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Thanks Genba!!! I really enjoy your posts about crypto and I'm excited to see what happens.
(09-07-2021, 09:59 PM)genba Wrote: might sound weird, but this past day's pullback is a really good sign goin forward.

You're absolutely right. I'm eyeing a nice entry for some more Quant and ETH.
i am expecting crab market until the 16th or so, maybe a day or two before.

then begins the climb of crypto... and the fall of the corporations.

i've been complaining about block time, chain congestion, and gas fees on ETH for like 3 years now. Solana really catches my eye cus it's so fucking fast and cheap to do things. i have longterm concerns regarding chain bloat due to them allowing jackasses like me to shitpost to their chain for cheap. it's going to collect a LOT of garbage. transactions are seriously fucking fast though, like send from your wallet to browser plugin and it's there before you can even click to it. that's the kinda shit global use needs, almost becoming like http protocols.
Bitcoin 15k by mid dec.


It doesn't matter if it is.

We've seen it all before.

But I don't think that's accurate.

Regardless, just doesn't matter.
I'm jaded AF...

Crypto is an inherent rollercoaster ride and once you live through a few hardcore cycles of it, you learn to put down the portfolio and let it collect dust until you hear something exciting.
At one point I spent a whole year not paying one damn bit of attention to it...

My portfolio plunged to a staggering, disturbing low...

Then it came back up.


Since that experience (perspective), I've understood the name of the game.

People need to relax...

But they also need to avoid investing any money they care to lose.

If it's gonna fuck your mind/life up that much to see your portfolio plummet with the ride?

You couldn't afford to make that investment in the first place.

Be smart. Don't invest anything you can't stand to lose.
It's funny to think about those moments, those markers in time...

Such a strange age we live in. Life is so weird.

I remember where I was standing when I realized if my portfolio dropped much lower, it would be 'worthless'.

It was exactly the same place I was standing months before that when I couldn't believe how high those numbers were, and I felt like a million bucks.

I remember gleefully buying one CryptoKitty after the other in 2017/18 when they were exciting and new, for prices unheard of today. I remember the exact amount of my original investments in them after I had decided over the course of a week or so that I'd "done enough damage"... and now I think about that number and shake my head at what an absolute dream this whole crypto world really is.

It's a little bit too heavenly to be true... I guess that back and forth of plunging and rising kind of makes up for how great it is though. If you didn't have patience, or some level of chill, it certainly wouldn't be a fun experience though. So in that way, I do find it best to caution folks about it.
so dick allgire and marty gave a suggestion that tezos was about to hit ATH and then some, so i had gotten into it for some quick profit. held up better than theta did and then did hit ATH. had a series of errors in my exodus wallet tryin to sell/transfer it which ultimately required exodus to update their backend.

anyhoo, fuck tezos. i'll slurp a bit more profit on it but fuck it as a project. transaction amount per block sucks, and individual wallet can't interact more than once in a block. aka project is doomed and cannot scale. their discord is dead, and tryin to restore a wallet from private key is an enormous pain in the ass. double fuck tezos.

as for theta, well that's been a bit of a story i haven't posted here yet. i got into a row with them! fuck matthew tessitore. i assumed he was just some asshole jesuit plant but he's also jp morgan guy. he banned me [and apparently many others] from the theta discord. i was causing a bit of a ruckus, but it was over legit issues.

i'd sell theta next pump. i still like the project a lot and want to see it succeed, but i now understand how they've failed in some areas. theta network / theta labs are okay, even if they've got some straight up dumb asses there. not everyone can be a genius, i suppose. theta token, however, is basically useless aside from appreciating like the share of a stock. i had understood and envisioned their roll out this year to be much different. i might have stumbled across what's part of the hold up through metaplex adventures.

BTC will be an increasingly valuable hodl. liquidity is drying up reallllly fast, so fast that this cycle might be the last one before a new paradigm. it should also peak just before alt season peaks.

i'm fairly impressed with solana so far, though it is having its issues. i've been pushing myself to evolve my creative works, and am now constrained by needing a storage solution for NFTs that can accommodate a ~25MB mp4. theta's gonna be doing a decentralized storage system through next edge node software, including nft storage, that pays you for providing this service. that'll help, i think, but isn't really coming out til next spring. world will be very different then.
I wouldn't sell the Theta... way too soon. Way way too soon. But do what you will man, obviously you understand shit I don't and whatnot. Skim profits, but an entire selloff, I really just wouldn't.
Zenba, I'm looking at making a decent purchase of API3. Have you heard of this project or have any thoughts on Web 3.0?

I'd love to hear any thoughts.
to clarify, by next theta pump, i mean when it goes to ~$81. i think tfuel ends up with a better multiplier and you can get way more staking with it in the meantime.

i haven't come across this $api3 before. seems interesting enough to look into further.
the markets can buonce a lot
luckily for some they 100% cash out whrn they peek a profit
otherwised cab buy in at the lower am9ount
if they cashed out
VERI - Veritaseum keep your eyes on this. reggie got the patent in japan and now the us that basically covers defi.

mercatox works for acquiring VERI. withdraw fee is 0.5 VERI which is kind of a lot but it does use ETH network so it's gas fee on top of normal withdrawal fee. makes it rough to acquire anything less than a handful.

clif's dataset implies VERI can reach parity with BTC. realllllly fuckin tempts me to unstake my theta stash and cut into it.
(12-29-2021, 03:40 AM)zenba Wrote: realllllly fuckin tempts me to unstake my theta stash and cut into it.

Man, I would say don't do it.

I like Clif and would enjoy sitting on his lap or whatever, but I am not listening to his advice about crypto (or specific coins) at this juncture.

Theta is gonna explode in a serious way in the next few years and you're gonna wanna have as much of it as you can.

I've been hearing about people cutting into their Theta or selling it entirely in the past 6 months or so, and I think it's a big mistake.
Nobody should be parting ways with Theta/TFuel right now.
You're all just essentially trading a speculative USD backed futures contract.
And even then its just a total scam many of them are absolutely nothing but a scam.
But continue. I wish you success robbing peter to pay paul.
There are a lot of people with the same outlook as Fung...

Guess what none of 'em are gonna have the chance to be?

A crypto millionaire.

Who fucked them out of it?


Are they gonna be bitter about it?

Of course.
If anybody out there doesn't AT LEAST own some ETH...


Get your ass in gear.

It's damn near 2022...

There's no excuse at this point.

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