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Deal With It

they're adjusting transaction cost from 0.000001 TFUEL to 0.3 TFUEL. they said this is to safeguard the chain against spam attacks facilitated by basically zero cost transactions. i can understand that, but i think it's gonna mess with the site. i'm also pretty sure the spike in the price of TFUEL is gonna mess with it bad. can't have it cost $5 for a streamer to send an NFT emote to a viewer. i passed my sentiments onto the devs, hoping they code some sort of 'floating fixed' transaction cost that automatically adjusts itself based on current TFUEL price to keep real world price of transactions stable and out of range of spam attacks. they did add my last suggestion quickly, but this one seems a bit trickier.
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bix didn't work out the math. put THETA to ETH price $2,777 and 25:1 TFUEL:THETA ratio gives $111 leaving transaction cost of $33.33 illuminati confirmed.

they'll have to update the transaction cost several times in the next year, unless they implement what i suggested.
rhombus will set you free.
They simply cannot be that retarded.

So my guess is, they must have a plan.
When did they get the idea to have a streamer community behind this?

I had never heard of it til you put it in your signature some time ago.

Was that always their public plan?
It could mean a lot of things, but none of them are good for the community aspect of the streaming platform...

I had no idea they were even taking that approach, I just thought they'd be streaming movies etc. over smart TVs in the future, partnering with Samsung, etc.

So what is this Twitch-esque shit?
i get the feeling someone threatened them or a proof of concept surfaced. i know this type of attack was waged on ETH, and theta is fully ERC-20 compliant so it'd be pretty easy to 'port' the attack over.

we might have a situation coming up where BTC takes another dump while some coins resist. that would be an important marker, the point at which BTC starts to lose its dominance in the crypto space.
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this project started as - a twitch like competitor. they quickly realized that, without a shit ton of money at the start, it's not really a tenable idea. bandwidth/hosting is expensive and all that. so, they set about to make a more efficient p2p decentralized video streaming service. i didn't like the name, and i wanted to see how their edge nodes worked prior to getting into the project. that's when THETA went from $0.05—>$2.00 and i got in. they wanted to make something, but ended up creating something far, far better. that's something that will be big going forward, does a particular chain provide solutions to existing or arising problems? it better.

thus the theta token and network were born, with rebranded to the theta chain is already infinitely more useful and profitable than streaming site. i'm positive they will be serving media like shows, movies, and music over the theta network streamed to phones, tvs, pcs and such. i see a mix of personal streamers, almost cable tv like channel streams, and on demand content. we'll be able to buy an NFT granting either limited or unlimited views of a given piece of media. this is how the used market will work going forward, you'll be able to sell your NFT representing a movie for example, with a portion of that NFT sale going back to the creator.

might get a bit bumpy, but that's how it goes when you're forging a new path.
rhombus will set you free.

exodus wallet, of which i've been a fan for years, now supports TFUEL and THETA in both the wallet and and in wallet exchange function. not sure if they support the ability to stake your tokens or not.
rhombus will set you free.
Thank you for the background on Theta, and I apologize for even posting in this thread at all not knowing that info!!!

But even as a layman it was clear to see what a great opportunity Theta promised to be...

I just hope they don't fuck it up for whatever reason.

Hearing they are supported by Exodus now makes me very pleased.

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