Stephi Lee
I like watching a girl slowly and carefully do renovations , not like mo tryin to slap together a shed with no real plans and shit
I want to see MO build a yurt. I'll remain skeptical about her mad skills until then.

You know what, man, there was a time when I was going to build a yurt.

There was a time.

It never happened.

And it's for the best.

I COULD HAVE done it.

But I ultimately just did not do it.
There were a lot of reasons.
I bought power tools and was scoping out the wood and stuff to build the structure I was planning.

I'm not sure what a yurt really is, isn't it like a glorified hut??

I was not going to build a hut.

But I was going to sort of make my own idealized version of an outdoor shelter.
The outer wall of a yurt is a lattice of wood slats. The structure is unstable until the roof and all are put together.

Oh fuck that!

Pretty sure I'd rather be in the van...

10:42 I can't relate.

If I was heading out for vanlife, California sure wouldn't be my goal.
I get that we're heading into winter and some places are inhospitable... but with a van setup like that, I wouldn't be letting cold night time temps stop me from going to better places than fuckin' Cali.

As long as it's not a winter wonderland, it's on the table.

I'd be kicking it in Arizona and southern Utah. Probably New Mexico too.

Sounds like she wants to couch surf instead of sleeping in the van.

It's all about visiting her friends... which is fine, I guess but.

If you notice one thing about true vandwellers, they don't exactly have a problem keeping to themselves.
I don't like visiting people.
Do I suck for that? Probably. Do I care? No.
well if she runs into a serial killer she could just barf on them right , she is anorexic ?
@ 10:50 that lazy was trying to bed her , and that's what happens to girls "on the road"
She was never anorexic...

The cystic fibrosis gave her a lot of intestinal problems and her diet was probably fairly restrictive as a result.

Since she's been on the new life changing medication for those with CF, she has been able to eat normally and is at the weight she would have been at without the GI problems.

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