Eugenia Cooney: Eating Disorders and the Devastation of Anorexia
It's about time Eugenia had her own thread, because her illness is just getting worse. 

Past discussion about Eugenia:

"Disney Movies: Who can actually WATCH this complete and utter TRASH!?"

The DISNEY PRINCESS COMPLEX and Disney MIND ROT in general...

(03-23-2017, 07:03 PM)Trix Wrote: Take deathly anorexic Eugenia Cooney for example...

She has been starving herself since early teenage years because she's OBSESSED with Jack Skellington, an animated character from the 1993 Disney movie "Nightmare Before Christmas".

TO THIS DAY she states in her videos that Jack Skellington is her "boyfriend", and as far as anyone can tell, she's never even been in a relationship. She is OBSESSED. She wants to look like him, or look like what could be his wife.

Crazy. Insane.


(03-26-2017, 12:51 AM)Trix Wrote: Yeah man there's skinny and then there's...

Literally dying.

She's literally dying...

It's super sad.

Her mom is a total fatass and so is her brother. I guess they're just proud Eugenia isn't morbidly obese like they are. Her mom is a total idiot and acts oblivious to the fact that Eugenia is dying. Her family should be locked up. They're letting her kill herself. She was in better condition a few years back before she was 18 and they legally could have had her put in the hospital.

But now that she's an adult, it's gotten a lot worse and now they can't force her to be hospitalized and I don't think they're smart enough to anyway.

She will die if she doesn't get help. Pretty soon. And you better believe I blame Disney. That's what started it... her dumbfuck fatass family ended it.

(03-26-2017, 01:21 AM)Trix Wrote: Eugenia probably looks in the mirror and sees herself about 30 lbs heavier and then thinks "Yeeeah, gettin' there!"

It's unbelievable but true that when you're anorexic, you literally cannot see how thin you are.

There need to be some studies done on this... psychological, scientific. 

I want to know what causes the illusion.

I think it's a fusion of issues... 

Like for Eugenia, she was probably abused at some point in her childhood and then took on the Jack Skellington's wife role as an escape.

(12-20-2018, 11:26 PM)Trix Wrote: Sad story with her. I used to think maybe she had some sort of rare disease that caused her to look that way. But she's definitely just anorexic. I think if she had some sort of rare disease, she would become a spokesperson for it and bring awareness to it. But since she's just anorexic, it's like built into the illness NOT to admit it. So it makes sense.

How does she even still have hair when she's so malnourished? There are things about it that just don't add up. It's really terrible though.

(12-20-2018, 11:28 PM)Trix Wrote: It's like her body just wants to keep her alive sooo bad, but it can't go on forever. I mean how long can this really go on? By the look of her you'd think she couldn't possibly be alive right now.

(12-21-2018, 12:28 AM)Trix Wrote: Eugenia Cooney Astrological Chart Analysis:

(12-23-2018, 04:32 PM)Trix Wrote:

13:54 Greg/Onision is saying everyone should report the situation to her local authorities.
Some people would KILL to have a beautiful face like Eugenia...

You can't get much prettier than that.

But it's being RUINED by the PHYSICAL EFFECTS of this fucking MENTAL ILLNESS.
What the whole internet wants is to see Eugenia make MUKBANG VIDEOS...


And then we want her to STAY ON THE LIVESTREAM in front of the camera the whole time for at least a few hours.

Because we want to know she's not just purging the food.
There's speculation that the high pitched change in her voice is because her throat is always sore from throwing up.
What pisses me off is her so-called fans encouraging her to slowly starve herself to death.

9:40 the illness is starting to take its toll on her face, making it look hollowed out...

The classic walking dead hollowed out anorexia face.

It's fucking horrible.

Seems like it was all fun and games to her because her face was relatively unaffected for so long.
(01-18-2019, 05:41 PM)Guest Wrote: What pisses me off is her so-called fans encouraging her to slowly starve herself to death.

It's hard to know what she delights in the most...

The people telling her she's beautiful, or the people telling her she looks almost dead.

Her obsession with Jack Skellington would dictate that those telling her she looks half dead is a bigger compliment.
How is it even possible to remain obsessed with a cartoon character for so long? Her stupid parents are obviously keeping her in a perpetual childhood.
I think this airhead should be locked in a basement with mel gibson for 2 days. Thats the cure for this nut.


I officially don't even feel sorry for Eugenia anymore...

It's obvious at this point that she is a sick twisted person who delights in showing off her disgustingly, purposefully emaciated body and inspiring young girls to hate and starve themselves.

I think she's a troll of the worst caliber.
Would I put it past somebody with a history of being abused to take trolling to this level? Hell no.

I absolutely do believe that Eugenia has been a victim and probably still is a victim of abuse by her family.

But after seeing this video, I also believe she's trolling.

Props to Styx for addressing this issue. He makes some excellent points.
A lot of people feel some type of way about Onision and Vegan Gains...

But the best work both of them have ever done has been about Eugenia.

I think if Eugneia dies, it's going to be a catalyst for change of the laws.
I personally dont think she will see the end of 2019, she has gotten sooooooooooooooooo bad

I cant stand her mom, if it was my kid I would be force feeding her, sorry (not sorry) but I would!

and fucking youtube, how the fuck are they ok with allowing this shit, take her channel down
Posted 5 minutes ago....
Wow. Holy shit.

The very first time there's ever been any type of admission of a problem.

This is huge.

There may be hope for Eugenia.

God I hope so.
Imagine all the people she could help by recovering... imagine the good that could do for the world.

And on the superficial end of things, she'd be so much more popular.
I want to see Eugenia a healthy weight...

She'd look absolutely gorgeous.
I am glad to see there are signs of VOLUNTARY help for her. The past several weeks, we have been inundated with persons such as Keemstar imploring, "WE need to do something about this". Well, if a person refuses medical treatment , there is not much WE can do.

In this day and age, to have a person declared incompetent and made either a WARD of the State, or to have a third party assigned guardianship to look after their affairs is extraordinarily difficult, especially considering her living, natural power of attorney's (her parents) are still alive. It would have taken a long slog through the court system for these third parties to attempt to get a hearing on the matter. I would guess it would take until June or July of this year for a court to either hear the case and declare incompetency, or to dismiss the motion out of hand. You just can't wave a magic wand as Keemstar seems to think. In all these cases, the person directly effected has to make the first move. They made it harder to do the incompetency for a good reason, too much abuse in the past when there was a well established state mental hospital system. So yes, we shall see if this is light at the end of the tunnel.

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