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Max is doing a lot of erratic shit on his channel. Uploading videos, deleting them, reuploading them with seemingly no difference. Can't follow his logic and that's because there isn't any.

Unfortunately, it's mentally unstable patterning.

Apparently he's on some pretty heavy meds to treat his psychological problems... y'all know how I feel about meds, I'm totally against the way that those with mental issues are treated in the psych industry. Those anti-psychotics aren't even good band-aids... they just cause additional health problems and they don't treat the underlying issue.

Max needs to be counseled and receive care and understanding, he needs to be encouraged on a direct and personal level... he's not wrong about his conclusions re: people and how much they suck. As I stated in the other posts. The guy is right. But nobody's telling him he's right, they DO suck, they ARE hurtful, they DID fuck him, they SHOULD be left in the rearview mirror where they belong. Instead everybody's just telling him he's crazy and needs meds, cuz surprise, they're fucking idiots.

See the issue here? Surrounded by idiots.

It fucking sucks. And on meds, there's a distinct possibility he could get trapped into the fog of pharmaceuticals and never make it out. He doesn't deserve that... he deserves to be encouraged, reassured, free, healthy.

Someone left a comment on his newest (re)upload and I think it should be preserved, since the video will undoubtedly be deleted...

Quote:I think blunt honesty is best here... I think you should be taking more time away from the spotlight. This is a critical time for you, being on pharmaceuticals and such, you could form a dependence. And being that you aren't all there in your brain. This could interfere with your recovery. I could also be entirely wrong. Cheers mate! Best of luck. Benzos are scary. I went through withdrawal once after only a month of use. It gets real bad Max. Be careful.

This person is right. Max just deserves better than all this.

5:42 roflmfaolololololllllololol Max is honestly amazing.

He says he has 3 doc appointments this week, mentions an MRI...

Says basically nothing about what the fuck is wrong.

Mentions something about chronic pain...

No idea.

Adult life is fucking Max hard...

He seems to see that this is just sorta what happens in life.

It's hard to come to terms with, for sure.

As far as what the fuck is actually wrong with him, no idea.

I'm sure he'll delete this video later in true Max fashion...

I figured I'd post a summary in light of that fact.

Max doesn't appear to be doing well at all.

He's obsessing over this genetic testing he got done that says there's some kinda problem that can lead to heart failure...

It's useless to try and tell him that there's nothing to worry about and this is totally not going to kill him...

Because unfortunately, he's having a mental meltdown. Unfortunately, he's losin' it again.

Sounds like his parents have sent him off to live with other family, but now those other family are starting to see he's not easy to deal with when he's losing his mind.

I think the doctors were totally wrong about the PANDAS, and probably everything else they've been diagnosing him with.

I hope he finds good doctors and good help someday.
Maybe he HAS been properly diagnosed and what he's saying about the PANDAS etc. isn't accurate.

All that is going to be of much help to Max is health professionals, and hopefully ones who think outside of the box.

Modern psychology has been handling mental illness all wrong, for a long time.
Max doesn't seem like a textbook schizophrenic...

Seems more like bad after effects of a head injury, known to change behavior.

I guess the childhood (or congenital?) brain damage thing does kinda make sense...

But if the damage occurred in childhood, then why is he just now unable to function properly?

Is it degenerative or something?

PANDAS is caused by strep infection and happens to kids, not adults, so I just dunno.

At this point I'm starting to think Max's family probably knows a lot of stuff about his diagnoses and his situation that the public will never know because Max is the one making the videos, and since he's mentally ill, we're not gonna get the straight story from him.

It's sad to see him struggling and posting vids where he is so unwell, especially when you consider what his channel/videos used to be. Poor feller. I hope things work out for him. He has a loving and supportive audience, and they've figured out all they can do is give him positive words and try to comfort him.
dude he is kinda like watching george costanza freak out about everyday things
It'd be fucked up if he was just bullshitting us and this was a character or something!!! It would be a relief though.
Hey, I couldn't watch this video you linked cz Max took it down. Can you tell me what he talked about? Like, I do have an idea of what he's been going through but I was curious for the details. I have been looking for the update videos and sadly all of them have been taken down. Can you tell me everything you remember?
I don't remember much of the specifics he shared in that video...

Aside from what I summarized.

But I will say this...

Looking back on that video, damn near 2 years later?

I believe even more strongly now that Max had simply realized that many people in his life were fake, user assholes...

It was a realization that hurt him to the core, and I believe it sent him spiraling down this path of mental health crisis (to which he was probably already naturally susceptible)...

I think he realized what douchebags people truly are, how they just use you, how they can be your friend for years and then suddenly turn around and fuck you over...

And I think that realization was just too much for him.

I think since then he has been to a lot of doctors and had a lot of labels and medical/psychological terminologies thrown at him, and I think it's probably served only to obfuscate the true problem.

The problem is that the world is full of douchebag assholes, and if you aren't one, they tend to eat you alive because you weren't prepared to defend yourself against the truth of humanity, which has betrayal at its core.
Oh thanks for the summary. Do you have any of his update videos downloaded?
Nope, I've actually never downloaded any of Max's vids.
Oh. Thanks for replying! I'm curious. Did Maxwell also talk about abuse by his ex-girlfriend? What did he say?
He didn't get into any actual specifics about his girlfriend... like, I'm pretty sure no one online even knew he had a girlfriend. But he was saying that she was abusive in some way. I dunno if he meant physically or emotionally. But Max is so young... I mean, think of it, he's just now what, early 20s?? Think about the shitshow relationships can be when you're that young. Pft. I'm sure his girlfriend had her issues, but they were just kids.

What I truly took away from Max's words was that he was just plain hurt. That friend of his from childhood who had been in a lot of his vids apparently did something to betray him, and he was talking about other people who had betrayed him in some way. I really believe that Max's predisposition to some type of mental problems (probably due to his high intellect, usually there's a fine line between genius/insanity) was exacerbated by these experiences he had with people 'betraying' him.

I think, to put it simply, when Max 'grew up', became an adult, started getting confronted with adult issues in his life, from his friend group, from just the world in general...

Growing up and realizing how fucked up everything really is? I think that's what took Max over the edge.

Now he's in that cycle of doctors left and right trying to diagnose and label him, etc. Probably being prescribed drugs left and right. He's a cash cow for the pharmaceutical industry now... they love being able to get their claws into people like him.

Brilliant, totally misunderstood, totally underappreciated minds often have the worst time in life, at least at some points... usually the times that are hard for everyone (like growing up, etc.) are EXTRA hard on them, and those early adulthood experiences are where they crack.

I wish there was a better understanding, better and more natural effort put toward really engaging with minds like Max's... true help for these folks who just need to be told that they're not wrong, people really do suck. They just need to be comforted. I hope the best for Max. It'd be cool if alternative psychology approaches could really take off and take a better approach to dealing with mental illness.

I think Max should be adopted into a Native American society someplace and rehabilitated with spirituality. But that's just a silly little dream I have!

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