Katie Carney

20:10 I get that a lot too... people just don't get how different trucking is from driving passenger vehicles. It's just a totally different situation in general.

She got an apartment in Charleston, SC and moved away from Brett even though things were seemingly good between them and he seems to like her a lot... he drove all the way from Nashville to SC to surprise her. You don't do something like that unless you really like someone.

10:00 she looks really good in a nude lip color.

7:18 these two are atrociously obnoxious...

They need to marry each other right now.

I hope Katie's enjoying living in her apartment.

I would have gotten a place in Nashville near Brett so I could keep riding that dick if I was her though.

1:48 I mean I wouldn't personally fuck him, but he's perfect for her, they goo together well. (I'm leaving that epic Freudian typo in.)

Like what was the justification for leaving Brett's area?? Is he gay or something?? He doesn't seem straight up gay, definitely metro but not full on gay.

If I was Katie I'd be staying on it til I got a ring on my finger, if she ever wants to have a family she's gonna have to get started soonish, reason being IT CAN TAKE YEAAARRRSSS to find someone. If Brett is perfect for her... why the fuck risk not finding someone else besides him??

Wife of a country singer?? That's Katie's wettest fucking dream!

I'd be living no more than 10 miles from him and poking holes in all the condoms.

2:00 such a waste to buy a TV, like who does that? It's 2020, just use your fucking computer... nobody watches TV anymore. Takes up way too much space in an apartment (or anywhere for that matter).

2:20 if I was Katie, I'd be letting Brett fuck me so hard.

2:42 Brett's totally fucking in love with her... don't fuck this up, Katie!!!

3:24 totally fucking in love with her, my God... Katie, wake the fuck up!?!

If they're not married within a year, push that planetary reset button cuz humanity is clearly too fucking dumb to continue existing at this point.

6:10 listen to the tone of Brett's voice, that's a man's "we're about to be fuckin' voice"... I hope he doesn't pull out.
I hope Katie gets pregnant.
In her latest video there was a lot of speculation in the comments section that maybe she and Brett are dating and just keeping it under wraps...

Well here she is on Instagram today:


So either Brett is gay, or Katie is just too much of an idiot to accept a dude who's perfect for her...

Or she's a typical Leo who can't stop serial dating people...

Or she's been unable to actually secure Brett as a future husband, so she's on here attempting to make him jealous so he'll see he needs to grab her up before anyone else does.

Or she's blatantly decided to reject Brett AND she's trying to make him jealous (would fit in with the serial cucker narrative).

Anyway it goes, it's disappointing to see.

There's also the possibility she could be trolling the audience (particularly the shit talkers in the audience) with all this shit too...

After all, she did keep the developments of her life a secret for 2 months while posting old footage and acting like it was current.

0:28 uh actually no, we couldn't tell a single fucking thing...

Why does she say stuff like this and point this stuff out when she doesn't have to??

It's like when she says she's tried to film a vid multiple times and if "this time" doesn't work out she's gonna give up...

Like, we wouldn't KNOW THAT if you hadn't TOLD US, and by telling us, you paint the whole video in a certain light. It makes us think it's just a burden for you to make the vid and tell us whatever you're gonna tell us.

Just saying... simple psychology here. I just don't get why she says this kinda stuff.

I don't like it when people look fine and in her case very pretty, and then they shit all over all of it by saying unnecessary, negative and/or bitchy shit.

So Katie does this thing sometimes where she super dramatizes something that happened to her just so she can tell the story. Here are some former examples:


Most of the time she'll tease and dramatize the story a bit beforehand, then ultimately make a video about it.

I have decided if that's what she does with this "almost got kicked out" story, it's gonna count against her character pretty hard in my estimation.

Hopefully this story isn't a nothing burger, clickbait bullshit fest.

The thumbnail even says "not clickbait", so we'll be the judge of that.

So I'm gonna scroll through the comments because I'm 20 seconds in and she's still just fucking with the camera.

A few people are saying "Why don't you just open a bank account at a more well known bank with more chains nationwide?"

So essentially the meat and potatoes of the story is that Katie had to drive to another state to her (apparently obscure) banking institution.

Uhhh, yeah, more clickbait BS.

Well that saved me 16 minutes of my life.
Katie looks pretty in her apartment though...

She sort of looks like she belongs there.

She could stay and continue to make good vids in it as long as she doesn't clutter the place up or start collecting too much stuff.

I think she should do a whole bunch of videos about typical apartment life...

She's never done that shit before.

All her vids are about living in a car, so she should do a bunch of vids about living in a building.

I dunno.
It could be possible that they are just two really hyper people who have the same energy and maybe they are too similar to be in love with one another. She is a Leo and he seems like a gemini or aquarius. They both have this energy of constantly projecting. I find it exhausting to be around people like that. It is like they always have to be entertained or be the one entertaining.

Also, Charleston seems way cooler than Nashville. I lived in Nashville and watched it change from a cozy city into a bougey rhinestone hipster paradise in the past ten years.

I don't think Katie wants to play second fiddle to a singer/songwriter.

I also don't think she wants to get married and have a family.

I think she has bigger plans for herself.

As a woman myself, I can easily imagine Katie wanting this. This is understandably harder for a man to imagine. Men do not like to imagine that they are not needed by women.
Charleston is definitely cooler than Nashville.
Why "second" fiddle?

I never saw proof that Brett had a "first" fiddle...

Katie's got a hickey on her neck in her latest Instagram stories!

Now Katie's hanging out on her IG stories with another musician dude who LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE BRETT.


How in the ACTUAL FUCK does she find these dudes who ALL LOOK THE SAME?????

It's fucking OUTRAGEOUS.

She's literally hunted down ANOTHER guy in a band.

Who looks like all the other ones.

When are people gonna call her out on what she does???
You CANNOT tell me Brett wasn't totally into Katie.


People with their baseless claims of Katie playing "second fiddle" to anyone in Brett's life are smoking crack.

How do you think this makes him feel? I doubt Brett will allow himself to be OPENLY cucked this hard. Dave was cool with it but I can't imagine Brett will be unless he's totally gay.

And this guy Katie's fucking with now is DEFINITELY not gay.

I bet you Brett is STINGING from those IG stories of Katie in yet another bar having a blast with yet another musician guy.

KATIE is the PLAYER here.

I'd be telling her not to use my music anymore in her vids.

I bet she did help him sell some of his songs to her audience though. 

Wonder how long til she's using new guy's music?
Katie is like a serial musician dude hunter...

She keeps prizes from her prey.

That's probably the story with some of that other crap music she's used in her videos in the past.

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!

What is Katie's LIFE!!!?!?!!!?
Has she just been doing this for so long that she knows a cuckable dude when she sees one??

Is that why they all look the same??

Is this what cucks look like??
It's honestly one of the most dorky, specified karmic dances I've ever seen anyone engaged in.


I've never even SEEN somebody who looked like Brett, let alone 2 people, and who knows what the other dudes looked like.

They probably ALL look the same.

No wonder she was never able to get any closer to Billy Corgan, he looks nothing like what she always gets matched with vibrationally.
Even Dave Lagana looks like these other dudes.

How the fuck??

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