Katie Carney
(03-20-2020, 04:48 PM)Guest Wrote: I've never had a steak in a restaurant that was as good as one I cooked myself. Sometimes I think these restaurants are selling a contrived experience rather than food.

There are some great steakhouses out there, but yes, you hit the nail on the head... it's all about the experience. That's what eating out is about in general, in my opinion. It's about being catered to and it's about the experience... it's all psychological. And since food is so central to our existence, it's emotional too. Everyone wants to claim it's ALL about convenience... but truly, it goes so much deeper than just that.

(03-20-2020, 04:48 PM)Guest Wrote: Yeah, yeah, but that's the standard Internet terminology. The random reader who stumbles on this thread will easily get it without too much explanation.

To me, it isn't standard... I don't just automatically know what a term like "thot" means. I heard it and read it for a long time (out of idiot corners of the internet, no less) before I ever found out what it meant. It is truly meaningless.

A term like "simp" though, very understandable. Regardless of what the contrived meanings are, they're intuitively interpreted as derogatory terms, so it all works out.
(03-20-2020, 04:53 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: That's what eating out is about in general, in my opinion. It's about being catered to and it's about the experience... it's all psychological.

The experience they try to sell you in ads is seldom the kind of experience you have in real life though. For example, the ads don't tell you about how you'll wait and wait and wait for the server to come around when you need another drink.

I guess I'm just not that big on being catered to. I'd rather get up and go to the fridge than wait for someone else to bring me something. I don't like being dependent and at the mercy.
I was just watching one of Katie's IG stories and she said that her friend Kelsey has a husband...


Honestly devastated right now.
I guess this means they can't be in a lezbeein' relationship together.
Sad Nana 

Okay well I'm not even gonna state the obvious about this.

Let's just go right beyond it.

11:00 that guy looks stoned AS FUCK and he needs to make Katie get high...


Apparently Katie's apartment has already been rented out and she has to leave once the lease is up because there's no renewing it.

According to the comments she's going to stay with her mom in LONG ISLAND. There's nooooo fucking way I'd be in the state of New York right now. Man hell no.

If she really intends to go there she should plan to get there as fast as possible... God only knows what kinda crazy lockdown shit they'll start doing if things get much worse.

Katie is probably 100% out of touch at this point.
I clicked off when she started talking about being limited by what she can eat for breakfast because her pans are in the dishwasher...


These people are fucked.
I have a female cousin who has been married for 20+ years. For the last 10+ years she has lived with another man. She and her husband have one child together. Pretty weird shit.

0:50 Katie's dad is so attractive though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He sounds REALLY smart.

Katie looks fine as fuck in this vidja.

2:40 thank God she's not being a total idiot.

So she got another apartment in the same complex.

It's good that she's still near her dad even if they don't visit, that would make me feel better.

Really strange fucking time we're living in at this point.

1. Katie's got nice tits.

2. I'm unsubbing.

I did hit the 'Like' button on the way out though.
(04-21-2020, 04:09 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Katie's got nice tits.

She really does, I mean no homo but...

I kiiiiiinda wanna see her naked.
She's pretty hot-as-fuck. Reeeaaal nice front-bumps.
But I'm still not watching her videos. Hahaha.
Titties titties titties titties titties titties titties tittites titties yes.
I still love ass and thighs more than anything though, don't get me wrong.
Can't beat a nice buffet.

This chick TOTALLY reminds me of Katie!

Maybe there's hope, maybe Katie is gay after all...

Maybe she just hasn't realized it yet.

I literally didn't even watch this video BTW, lmao, I just read the comments!

Too dramatic for me, lol.

Katie looking fly as usual. And she's really good at crocheting... I respect that, as someone who loves sewing.

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