Matthew McConaughey's YouTube Channel - Review & Commentary

Tangential share, here. I was just watching this and was getting ready to resign as it seemed to be about MM selling his new book when Jordan took the dialog in an interesting direction. Jordan starts by asking what the consequences were for MM playing such a dark and nihilistic role as Rustin Cole in True Detective Season 1, and then Jordan masterfully brings the reality of nihilism within the context of "life with an expiration date" into the conversation: 29:37
(03-21-2021, 09:09 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: This Post Malone guy is apparently a big draw and what a lot of people were waiting for I guess.

He did a live performance fundraiser at the onset of Covid where he and various musicians covered several Nirvana tunes (and pretty much rocked the house, weirdly, given his regular style) and that pulled in quite a bit of money. I was shocked by how good the show was. Plus the set wasn't "best of"; they played some more obscure covers, so that was nice too. Also, considering the musicians were all in remote locations from one another, the fact that it all came together with such sonic precision is fairly impressive, considering most bands aren't that tight that actually practice and play together on an ongoing basis.

People are calling it right in the comments of that Post Malone vid, he definitely needs to go rocker instead of whatever he's been doing.
(03-21-2021, 09:15 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Looks like the show is wrapping up and it's at $225,000 and ~44k viewers.

I thought someone donated 500k?
Well that dude was somebody that had already agreed to donate it when the program was filmed...

I guess at some point they'll tell everybody the total donations, maybe that info is already out there.

But the counter on YouTube only tallies donations made via that platform.
(03-21-2021, 01:34 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: You know, I will say this though...

I do respect the concept behind Matt's "Just Keep Livin' Foundation"...

It's a very simple concept, doesn't imply anything other than simply continuing to live another day, gnomesayin'?

I think that's pretty cool at its core essence, on its face as it were...

Probably one of the better celebtard foundation concepts.

I was just thinking about this some more and I gotta say...

I appreciate the hell out of what Matt chose for his foundation name.

A lot of people just use their own name in their foundation, which says absolutely nothing.

Matt made his foundation name helpful.

It's a brilliant concept... it is stylized j. k. livin', sort of like a name. Clever.

The name alone says it all, it's a life principle boiled down into an incredibly easy phrase.

It's perhaps the easiest thing you could ever suggest, it doesn't even imply anything overtly positive...

It doesn't say, "Just keep living and have a positive attitude."

It says, "Just keep living."

That's it.

It's maybe the easiest and most helpful piece of general advice I've ever seen.

That said, I interpret it on about the darkest end of the macabre spectrum you can get, lmfao!

No matter how light-heartedly or direly you want to approach it, the bottom line is, it really works.
It's the most simple advice there is.

Yet, it's 100% valid and totally the answer.

There might be times when just keepin' on livin' is about the hardest thing you'll ever have to do.

For real.

This can be a sort of common sense light at the end of the tunnel of your suffering, and life can go on.

You can go on, with this life, as yourself, and things can be okay again.

Nothing lasts forever, not even the bad times...

The beauty of it is, with this foundational principle, it doesn't even matter what you focus on...

It's a concept that keeps you in the moment.

Keep on livin'.


It's amazing.
I think Joe Rogan said it all when he spoke with Matthew McConalright in the telethon...

He said that what Matthew was doing was "beautiful", and I really felt that. Right then, I thought, man...

You know what, it really is beautiful. Joe's right. I would wager a bet that Matt is doing this out of some non-evil shred of humanity.

Then again, they did say it was all his wife's idea. Like, who is she? I looked her up and she's a pretty hot chick who is fairly younger than him, but he is like 50-whatever.

You know that annoying thing politicians do, besides smelling hair and touching girlz...

They ALWAYS give ALL THE CREDIT to their freakin' WIVES.

Which, hey, that's sweet. If that's what old Americana values are, hell yeah, hey I'm all about it.

But Matthew is totally doing that shit too and while I appreciate the gentlemanly cowboy-esque Texas vibes any day of the week...

It seems more politician-like than it does Texan.
I just hate that politics bullshit...

Is it a publicity stunt??

Did he agree to this whole "govna" narrative and go with it for attention??

Does he really wanna do it?? Is he really gonna do it??

If he was gonna run for office, he should just cut to the chase and run for President.

He'd be better off in the long-run, cuz yeah, he's only 50-whatever, but if you gotta wait 4 years every time?

You'll probably not be elected the first like 4 times you run (at least, if ever) and that's 16 years.

What's your goal?? You really wanna be governor of Texas? That's a good way to make you hate Texas, lmfaooo.

Yeah, just cut to the fucking chase Matthew. If you wanna be the fucking President then you should start now.

