Paris Hilton: My Celeb Soulmate
(09-16-2020, 09:02 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

0:20 her range of voices is kinda freaky. I really don't even know what to say about it. I think she's practiced different voices to the point of obsession, or expertise... whichever fits. I think that alone says a lot about her on a psychological level, as far as image fashioning and coping with experiences. I can relate.

5:10 she mad. This is bigger than anybody realizes... guaranteed.

8:05 wow... you can tell she has a lot of compassion for how dumb everyone is, even at that very young age. She was sooo not about being into herself or obsessing on superficial shit. She really didn't want to be doing that. You can tell she loves animals and would rather be devoting her attention to the animals.

9:15 God, they were putting sooo much pressure on these kids. Inane shit, no less. Paris didn't like it at all. I can see why Nicky has done some of the things she's done now as well. This is a very revealing documentary.

10:00 and it's still the same. I really don't like her mom.

10:32 I bet her dad is cool though... he looks nice.

11:20 I will say that with her mom's background in acting/modeling as a child, it is absolutely no wonder that she's the way she is... when viewed with that understanding, it makes a lot of sense. It's not her fault.

11:47 Paris is a good spirit.

14:26 Paris feels like an alien among people, and she really wants to fit in (at least with her family) but it's impossible and she knows it. That's very Aquarian.

21:00 "less" alone.

22:08 she just made that chick cum.

25:45 because she's fucking great at it.

29:36 when she says "created" she really means "painstakingly obsessed over every facet" for endless hours upon days upon weeks upon months upon years.

30:20 there's nooo way you could get to sleep in under 2 hours after a day like that.

35:42 sweetie... it will never be enough. It's all inside you.

36:52 well, is she wrong, folks? No, she's not. She's not wrong. She's right to feel the way she does and she's correct in her reasoning. The simple fact is that she's smart enough to know the truth... while most people just aren't.

I think in a way, she admires the blissful ignorance that is all around her. But she can't have it for herself.

41:00 oh man I love Paris, but spy cams wouldn't fly with me. I talk to myself and touch myself way too much when no one is watching and there's no way I'd put up with spy cams.

50:58 well, you CAN'T trust them, can you? Again, she's not wrong. She's correct.

1:06:20 dude her boyfriend got drunk and showed his true colors. Super disgusting.

1:07:00 it may be the biggest festival ever but I feel like they can't even see her so what the fuck is the point?

1:08:00 see, it's this kinda shit you never even think about that these people have to do in order to protect themselves.

1:08:20 it's crazy that people would be violent with her that way though.

1:13:04 oh yeah, that's totally normal... *facepalm*

Fucking wow you guys. Paris is literally admitting in front of the world that when she was a teenager, her parents had people come over in the middle of the night and kidnap her from her bedroom, kicking and screaming... *smh*

Jesus, man.

No wonder she can't sleep at night. Those motherfuckers.

1:14:50 sorry? SORRY? See this is exactly what I'm talking about. Surrounded by idiots. Agh, it's so painful.

1:15:12 look how fucked up that place looks... it's got psychological torment written all over it.

1:20:20 I love you Paris.

1:33:20 I knew this documentary would be serious. I knew it would be a big deal. People don't even realize yet.

1:40:00 right, lady... I really believe that out of somebody who let her teenage daughter be kidnapped out of her bedroom by two complete strangers in the middle of the night. Fuck you.

This is an excellent documentary.

(09-16-2020, 09:05 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:
Quote:35:42 sweetie... it will never be enough. It's all inside you.

How many times do you have to create your own reality and conquer your goals before you believe that you can do it?

(09-16-2020, 10:10 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:
Quote: 1:40:00 right, lady... I really believe that out of somebody who let her teenage daughter be kidnapped out of her bedroom by two complete strangers in the middle of the night. Fuck you.

All it takes is one trauma like that to ruin an entire facet of someone's life...

In Paris's case, it was sleeping.

(09-16-2020, 10:12 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I've always thought that sleeping was one of the most important things in life...

Without adequate rest, your health suffers in every conceivable way.

How dare they do that to her.

They should have just let her learn her own lessons.

She would have turned out fine.

(09-16-2020, 10:26 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: So to summarize...

Paris's stated intention is basically to bust up these "schools"...

But I don't think she's going for small potatoes.

I think she's going for the whole enchilada.

And this ain't your standard celebtard "End human trafficking ERMERGERD!1!!" virtue signalling bonanza.

It's not decrying some vague boogeyman.

This is a network of schools and camps that is being named and called out one by one, and putting this video out will cause countless other victims to go public.

(09-16-2020, 10:35 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: At the end of the documentary, the lady asked her basically "Can you separate yourself from your brand now?" and Paris said no.

