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Q4 is gonna be double crazytown. if you don't have skin in this game, lolwtflmao.
Niiice man, thanks for sharing your watchlist. I'mma watch your watchlist, LMAO!
Can I list my watch there? It's a retro Casio calculator watch. No G-Shock or Idiglo or any of that other fancy-schmancy stuff.
The LISK goes ON. Lol
(09-02-2021, 05:43 PM)genba Wrote: if you don't have skin in this game, lolwtflmao.

Strange to think that a lot of people still don't.

They're gonna miss out on another meteoric rise coming up here.

Crazy shit... you can already see it heading that way.

If anybody's still a doubter...

Buy a shit ton of ANY cheap as fuck coin(s) right now, as much as you can stand to part ways with and watch what the hell happens to it in the next 6 months.
might sound weird, but this past day's pullback is a really good sign goin forward.
I ain't even looking at the shit til bitcoin is back to $60k...

Then I'll grab the popcorn.

Til then I'm making art for NFTs.
Couldn't matter any less what stupid ups and downs happen...

If we had invested in BTC hardcore in 2010, we'd all be bajillionaires by now...

The trend ain't changed, folks.

Get in now so you aren't kicking yourself in a decade, trust me.
Even the bullshit coins are gonna be worth retarded amounts eventually.

But go ahead and sleep on it...

Just remember MO told ya so.
The crypto is a 'do as I say and not as I do' situation though because I've done stupid shit fully well knowing what I was doing...

It takes a psycho to approach things the way I do...

But this is why I don't talk about crypto on some real shit besides to people I know IRL, real personal like.

I'm keeping it casual here in public.
Beautiful, dirty, and rich baby...

*double birds*
Burn the shit and keep yourself warm.

All you need is a screen.
I've built my life around letters/numbers on a screen...

I'm ready to fucking murder this scene.
If you're somebody who's been into computers/the internet for decades and you don't have any crypto yet...

You're gonna need to change that real fast.

Get in now...

I notice that exchanges are dangling the carrot by trying to get people to stake their crypto...

Basically trying to 'reward' people for keeping it on an exchange.

A lot of newbs are gonna get fucked hard keeping their crypto on exchanges.

One of the foundational principles of crypto is getting that shit the hell off the exchange immediately.
I see it as a trap. Anybody can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about staking.
Coinbase apparently has a debit card they give you rewards on too, I dunno if it's available to everyone yet or not.
But from what I understand, the bottom line is you're keeping it on the exchanges in order to get the rewards, and in my opinion, you're just setting yourself up to lose it. Names like Coinbase will get so big that people will forget all about the need to lock your crypto down offline. Crazy shit, you can almost hear the insane buzz of the future.
the exchanges are doing that to help maintain liquidity in this farce of a market. it also makes sense for them to be staking what they can instead of just letting it sit there. it's the ole spinning plate routine.

staking itself is a good thing to be doing if you're hodling a stakeable coin, but you wanna do that through your own wallet.

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