Bob Dylan

4:36 I love that smile he gets on his face right before he leaves out the other option ;)
6:41 I also like how he says "But it can be the Lord." Always known for changing his lyrics up and never performing a song the same way twice... a lot of his "Bible Period" goes right over people's heads, mostly cuz they don't wanna hear it.

1:27 this was back in 1985 so that would be 2185... when I originally heard this part of the interview, I was pretty surprised. I've never heard anybody give a ballpark timeframe that spot on before.

Could be a lot of different things, but I've discussed this in the past...

I've theorized it might be asteroid Bennu, but it doesn't really matter.

I was always a little confused about why people have referred to Bob Dylan as some kind of prophet before I heard this interview.

13:12 "You know how people think you're some kind of shaman, don't they?" roflmfao.

"Hearts of Fire" (1987) got roasted for sucking, but that's only because Bob's male fanbase couldn't relate. It was one for the ladies, and the ladies loved it. Bob did us a solid...

Heart Fire
2:11 I love his reaction after that kiss. This was such a sweet movie.

It's well known that Bob Dylan cannot act. At all. Lmao. And honestly, that makes me like him even more.

I don't really trust good actors.

I enjoy watching the few roles Bob's played in because everything he does is genuine, he can't fake it so his reactions are legit.
People like to get all hater and say that Bob was only in Hearts of Fire because his publicist told him it was a good idea, he was trying to reinvent himself, etc. but that's not true. For some reason, he liked it... something about certain lines in the movie spoke to him, and that's why he took the role.

"The better you are, the bigger the trap."

"I used to have everything he's got. Boys and girls used to follow me around like I was the Pied Piper."

It's the truth...

I think it was Joan Baez who said that back during the height of his rise to fame in the '60s EVERYONE wanted to fuck Bob Dylan, or at least get high with him.

It was lines like this that spoke to him.

Bob serves up the obtuse/pissed off look so well.

Rupert Everett was probably fangirling so hard inside when he got this role...

He's comfortable enough with his own sexuality, he'd probably admit that he wanted to go to Bangtown with Bob.

Most dudes just go on the attack when Bob makes them feel some type of way.

Funnily enough, when he looks too sexy or the vibes are too intense, a lot of his typically supportive male fans tend to suddenly go all hater.

Look, if you're a dude and you think Bob Dylan is hot, it's okay... it just means you have good taste.

0:39 "Ah shit, I love you." Rofl, so legendary.

Admittedly, I thought the love triangle aspect of this movie was sort of ridiculous...

There's just no way she'd be into the other guy instead of him.

Like, come on.

But without that part of the plot, there basically wouldn't be a story, so it's fine.

Guarantee Bob never experienced anything like that in real life though, roflmfao.

Now I'm gonna admit, I do find this incredibly sus. Like, REALLY really suspicious. Conspiracy? Coincidence? What came first, the chicken or the egg?

His lecture was incredible though...

He recorded it in the "Theme Time Radio Hour" style and sent it to them to upload on YouTube after he skipped out on attending the acceptance event. Classic Bob.
Bob Wink
Do I have a lot to say on the topic of Bob Dylan?

Oh you better fucking bet I do.

Strap in, folks...

Rub Hands
I mean, I don't wanna make promises I can't keep, but just know...

I've got words.
Words on this topic for days and miles and hours, bitches.

I don't even know where to begin...

But I guess I'll begin at the beginning.

Like, later though, not now.
Thing is, I can't talk about everything I know because some of that stuff is handwritten journal locked away levels of private/sensitive.

I do have most of it written down, and I am not a Dylanphile or even a Dylanite... I'm not a Dylanographer. Some people are. I'm not.

It's not so much having ALL the info there is to have, committed to memory or something... it's mostly just the NATURE of the info I do have that is not really shareable in full.

It'll limit what I can say, but I will do my best to curate the things I find the most interesting in this thread.

There have been some developments in the world of Dylan recently that I have to air some grievances about, but I am gonna wait til page 2 to discuss that because I don't wanna sully this first page with what I have to say, lmfao.
First off, let's address some of the more surface level stuff...

Let's talk about Bob's shitload of wives/women.

He's had a lot of wives and live-in ladies over the years.

Heck, Ruth Tyrangiel claimed she was his common law wife from 1974 to 1991 and she even pursued palimony.

You know, I'd say Bob Dylan is one of the only dudes in the world I'd give a pass for this kind of behavior without judging and side-eyeing him over it, because let's face it...