I'm not even from Texas. It's not like I could go vote for him. But if Matthew's wannabe spoken word poet ass is gonna run for President, there's at least a 30% chance I might vote for him if he didn't run Democrat.

That's about all I have to say on the topic.

Do it or don't.

Personally? I hope it's a publicity stunt and he has no intention of doing some stupid political shit.

He'd make way more of an impact on the world with a YouTube channel where he posted fireside chats as a mainstay.

There is no greater success possible for him, and a position as a public figure online who makes real content is the greatest thing he could hope for.
And it's not like I should just give this kind of advice away for free, but I am enjoying myself...

You can't play by the old-guard tactics and be successful anymore. Their titles and positions don't matter.

Even the office of the President is a pure and total sham. This game is the same as it's always been, and Matt is good at it.

It takes charisma/charm and persuasive abilities to achieve any level of success that you are looking for in life.

The type of confidence it takes to pull it off isn't always easily achieved, and it's better if you're just sort of born with it.

It can be fabricated, you can 'fake it til you make it' with exuding charisma/charm and being persuasive.

The internet, a global audience of pure and total adorers, and there is nothing you can't do...

It is much more powerful than any office there is.

Someone like Matthew McConalright already has a free pass with a massive part of the population, and the only way that could be sullied is if the old-guard elite still had any blackmail on him.

Indeed, these (and past) are the times that try mens' souls...

We'll see what kinda person Matt really is if he continues to share anything even remotely insightful online.

If he doesn't go for the politics BS, he is probably a fairly decent dude. If he does go for politics, he's a lost cause.
(03-22-2021, 10:33 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: If he does go for politics, he's a lost cause.

Even Matthew is not cool enough to withstand the damage of polarizing politics.

He's better off avoiding the topic entirely, cutting past the matrix BS, and delivering true messages.

If he is really capable of this, he could be the first ex-hollywood celebtard of any true import to do such a thing.

He'll have to strike while the iron is hot though, another rogue celebtard could come along and steal his thunder.

So it seems to be clickbaity in nature...

Matthew never says he wants to run for any political office.

He says he's trying to find his 'role' for the next chapter of his life.

He's talking about public outreach, and obviously I have outlined his best approach for that.

He just needs to be on YouTube as himself, and drop some real shit.

Talk some real shit, connect on some real shit, be about some real shit.

YouTube is just the current massively used platform, but over the years that'll change and he'll have to move.
Imagine if one of these celebtards/ex-hollyweirdos were to come out AS A REAL PERSON.

Imagine what it would be like if one of them were actually able to truly break free, cross that barrier, and deliver on some truly powerful messages.

Maybe it's just some kind of morbid curiosity I have about whether or not any of them actually have souls or legitimate free will...

LMFAO, but my interested is piqued if you couldn't already tell.
Maybe Matthew won't be the one to do it, but somebody's gonna.

I just hope it's somebody hot.

I'll be less interested if it's a chick, or an ugly dude. Just being real.

Don't get mad, you're models. Lmao.
I like that he used the term 'free agent', because it's no secret I refer to myself as a free agent as well.
I think this sort of 'breakdown' time happening in the old-guard elitist power structures really need to be taken advantage of by anyone under old-guard rule...

The walls are being breached (who are we kidding, they've collapsed) and this is a perfect time to make a run for it amidst the chaos.

I wanna see somebody of world renown break free from the old power structure and cross over into the land of the living...

The internet is where it's at, and 'celebrity' is in the hands of the individual in this new paradigm.

In short, it means if any of those belonging to hollywood or any other expired power structures want to survive the shift, they'll have to make the jump over into the realm of the internet.

Most of 'em aren't gonna make it, and the fame they've built up is gonna go to waste... that's what I predict.

And it's all because they can't think for themselves or be genuine and really share anything true with the world.
Haha, I was just rewatching because I missed the Joe Rogan portion, and then stayed on for Kacey Musgraves, and just has she concluded her version of On the Road Again, I realized I was getting goosebumps, and I looked over to chat to see if anyone else was feeling it, and there you are saying "Wooord"... LOL! You may have been responding to something else, I don't know, but given how fast the chat replay was moving, it's amazing that I even saw it in that moment.
I remember saying that but I forget in what context!!!

The chat was so fun, particularly beforehand... during the show it was just a bunch of fastmoving nonsense!!!

Gosh... I can't wait to attend another super fun livestream chat like that again someday.

It's pretty good advice and tips.
So far most of the videos coming out seem to be recorded by somebody else, and it seems like one interview that was split up for a lot of uploads.

Which is fine, but from what I can see in these videos, Matthew doesn't seem all that capable of taking videos of himself or maintaining a YouTube channel or any kind of website because I can just tell he's one of those people who doesn't know how to use the internet.

So it is what it is.

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