of teenage girls, Greg would really be my dream guy.

1:40 Greg hon you're sooo creepy. You're SOOOOOO creepy.


1:54 this fucking guy, my God.

He's soooooo obsessively in love with Eugenia.

Bahahahahaha this is HILARIOUSSSSSSSSS.

2:38 I mean it's totally understandable he'd be in love but... it's just unfortunate that such sweet people like Eugenia have to catch the attention of such total psychos and have to deal with them.

4:10 bahahaha OH SHIT. Greg hon, are you really going there?? Does Greggy wanna get smacked down by God again? Tread carefully, fucknugget.

4:28 yeah Greg, that's right... kiss that ass. That's what I fucking thought.


Oh my God, this is just embarrassing. I cannot believe Greg has actually DONE this and MADE THIS PUBLIC.


Such a creepster.


4:56 JUST LOOK at psycho boy sharing this screen with the lovely Eugenia, like...

It's some shit right out of a 21st century horror movie about an unhinged maniac mercilessly stalking a sweet defenseless girl.



It's an AMAZING study of humanity... the internet is FUCKING PRICELESS. The VALUE of the internet in studying the human race, FUCKING WOWWWWW.

He's right though, she definitely is a good influence on the community NOW. She didn't used to be due to the triggering left and right.

I like Greg...

Not because he's a good person, LMFAOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Not because he actually has any redeeming qualities. But because, my God... he's absolutely fucking hilarious. He's great for the study of humanity. That has value. So in an indirect way he has redeeming value, but certainly not in a direct way.

7:40 lmfao retweeting her... my God.

Hopelessly, dangerously in love.

That's Greg.

8:04 TBH I kind of agree with Biebz about rape.

8:10 LOL he's speaking DIRECTLYYYYYYY to Eugenia right there, basically PLEADING with her. LOOOOOOOL.

Agh... wow.

9:04 BAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG, we're sure you have, Greg. We're sure you have.

5:10 check out those bitchin' boots!

She still needs to gain like 30 more pounds...

I THINK she looks better, but I hope it's not just wishful thinking on my end.
I feel like she tweaked the thumbnail to make herself look the ABSOLUTE best as it pertains to looking more healthy.

In the video as she's moving around you can tell she's still so painfully thin.
I just want her to fill out those clothes some more, she's so damn fucking beautiful I just want to see her a normal healthy size so I can drool over her body.
I like my brunettes SLIGHTLY chubby, I've talked about this a lot...

People know my preferences...

But I want to make it clear I'm not asking that of Eugenia.

I just want to see her a nice healthy weight that would be good for her body.

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