Audio Pareidolia: We need to talk about this...
I've always held the belief that schizophrenia (for example) is caused by perceiving dimensional bleedthrough, certain chemicals being released in the brain during waking hours that should only happen in sleep, picking up on frequencies and so on...

Therefore, I do believe that these experiences are actually real, in much the same way as I believe what we experience in dreams actually DOES happen, on some plane of existence.

While I don't dismiss the possibility that what I'm hearing is potentially "real" in those regards... to me, it's a matter of immediate relevance.

Just because I hear it doesn't mean it's relevant to my reality and it's something I should observe or concern myself with... I think the ultimate goal is to learn how to filter it out.

In essence, I know it's not "real" as it pertains to having any relevance or merit in my reality... but I am not dismissing the possibility that it IS real in the sense of "dimensional bleedthrough" or picking up frequencies or whatever.
But I will say, it's a fine line...

It's a fine line between believing that it's just not real at all, and accepting that it could be real in certain ways that are immaterial and just not provable.

Rationality and logic are the most important things to hold onto in this situation, and as long as I can do that, I don't consider this to be an extreme problem.

It is an annoyance and drives me to frustration, and that's what I have to conquer.
we are goin through 5g rollout and unprecedented psychic/emotional noise, while transitioning ages. the sun is napping and the devil is fapping. our ionosphere and magnetospheres are weak. i'd be more alarmed if someone isn't having some sort of hard/weird time.

you can run some tests. you got computers and mics, you could record ambient sound to mp3 easily, then go back to it after you think you've heard something.
(10-09-2020, 01:08 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I'm going to win the battle though... there's no way I'm going to allow these experiences to fuck up my life.


I guarantee you, not one person here EVER doubted that fact!
Darling we need a better bed as we age. I picked out this badboy so we can be more rested with less mental problems. We can make love on this and then sleep with deep rems so as we don't become batshit crazy
(10-09-2020, 04:14 PM)Guest Wrote: Darling we need a better bed as we age.

You are so considerate.
Hospital beds are more comfortable than they look. Eek
I just want to document this because it's some of the weirdest shit that has ever happened to me... which is kind of saying a lot. It's just so bizarre.

So I'm cleaning the bath tub and there's a shadow of a shampoo bottle on the wall... I'm looking down cleaning and I can see it out of the corner of my eye, and my brain goes (verbatim) "IT'S THE BIGGEST SPIDER I'VE EVER SEEN!"

I shit you not.

And I look up just to verify, and I'm like THERE'S NOTHING FUCKING THERE that could even REMOTELY be perceived as a fucking spider.

I'm not even afraid of spiders.

But it was just sheer amazement, like total awe at how huge this perceived spider was.

So bizarre... I can't even.
This was a little while ago, maybe an hour or 90 minutes, as I was posting
music videos on another thread. Now, I have the eye-floaters and they're sometimes
more intense than others. They're not too bad tonight but I was sitting here at my desk
just bobbing around to the music [don't laugh] and I looked over to my monitor and it
must've been the floaters that made it look like a spider had just crawled down the back
of my midi keyboard. It's sitting directly in front of me. So I lean forward to see what I thought
would surely be a moderately sized little spider. ZILCH! Notta thing, Bada bing!!

I noticed in another post of yours [MO] that you said you sometimes get suckered into
thinking you see things cuz of floaters. Just adding to the numbers here cuz I do too.

Full disclosure: I actually DO get spiders in here AND on my desk. So it's not like that's
a real stretch for me to see a spider in here where I am. But dem floaters tho!!
80% of the time, it's the floaters for sure. The other times it's literally nothing, or a shadow or shape that really is there but is totally misinterpreted at random for no reason.
I'm still perceiving voices and seeing the skitterers, but the difference now is that it's not causing any fear type of response. My instant response to the sights and sounds has changed and become much more relaxed.
I feel like I have adapted, in a sense. It's very interesting, and I was quite worried it would be very hard. But it was very fast.
That's wonderful to hear.
Yes, I am very relieved. I think how we perceive things has a lot to do with our mental state at the time... whether it's positive or negative, etc.

It has everything to do with it. A nervous person makes nervous decisions.
Swap out any word you like with nervous and it still holds true.

Here's to your continued improvement! : )

the fact that this is now being marketed means there's better secret tech, as this tech has existed for a long time.

15:00 she discusses this sound tech which is now commercially available... disturbing and seriously fucked up.
I mean this is exactly the type of stuff schizophrenic people claim has been happening to them since forever...

And I truly just don't think they're wrong.
I think the explanation can be taken to a lot of different levels...

Technological, spiritual, figurative, literal...

But I think they're right.

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