Special Report: CRACK WARS Of The 1980s

Can I first of all just say...

Hezakya Starr has one of the best damn YouTube channels, tons of these vintage videos.

Here are some past "Special Report" threads, though sadly the corresponding videos have since been removed:





It's still useful to have those threads in the database, accompanied by video or not, as the titles are the most relevant data and will eventually be viable in the future again if the video is reuploaded.

0:28 wow this is actually pretty educational for me because I've never known the difference between crack and cocaine. In a way I really don't want to learn about this because I've always enjoyed not knowing fuck all about crack.

0:42 oh wow, look how cute that girl is. "Chasing cracks" LOL. So crack is smoked. Interesting. Wow, so sad! 

Even the crackheads were better looking in the 80s!!!

1:35 what the fuck, isn't this guy an actor?? Pretty sure I saw him in some 80s movies.

2:10 wow, drugs are getting out of fucking hand!!!

2:28 "The crack problem has become a crack crisis!" LMFAO, I mean it's totally not funny, but it is funny.

2:44 BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAAH THAT needs to be a standalone clip right there.

3:00 FIVVVEEEEE fucking MINUTES!!!!!?!?????!!!!!! Oh FUCK that. What the fuck??? That's ridiculous.

3:48 agh, that dude is so hot... he's got that 70s/80s hotness. So fucking sexy.

4:20 the prom, damn... could you imagine being addicted to crack in fucking HIGH SCHOOL?? That's insane.

5:28 I guess this is like a CBS crack update montage LOL.

6:20 ELEMENTARY?!?!?!?!?

Well I'm sure this is a great video but I gotta get back to the hoes...


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