She said "But you're going to age out." Paris smiled and said no, I'm just going to stay this way forever.

She'll be 40. She used her youth and beauty to build a $300m empire... she knows that the time to stand is now. There's nothing else to do.

There's nothing better/more meaningful to do with the notoriety she's amassed, and the perseverance of will that she's displayed.

For Paris, it's not about Paris... contrary to what it appears to be on the outside. Figures that'd be the case.

For her, it's about calling out the places she personally knows about that are huge sources of suffering.

It's big, but achievable... it isn't some vague, insurmountable task like ending global trafficking. It's broken down into a manageable piece. She approached this in the right way, completely.

Interestingly, in Paris's natal chart, it actually says that as she gets older, she's destined to fight to free others.

According to some of the other aspects in her chart, she ain't gonna fail.
Astrologytard is my default mode...

Paris took it all to the extreme...

She grew up (as we see from the footage) with dazzling celebrity being pushed in her face all the time, constant comparisons between herself and Grace Kelly (a tall order), Marilyn Monroe, so on, so forth. Even Paris admitted what a huge pressure and duty she felt as a result of these constant comparisons and seeming expectations... these projections foisted upon her by her female family members. Her dad was probably not innocent in that regard, but he simply called her "Star" or "Stars" and didn't seem to put any one specific sort of image onto her.

My guess is that Paris's dad is very passive. His wife came into his life at a pretty young age and it would seem she took control.

Seems like Paris decided to take their expectations and push them balls to the wall... as if to say, "Fine. This is what you expect from me? Then I'm going to use it to free myself from you." Because, after all, she stated her original goal was to make sure she had enough money/power that her parents would never control her life again.
(09-16-2020, 11:20 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Paris took it all to the extreme...Because, after all, she stated her original goal was to make sure she had enough money/power that her parents would never control her life again.

She took all she had known up until that time in her life, and as an 18/19 year old, she decided she would use it to conquer them all and have complete control.

It was all she knew, and all she could figure out how to use and work with in order to meet her goals.

She met those goals, and it's safe to say that she will not fall under anyone else's control again. But due to the trauma, and the "survival switch" being flipped on (you can never go back)... she can't stop now. She never feels safe/secure enough. It's never enough.

It's a very common situation among rich/successful people. The lack of sleep, the constant goals geared toward "more, more, more" and the inability to feel secure even though on paper everything looks solid.

Because to have an empire is constant upkeep work, constant responsibility... constant jumping through hoops to make sure you keep what you have. It's a catch-22. You amass the wealth and notoriety in order to be "safe" and independent... but it comes with a huge weight.
And after trudging through life with that weight tied around you, you either keep on doing the same thing until you're dead... or you switch gears and make it all about something else.
Understanding Paris Hilton has been a very enriching experience.
(09-02-2020, 05:05 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

I think all the pets are definitely stand-ins for children.

Is this the same beach?


On an unrelated note, Drew's looking great at 45.

If I recall correctly, her experience with reform school was something she came out appreciating...

1:00 ah, she calls it an institution, so I guess it was not the same thing.
On another completely unrelated note, Paris's hair looks great like this...

The roots are very well blended and I think there are lowlights throughout the length, which is very helpful.
4:00 I think this statement from Paris shows that indeed she was not pleased with her mother's reaction to finding out about the abuse.
And I want to make it very clear that this not some reality star beef/manufactured drama... this is very real.
Another thing about Paris's look is the magnificent blending of her spray tan with her face makeup...

The contouring and highlighting isn't extreme enough to make her look like she's wearing 5 lbs. of makeup.

It doesn't look "natural" by any means, but it's not overdone. It's very warm, healthy, and alluring.
5:00 she says that she's closer than ever with her mother...

But it must be understood that Paris is an extremely compassionate and understanding person.

She knows that there are hard limits to other peoples' ability to sympathize, and that due to the way they're raised, and their life experiences... they'll just never be capable of taking on the kind of depth that would be required to really deal with all this.

She loves them very much, despite knowing these things.

She truly is an amazing woman.
And it must also be stated that, again, this is NOT about banal reality star drama...

This is not about trying to foster a "beef"...

Therefore she would not give the impression publicly that she holds anything against her family.


She has approached this situation flawlessly and continues to be bulletproof in her genuineness.
On a final unrelated note, Drew is a terrible interviewer, ROFL.

Does it matter? No.

How could the situation be rectified??

Drop the fucking talk show paradigm and come over to the land of the living...

Get a real YouTube channel and make real videos like everyone else.

Drew is a likable gal and there's no reason she can't shine without the studio.

A voice for the voiceless, and fighting for the freedom of others...

Just like the astrology said she would when she matured in life.
(09-16-2020, 11:14 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Astrologytard is my default mode...


Alien Dance

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