Judging You

He's Bob freakin' damn Dylan, what're you gonna do?! No one else alive on the planet right now measures up to that level of legend.

Somehow, he's usually able to keep his marriages private. I think he achieves this by only marrying in California with a confidential marriage license.

Right now, he's supposedly married to Suzie Pullen, his longtime assistant. They've probably been married for at least 10 years at this point, maybe way longer. Nobody REALLY knows.

It makes sense because back in the '60s, he dated Suze Rotolo. See, Bob's got this thing about dating several women who have the same name, with different spellings. I highly doubt he does this on purpose, I think it's more likely all archetypal and it's just the kind of women he's drawn to.

And let's talk about the kind of women he's drawn to...

Listen, Bob likes 'em thick and juicy. Seriously. He likes big ol' boulder titties and savory, juicy curves. But you gotta come by it naturally, cuz HISTORICALLY, he judges fatties.

He likes his women REAL, he likes them with naturally thick features wherever possible... but it seems like if you've got a certain quality, he'll settle for having you as one of his extra live-in ladies, or maybe a side-wife, even if you're not to his physical taste.

Here's a look into the possible thought processes behind some of these preferences...

"Tough Mama" Excerpt:

Quote:Tough mama
Meat shakin' on your bones
. . .
Dark beauty
Won't you move it on over and make some room?
It's my duty to bring you down to the field where the flowers bloom.
. . .
Dark beauty
Meet me at the border late tonight.

Here are some of Bob's publicly known women...

Those lists aren't complete by any means, and he wasn't even really with some of those chicks. Tons of mystery surrounds Bob's romantic life and history.

Everybody knows that his first wife and babymomma was Sara Lownds.

His second publicly known wife/babymomma was Carolyn Dennis.

So this is where I start to get into speculation territory, but I firmly believe that Bob was "with" most of these backup singer chicks at some point, and maybe even at the same time...

Now, hear me out...

I think he likes women who have some soul, gospel type ladies, because of their love for God.

This has been suggested...

"Gonna Change My Way of Thinking" Excerpt:

Quote:I got a God-fearing woman
One I can easily afford
. . .
She can do the Georgia Crawl
She can walk in the Spirit of the Lord

You may be asking, how do these inarguably polyamorous tendencies line up with Christian values?? Well... lol. Listen, we're all human. Nobody's perfect. We're a contradictory species to the core. And besides... it's Bob Dylan. How are you gonna say no to that!?

Come on, he's mad sexy. I personally wouldn't be in his harem... I don't share and I don't want to be shared. But I am definitely not gonna blame any of the women who have chosen to be in his "group" over the years.

Romantically, Bob Dylan sounds like a definite hard pass to me. Apparently, one of his wives woke up one morning and walked into the kitchen where her replacement was sitting at the table with Bob AND THE KIDS. There isn't much context to that story, not many details, but... on its face, it sounds like a whole boatload of "oh hell naw" to me.

Again, nobody's perfect. Bob is one of the most famous, multifaceted artists of all time... it only figures he'd be a fuckup somehow. I don't hold it against him.
As far as Bob's kids, grandchildren, great-grandchildren...

It's unknown how many children Bob actually has.

He has 6 publicly known kids, but I think he probably has at least 10-12 kids that he knows about.

Bob won't even tell his girlfriends/wives/babymommas how many kids he actually has. He's extremely private with this information.

There are overzealous fans out there who are obsessed with finding out who all Bob's kids and grandkids are, and I think that's pretty fucked up.

I personally don't care who all his kids and grandkids etc. are, and I really hope that information is miraculously kept private forever, because there are a lot of reasons why it probably sucks to be publicly known as the child/close relative of a very famous person.

I will say, I do like Jakob Dylan, mostly because he looks a lot like Bob and he's actually very musically talented in his own right. He's the lead in The Wallflowers, who have two excellent songs that I can think of...

So, mad props to Jakob. Great music and a career to be proud of.

None of Bob's other known kids look anything like him whatsoever, and his grandkids/great-grandkids probably look nothing like him either. As far as having a Bob clone, the odds go down to have descendants who look like you beyond your actual first generation children. His grandkids, great-grandkids, etc. will probably look nothing like him, so who cares who they are? Just let 'em live their lives and hopefully never be known to the public. That's my opinion.

The only reason Bob obsessors wanna know who his descendants are is because they hope they'll be just like Bob, or they want to try and get close to them for notoriety... it's all bad. Really no good intentions are possible with that whole thing.

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