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(01-06-2022, 12:43 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: They're trying to call crypto investing "brave" now??


This is how they're introducing it to the masses?

Are you for serious?

I mean, okay.

Mars at the end?

Are you for serious?


Anybody else getting "Army of One" vibes from this?

Remember those TV ads from the early 2000s?


I mean it's clear they're ready to bring in the masses, or at least the "brave" ones who would identify with that message.

It's clear to see where it's going...

But it's too bad they're using old guard celebs to push it...

Doesn't give much hope of the new boss being any different than the old boss.

What's up their sleeve?


Theta's officially sponsored NFT releases are rife with illuminati symbolism...

At first I thought they were making fun, but now I realize they're totally serious.

Fuck them and all their platforms, present and future.
666s everywhere, pyramids, all the other typical luciferian symbolisms throughout...

Absolutely disgusting.

They are the dark side's platform and representation in the crypto world.

I suggest somebody gets to work on a light side before things quickly become out of balance here.
I'll be doing my part.

2022 will be devoted to counterbalance.
pretty hardcore 180 lol, with 18 having strong gematria representation in theta and venus, aka the morning star aka lucifer, and tomorrow being 1-8, with 18=6+6+6, and it being 666 days from friday the 13th 2020 which was the low point for cryptos on the year.
Yup, the signs and symbols are all over it man...

"They" know about all the numerology and how no matter what, as long as you start with certain numbers and combos, it'll always end up at the "magic numbers"...

I for one have simply had enough of their bullshit and I don't want any part of whatever system they're trying to build in the crypto markets.

Crypto was founded on breaking free from the shackles, not trying to make them "cool" again.
And look at the illuminati puppet Theta chose to bolster their platform...

Katy Perry.

Her NFT collection is literal shit.

One of them is her wandering around in a public bathroom dressed like a hooker, staring at herself in the mirror.

A lot of her photoshoots have surrounded giant toilets and rolls of toilet paper...

It's disgusting, trashy, and just typical luciferianism that the world has had so much more than enough of.
I'll still hold some Theta/TFuel, but I'll be diversifying as soon as the markets are up again.

Zenba, I am leagues beyond proud of you for your amazing art, and for being on the ball getting your collection released...

But I do think that eggs need to be divided into several baskets and other platforms deserve the gift of your work too.
if you get an early spot in line for their drops, you can pretty reliably make around $1k flipping an item asap. not bad, especially for those in areas where working for fiat is prevented due to stabby needles.
(01-07-2022, 08:00 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: But I do think that eggs need to be divided into several baskets and other platforms deserve the gift of your work too.

i know, it's just volume and attention on affordable chains/sites like solana and their markets is a lil rough. opensea has polygon functionality now, but they do 1/1 type things and it's hard to break into that without an existing following. i do happen to be in talks with opentheta to do a drop or series. even with theta having the issues it does, i see it doing better than most tokens the first part of this year.

everything is pretty much bullshit, but as i used to say, that means there's a lot of good fertilizer help grow seeds, or spores.

my project never ends. got a nice hit earlier today. it'll all be immortalized on various chains at some point.
(01-07-2022, 08:11 PM)zenba Wrote: it'll all be immortalized on various chains at some point.



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